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  1. Alex Riordan


    Thanks Geoff for your impressions. Really good info.
  2. I just rsvp'd. Last minute decision to attend NAB. I look forward to seeing everyone.
  3. Hey Jim, I just rsvp'd. Sorry it's so late. Last minute decision to go to NAB this year. I look forward to seeing everybody!
  4. Please allow me to tell you a little about Steve "Boom Shaka Laka" LaFayette. Steve was the sweetest, warmest, most open hearted and easy going guy you'd ever meet. He never had anything negative to say about anyone and would do whatever he could to help someone else out. He had this soft spoken Texas thing going on. He had a great smile and an infectious laugh. He loved music and English football (soccer). He was engaged to be married to his long time love Theresa. Steve was dealt a bad hand. He had been battling a genetic liver disorder for a very long time. And even though he had to dea
  5. I just realized I posted in old thread. I'm coming and replied at link. Thanks John. Alex
  6. I've decided I'm coming. It's been a long time since I've attended NAB and the party. At least 8 years. It was just RAMPS then, pre JWSound. I look forward to seeing a lot of folks I haven't seen in a while, meeting some new and checking out the gear to come. Alex
  7. I'm just hoping for a mix bus link. Hopefully in & out. Maybe a ta5. There's probably not much room for more. I'd like the ability to link this to another mixer or two of them together. My 442 has a ta3 mix in and my 208 has db-9(?) mix in but it's 4 busses.
  8. Oh my bad, you probably mean the drawers. They are made by Iris. They are an older style but still available at some stores. I got them at OfficeMax, Depot or Staples. One of the stores has their own name brand now and are not as sturdy in my opinion.
  9. Thanks guys. The funny thing is, I built this in a hurry two years ago for a tv show I didn't expect to get and it's worked great ever since. I knew I wanted to have as much gear w/ us as possible. I had no time to do a 8020 or custom welded cart (there are some awesome carts on this site!). I came close to building a senior magliner but decided that would be too long so I took my old aux cart and went up. It's a junior magliner 24x36 (Backstage). I bought a senior handle and a 40" nose. I tried a bunch of different drawer combinations till I decided on this height. It is extremely light and c
  10. This is very cool! I've been wanting a small mixer for remote locations, back-up, second unit etc. for a long time. Kudos to Ron and Pascal. This is a great example of an end user and manufacturer coming together to make a much needed product. I think you'll sell a lot of these. A couple of suggestions if it's not too late. Please consider putting a mix bus in/out link connector on the back. Hopefully there is room. More often these days 8 tracks is not enough for some scenes. Being able to link 2 of these together would be awesome. I'm very glad you've added another input. I can see h
  11. This is my latest drawer solution for my aux cart. For a long time I had toyed with other options. Metal tool chests were too heavy. I tried rack cases w/ SKB drawers but felt they were a waste of space. I have been using these plastic office drawers in my shop and decided to give them a try and they have been great. Lightweight, nice size drawers, good use of space and surprisingly durable. Not all plastic drawers are created equal!
  12. Hey Jeff, I finally made a long overdue donation. Thanks so much for the great site. I've been a lurker since the beginning here and was a long time lurker and rare poster on RAMPS. We are all so very fortunate that you have taken the reigns and made this site way better than RAMPS could ever have been.
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