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  1. thanks. Here is the result. I really like the finish with plastidip.
  2. Hi guys, making my SMA's too. I've used a 'bike break' stranded wire as suggested here. The wire is too wide to fit in the small SMA pin. Are there any counter indications to strip a few wire from the strand to fit the cable into the SMA pin? (Meaning leaving the cable as is and stripping a few wires at the pin level so around half centimeters of length.) cheers
  3. are these the new rode radios? How are they working for you?
  4. short answer: apply a convolution reverb to white noise and use you RT as the IR. Check this tutorial http://designingsound.org/2013/07/unlimited-dialog-airfill-to-fill-your-every-need/ the great thing about this technique is that they're no looping artifacts and you can use very short RT samples
  5. if it's really too short, you can always expand it with the "convolution reverb" technique. It works quite well and sometimes is quicker than assembling bits of RT and looping them
  6. Bruce, it really depends on what type of music you're recording for. An ortf for a classical music type piano sound will work great where for a pop song, it might include too much ambiance and muddy the mix. So a close micking maybe preferable. Also why not thinking in player perspective, which has more attack sound (closer to the hammers) than the audience. They're really lots of variables... Check this article with its examples (it is a good read) http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jan08/articles/pianorecording_0108.htm the sound files: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jan08/articles/pianorecordingaudio.htm
  7. Does anyone know if it's the same electronic as the standard preamp?
  8. found this blog some are funny... http://1stassistantdirectors.tumblr.com/post/42425692500/when-i-ask-the-sound-person-if-the-take-was-good-in-a
  9. I think Senator was talking about the handheld line of recorder from nagra (pico, mezzo, lino, SD) which are well suited for your purpose
  10. Do you guys (I'm including myself here) ever feel guilty of helping 'producing' trash TV (commercial/films, etc.)?
  11. Hi, it seems that the title "jwsound" does not display in the correct position in Safari. Instead I can see the template's name "baisik". "Jwsound" is hidden behind the forums tab. check the screenshot
  12. a good tip is to watch who's not talking. It's easier to understand the body language of a person that will start talking than when they will stop.
  13. Spanish civil war bunker in the mountains of Terra Alta region
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