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  1. Hi Doug Have you found using a small switch reliable as a Cat5/6 cable extender?…How much cable are you running?
  2. nevo

    Cedar Scorpio

    There’s 2 pages of “more“ You have to toggle 2x to get to the CEDAR. Thanks Rich I may never have found that.
  3. nevo

    Cedar Scorpio

    I purchased the cedar SDNX and have been using it with a processed and unprocessed track double I usually only use 1-2 dB of reduction , which I select on each channel. i want to put it on a buss for IFB and can’t figure how to select amount..... Any clues ...I’ve gone to buss output masters but there is no amount selection
  4. yes you are correct. I just set my system up but then have gone onto a drama. and didnt feel confident enough to incorporate it quite yet. I finish in 3 weeks and will then be hitting it hard trying to see how stable it is and fixing it if it breaks ,but from everyones experiance once you get it solid it works a treat. It took me half a day with a friend who works in the theatre and has been using Dante for a few years and a call to a network engineer to configure everything and once it was working it all seemed to work well. Thanks to all the people who gave me advice. ill post photos etc in a month once ive spent some time with it. On this job im on it would have been useful on so many occasions. Nevo
  5. I’ve been doing both for 30 years and concur with most of what is written above. The only downside I experienced is being onset on another job and producer rings to say last minute changes on the mix and we need it now......So juggling the two can be hard if you are busy with both. I did many years mixing the documentaries and composing for the shoots I did location on. Its very fulfilling to go from acquisition to output......( and you can’t blame anyone if it sounds sh#t)
  6. thanks I ended up with the Silex ds510
  7. Hi Karl what usb to network adapter do you use?..Im wanting 2x usb to ethernet and the only one ive been reccomended is theThe silex ds510? I would have to import it.
  8. Thanks to everyone for their advice.....I have all the bits...now let the fun begin.
  9. Thanks yep gone thru the audinate L1,L2 vids and read the Yamaha document.... waiting for a couple of bits to arrive and then I’ll build it and see if it works....
  10. Hi Douglas Im about to do my wireless Dante build With lectro venues and Scorpio Are you using the Cisco sg300-10 12v non Poe switch? if so what parameters did you need to configure? Or did it work ok out of the box
  11. nevo

    Antenna combiner

    Ive got a dc powered Sennheiser unit to try.Ill do some tests and post some real world results. If I was to be on a shoot that constantly needed zones ,id probably rent one in. regards Ant
  12. What are people using for combining Antennas for multi zone use? My use would be for the very odd occasion like I had last week with 3 cameras and a long walk n talk with 100 extras vehicles crane etc . If I could have put another set of antennas along the way would have been useful. Im thinking DC powered with a small footprint The one I’ve seen is the Wisycom CSA221 Which has 4 db of loss . Are there any other manufacturers who make combiners at a reasonable price..... I don’t really need a active combiner 3k unit ...
  13. Yes “Ludicrous” that you’re had that many break on your show . I guess that’s what loss and damage reports are for. I’m down 6 sets of headphones and a SNa600 but no Lavs ....fingers crossed
  14. It’s a drag when they go.....They aren’t cheap..... Ive sent a few back to manufacturers and most times they have given me a new one at a discounted price.
  15. I’ve been using COS11 for many years and never had one break maybe I’m just lucky? Ive had B6s go bad and a couple of 4061s go but never a Sanken
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