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  1. I’ve got a new psc euro life distro box here if you need one im pulling 6.5 amps on my cart and float charge a lipo4 batts in small pelicans .... works a treat
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. It was a bit confusing.
  3. Hi I updated to 7.20 on my Scorpio and then the Icon wouldn’t connect. I see I’m on 2.08 and 2.09 is the current firmware. I went to the Icon page which directed me to the Scorpio Specific firmware but when I extract it.... it’s a BIN file which is a MAC format. Can someone point Me to which 2.09 firmware Is relevant. Im back on 7.10 and the Scorpio Icon are talking Cheers Nevo
  4. I run 40ah lifepo4 with a 15amp power supply charger in a float type setup I think finding the right combination of draw vs charge is the key.You don’t want to have too much current available and be charging too quickly but you need to be able to supply enough to keep battery topped up while on AC and running cart. Derek I’d be interested in reading the email from Bienno Regards Ant
  5. nevo

    TC arri mini

    Plugged in this morning To Arri...it jammed correctcode .... nothing changed from yesterday
  6. nevo

    TC arri mini

    Project rate 25 fps Yep tried that Yes went thru all output levels it is receiving TC because when I disconnect the TC symbol flash’s orange I have used this TC box with this particular camera on a number of occasions and yes I tried different Tc source
  7. nevo

    TC arri mini

    1.Double checked camera speed all as should be 2.camera dept not very keen to do a firmware update while in middle of day. 3.Power seems fine
  8. nevo

    TC arri mini

    I’m on a shoot with a Arri mini and the TC is strange Same setup as I’ve done hundreds of times mozegear tig jammed from 633. Timecode match’s On 633 and mozegear.... When I plug into Mini the timecode is 9 hrs off.... Arri set to regen if I unplug mozegear from Arri the TC symbol goes orange..... we have rebooted camera looked for any offsets in camera... the camera system clock is correct. Ive tried different cables and tc Boxs but stumped now. They can use waveform peaks for batch syncing but it would be good to get to the bottom of issue Nevo
  9. Do you want to sell? ive contacted you asking for pictures and price but not heard anything. Ant
  10. I have the best 75/216 and use a np1 into a 12v regulator..... runs all day long
  11. Hi all I was wondering how people deal with being far away from set. I have active antennas and know the pitfalls of them. Ive been looking into a input interface that runs on DC and converts analog to Dante. Remoting the RX next to set is another solution with its own pros and cons. What Are the general thoughts on these methods. Im planning on having both options available. Regards Nevo
  12. I’m bumping this because O would like to the answer to these questions Nevo
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