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  1. Any joy? Your photo's are still not visible!
  2. Rehashing this post. Could someone post a photo and offer the part number of the Lemo tool used to tighten the screw. I've tried to make one but haven't had much luck. The Lemo catalogue is a bit vague. Many thanks! Sebastian There is NOTHING worse than working with this connector!! It's been a few years so have you managed to find the appropriate tool?
  3. How will you get the cable into the connector?
  4. Hi Rado. It's been a while since I read this thread. I need to make the mod for my ERX's and it appears that your photo's are no longer visible. I've tried on my phone, tablet and computer and all methods have the same result. I'm getting crazy timecode bleed into my audio channel (on all 4 ERX's) and need to add a BNC to sort this problem out. Could you repost the pictures please. Many thanks, Sebastian
  5. Hi Guys. I'm needing to send a stereo out from a Sound Devices MixPre 6 into my Zaxcom Camera link. Does anyone know what the wiring configuration is from a Stereo 3.5mm jack to a TA5F?
  6. Hi Guys. I have the recommended Lemo FVB.00.303.NLA connector and need to make up an XLR (F) line level cable for my Zaxcom TRXLA3. Besides patience, anyone got some words of wisdom on how to do this. I'm assuming both resistors will be wired in the XLR as the lemo is too tiny. Also, how do you attach the screen to the Lemo connector body? Many thanks, Sebastian
  7. Gene, do you have a distributor in UK that might have these?
  8. Thanks Mark. I've found a UK supplier for the Mogami W2697 which is identical to the W3031 without the braided shield variation but would have preferred the W3031. I don't think I can get the Redco TGS-1 in UK.
  9. What types of miniature mic cables are people using for their right angles cable assemblies (particularly going into the TA5F connectors)? I guess the thinnest and most flexible the better. Canare L-2E5 seems to be popular but it looks like Mogami make a really thin version too (model number unknown). The colour braiding is really popular so I guess the 2.5mm cable would be the best OD if that is to be used. What say the collective?
  10. Great to see my thread revisited after 5 years! Thanks for the pics Engin. I guess the rubber sleeve had to be cut away! Perhaps a bit of Sugru might work in place of the heatshrink.
  11. Thanks for that. I saw the Hakko on Amazon but the price put me off and the one and only review wasn't too complementary of the unit. I'm certainly not going to discount it but will continue looking at options.
  12. Hi Fella's! Any idea who the retailers in the States are for the Meisei Hotweezers? There's a company in UK selling them (http://www.series4.co.uk/prodeqpt/section01/ds5.htm). I'm very keen to get my hands on this fantastic tool as I've been having a love hate relationship with trying to strip tiny mic cables without destroying the contact wire. There are some power supplies (M-10) available on E-Bay for $99 but I can't seem to find the actual tool (size 4A) so would have to buy a new unit methinks! Many thanks, Sebastian
  13. Done! James has been super helpful and is on the case. He requested that I activate the error reporting feature on my phone so he can get the info needed to rectify the problem. http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT4305 If anyone is experiencing errors, I suggest you enable this feature too. It'll be very helpful to the boys at NewEndian. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I just want to check with those on the forum that use the FreqFinder app with the 'dinosaur' iPhone 4s. I use it often but since upgrading to the new version 2.38 it crashes almost instantly! Anyone else having this problem? With the iPhone 6 now available, is the app perhaps no longer compatible with the 4s? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. One point I'd make is agency/ clients that use the IFB's are notoriously careless about them and I've found some being dropped and abused in various ways so padding in strategic places would be useful to absorb the knocks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Very nice! Thanks for the update. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I heard that Orca are coming out with Zaxcom ERX pouches. Any word on that yet?
  18. Many thanks Eric. So then the ring on the Epic side is not connected at all? Also, on the lemo side, I presume I don't connect pin 1 to the sleeve either?
  19. I'm needing to revive this post as I'd like to get a definitive wiring configuration for the ERX2TCD to Red Epic sending a scratch track to the audio input and TC to the 4 pin Lemo. This is what I have just wired in my cable assembly. As I don't have access to a camera at the moment, I can't test the cable so could some learnered fellow just check this and correct me if there's some glaring error. Much appreciated! ERX side: TRS - Tip- TC Ring- Audio Sleeve- ground Epic side: TRS- Tip- Audio + Ring- ground (Unbalanced) Sleeve- Ground 4 pin Lemo- 1- Ground (uncertain whether to connect the sleeve to pin 1 of the Lemo) 3- TC Addendum: Is the input of the Epic mic/ line switchable? If it's mic only, how would I attenuate?
  20. Does anyone have the model number of the Mogami or Belden mini Star Quad cable. I like the idea of one cable coming out of the TA5F and looped to the 2nd XLR.
  21. Zack, I see that most of the fellows are keen on you guys making the half IDX. I'll add my plus 1 to that too. It would be very useful.
  22. A small bag that has it all! The bag is a Petrol PS607 and every space has been filled. Apart from the standard kit one has in a bag, I've added an emergency beanie for those unexpected chilly night shoots, a buff for, well, everything the amazing bit of fabric offers, a spare set of earphones (etymotic research- with an iPod mini tucked in the pouch), a brush, a sharpie/ pen, a carabiner with rubber ring to hold a water bottle, a mini Leatherman, surgical tape and a roll of topstick tape. Weight is negligible so I don't mind carrying the extras and they are always there in case I need them. What extras do you guys carry in your bags?
  23. Thanks Richard, Problem's solved. The TA3F pin 1 wasn't connected to the connector shell on the 302 side. Happy days!
  24. Hi guys Just needing a little assistance regarding the cable techniques Rx emergency unit which I recently bought. I'm finding the noise floor extremely high and I'm sure that shouldn't be the case. I'm using a Lectro 411a, outputting line level @ 0dBu from the receiver into the mix in of my 302. I'm getting decent audio levels but the hiss is bad. I've tried it on my other 411a with the same results. The one possible cause I thought of could be the balanced cable which I wired myself, however from an XLR to TA3F the wiring is straight forward 1 to 1, 2 to 2 and 3 to 3. Unless I need to add a resistor somewhere. Any help would be appreciated! Sebastian
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