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  1. If I recall correctly they were Countryman B6 vamp clips with the "clip" part removed, and then with a small piece of rubber jacket from a star quad mic cable glued on. Richard Topham is on facebook (maybe still lurks here as well?) and I'm sure he could tell you the exact cable spec they pulled the rubber part from. Still the best vampire clip ever made for the COS-11 IMO; I used those for many years exclusively, though don't really do the vampire clip thing anymore.
  2. This is a glorious time to buy used wireless. If you can deal with a little extra size and/or weight you can get used Lectrosonics and Zaxcom for a song.
  3. Not sure which charger you are using for the Swit batteries, but if your batteries are the ones with the P-tap, try using those chargers that utilize that input. If you don't have one, they're very cheap, and a great addition to any travel kit that uses those batteries.
  4. In your QRX there is a "factory" menu that will allow you to use the entirety of Block 23. I can't remember how to enter that menu but a little googling should get you what you need. E.
  5. @Jack Norflus @glenn Any idea how far off these are from beginning to ship?
  6. Also curious if this would be a useful addition to a Zaxcom RX12 setup, or if the internal filtering would render this redundant. E.
  7. It LIVES! Mazel Tov on your new baby! Looking forward to ordering a couple. e. P.S. NYC misses you.
  8. All the microdot products I’ve ever used thread directly onto the cable (instead of a free-rotating locking collar, like the locking lemos). Unless there’s another version out there I’ve not seen? How in the world would you screw two of these on to the same transmitter? Are these more or less water resistant then they typical wireless lav connectors? And is there a solderable version of the microdot connector? I’ve always found them to be pains in the ass, another thing to randomly come unscrewed in the field. Maybe I’m missing something...
  9. Just want to add my .02 as a new DEVA24 owner: I would LOVE implementation of AutoTrim as an option in the future. I plan to use mine a lot out of a bag, and I miss autotrim a lot. IMO it was one of the best features introduced with the Nomad.
  10. Whoa! Didn't see that one! Seems very pricey, but that is a lot closer to what I'm looking for. I agree it would be nice to have a few lower-priced and lower-capacity options. Thanks for the link. e.
  11. Love the use of these tiny and [seemingly] readily available third-party rechargable batteries. At the same time, it is slightly concerning that these could go out of style and stop being manufactured at any time, making the transmitters fancy little paperweights down the line. Hoping these dong go the way of the ZPX batteries on the TRX992/942. With that said, has anyone found a good multi-bay charger for 4 or more of these batteries? I imagine needing to keep 3-4 of these batteries around for each transmitter, and with only single or dual chargers it could be quite a mess. E.
  12. Thanks for your replies, everyone. While there wasn't a magic bullet solution, it was certainly thought-provoking, and I imagine that will continue throughout this journey. e.
  13. In a perfect world we could maintain our lifestyle on 1 salary, but unfortunately that is not in the cards if we stay in the city. Unfortunately (in this particular case) my wife earns significantly more then I do, so I can't just figure out a way to support them on my own without totally upending our lives and/or living somewhere cheaper. e.
  14. Hi Friends, As of this past summer, I became a father to a pretty great little girl named Zoe, which has been an unbelievable joy. However, it has not come without its fair share of stress, and a whole lot of new expenses that are starting to become a heavy burden--the slow times have never seemed as terrifying as the do these past couple months. My wife works full-time, and quite long hours, so we needed to find a childcare situation that would acommodate her whole schedule for when I'm gone for work. However, that has left us with seemingly few options besides 50+ hours per week of a nanny, and at New York City prices, its enough to make one's head spin. We looked into daycare, but it neither covered the hours we needed, nor was it particularly less costly (maybe $100 less per week for worse hours) While it is certainly quite convenient for me to be able to still run to work (or the gym, grocery store, etc.) whenever I need, its actually quite awkward to have a stranger there all the time raising my kid while I try to make myself useful around the house (I'm running out of things to paint). Clearly this situation is not ideal, but I don't really know a better solution, so I thought I'd throw it out to the hive-mind to see if any of you have encountered this particular problem (one spouse with a "real job", and the other one doing Production Sound). In an ideal world, one could hire a nanny the same way we get booked, as a freelancer, and then use them only on the days we need coverage, but I imagine for a number of reasons this isn't possible. Anyways, to the other Moms and Dads out there, any thoughts? Thanks in advance! Ethan.
  15. In Mono mode it's a bit more present, but it also wouldn't be my first (or fifth) choice in Mono mode, as it's just not that impressive. e.
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