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  1. Since you have an external amp, try using a setting of 5 for power. Typically you have an external antenna setup with an amp, are you using both in a bag setup? From changing the power settings 7 to 5 off a standalone IFB100 I seem to loose a rough average of about 20 feet of range, but YMMV Another thing to try is power the IFB on a separate battery/power source than the comtek, that's helped me on random occasions where I can't solve it through the normal troubleshooting methods. Sent from my HoboPad
  2. There is a slight delay when the conversion of TC to zax IFB happens due to the processing overhead. Is the drift consistent, or random in nature? Are you eyeballing it, or having the camera record all the sources displays and comparing frame by frame off the footage? Sent from my HoboPad
  3. Ditto, and working again. Thank you Jeff! Sent from my HoboPad
  4. transcend 16gb, 32gb 133X on the Nomad in pairs. Sandisk 2,4,16gb cards for the transmitters and such that use microSD. Sent from my HoboPad using Tapatalk HD
  5. Does the external LaCie power up via a laptop? If so, it could be a power supply issue internally. Have you put in a mirror card and just tried to format it through the menu? There were some tweaks in x.51 for new cards, what version's running on the Fusion?
  6. Don't forget to budget in for a bag to carry all the extra stuff that won't fit in the mixer bag, very comfortable shoulder harness, batteries to power everything, chargers, and lots of cables and adapters, power distribution for the bag, etc A good place is get to know your local camera folks, see what kinds of cameras you will need to hook into and get double sets of connection cables, 1 to use and 1 for a backup for each type you discover. Wireless hop gets you free from when the camera op decides they need to run to the other side of the room to get a shot, but adds it's own complications compared to a simple tethering setup. I've found the smaller compact slates are easier to transport and still just as readable, but I'd suggest renting a couple brands to find the one you like best before investing the $1400ish on a slate. You may need an IFB system at some point, lots of info on here on the different systems.
  7. How would you handle multiple outputs through that menu? As in, route input 1 to output 1,4,5?
  8. For a troubleshooting starting point, to me your wireless boom is now your baseline, it's quiet to you. So the changes from the baseline show that noise was introduced at some point from the Schoeps, MM-1, or new cable(s) that you introduced to cause the noise? So following the path, the noise had to pass through the SRa to be influenced by it, that rules out the nomad as it was "quiet" for the baseline? See baseline above "It depends..." This would lead my troubleshooting to something new between the nomad and the Schoeps to introduce noise since it wasn't there with the original wireless connection. Or RF interference entering the new cables ect. Unless I've totally missed your setup, it doesn't appear to be a "Nomad preamp" issue as the noise would be something closer (or at) the Schoeps that sounded like "preamp" noise.
  9. I can try to test with Bernie and his lectros versus a STA042 with and without the shield. Joel Sent from my HoboPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. Same here, only 1 4" antenna was in the box Joel
  11. I'll try to dig up the LED strip part number, it really helps.
  12. On the IFB100 there is a set of white trim pots, send a 20db tone and make sure you see the meter line go up to the vertical line on the display area. The IFB mixes L+R (default) into the mono signal, make sure your not phase canceling as well. Joel
  13. Glen, The middle photo is incorrectly tagged as 6 AES, they are all on the DB15 connector. That side is the returns and outputs. Liked the review, clear and concise. Joel
  14. Just paint or make up a case in neon green or pink. Much easier to spot on the floor.
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