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  1. Main responsibility is rf coordinating cities pre arrival for a travel show. Approximately 20 channels of wireless. Us only. Secondary part of gig would be recording sound in each city as the production arrives. PM me if interested. Again, Solid pro audio with experience traveling.
  2. I recently bought a portable bag mixing stand. It's made for a drum machine, but doubles perfectly for a bag mixing desk. any more weight than 20-25 pounds is pushing it. Here is the link http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SSPC1/
  3. Thanks for the info. I bought a TW700 fro $43 at micro center. can't beat that deal.
  4. I'm looking into a tablet and getting conflicting info. Scaling issues on smaller than 12 inch tablets. What is the best choice?
  5. I'm looking for a sound mixer for a 2 day for a Golf show. Gear required 2 wireless, Mixer, camera hop. Pm me and I'll pass along your info. NO TRAVEL, MUST BE LOCAL. Fun shoot,
  6. It's the same cable that I always use. Voltage on battery was15.3.
  7. Has anyone had a rx900 blow up? Mine did when I connected a 12v battery via d tap. It popped and then smoke came out the battery door. I had no batteries in it. I have used the same battery multiple times. I'm using Ikan 12v batteries.
  8. They should work fine with the panasonic adaptor. G2 and G3 Tx's won't work the the 3041
  9. 5.11 works. I am mirrored. thanks
  10. Thanks for comments. I like riding the beta versions. This is the first problem I have encountered.
  11. I am having a problem with my nomad 12 mirror card. It freezes at 69% file 2 of 12. I'm running nomad version 5.00 with transcend 32 gig 133x cards. Same problem on multiple cards This has never happened before. I'll upgrade firmware tonight and see if that changes anything.
  12. Hollywood Production company needs crew for Cleveland shoot (March) (Cleveland) We just celebrated our one year anniversary with our production company and Youtube channel. We are looking to add a REALITY portion to our show and shoot and post 3 episodes per week. We are originally from Cleveland but took our talents to Hollywood 6 years ago. We're back looking for BRAND NEW talented filmmakers, editors, videographers, production assistants, photographers, to work with us and help us turn our dream into a reality. We can't offer pay right now, but you will receive IMDB credit, food, and lots of fun times. We are open to your creativity and this is your shot to have your work seen by a worldwide audience, our channel is viewed in over 151 countries. We want to hear from fun, energetic, open-minded people. Send us links to your reel along with a resume and contact info. We are looking to begin production in March 2013. Hope to hear from you soon.
  13. I just went there. not posted yet
  14. nothing, Thats why I'm asking. No pics of back.
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