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    I'm Production Sound Mixer since 1996. Work mostly with feature films and sound recording for post production.
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  1. Thanks a lot. Since Sound Devices has a list of approved and unapproved cards, I assumed that Audio would have one. Thanks again. Best, PR
  2. Hi everybody. For the owners of Audio Ltd. A10 wireless, which micro SD are you using to record at the TX devices? At Audio's site I couldn't find any info. Thanks, PR
  3. I suggest the Line Audio CM4. It is a wide cardiod, with 140 dB SPL and 16 dB(A) noise level. I have four of the previous version CM3 and use them a lot for ambience and some voice recordings. Cheap and good. http://www.lineaudio.se/CM4.html
  4. Good morning. In these difficult times when we have to keep our equipment sterilized, I've been looking for information how to manage with lav mics. I use Sanken COS-11 and Countryman B6. On their websites I found no official information on how to keep them sterilized. How are you guys doing? Thank you very much.
  5. Audio-Technica BP4029. Ligh weight, good shotgun response, reasonable price.
  6. I have 4 CM-3s and I usually use them for ambience. They are very sentitive and quite for small sounds like nature and strong enough for loud sounds. For exteriors windshields are needed. If the omnis have the same quality, I would recommend.
  7. Nice solution. What's the total weight with equipment? Do you use some kind of ventilation inside the case?
  8. Hi, Is there anyone using footswitch for CL-9? I would like to use it to switch between tracks to be able to leave my hands free to the mix. Any suggestions on which model to buy? Thanks, Paulo Ricardo Nunes
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