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  1. Philip Perkins

    Oktava MK-012 testing

    You'd get a slightly different plot if you tested the mic again. You should also know that at least at one time those "included plots' were fiction, just drawn by hand and not plotting anything. As I've mentioned before: this is a cheap, decent sounding mic. It's not a mic that's worth getting all nerdy over--just use it on what it sounds good on.
  2. Philip Perkins

    Deity Connect.

    I don't see your operation of a wireless channel in trade show booth as "worst-case" at all. I see it as more or less ideal compared to many frequently encountered shooting situations. And yeah, charging batteries is my personal responsibility, but as a soundie I look for gear that backs me up even when I make mistakes, since one is not always at one's very best on a long difficult job, right? Since this gear is still in development I would encourage them to make a way to have the battery, whatever it is, be swappable. A door with a quick swap is ideal (esp if they have a charger that can charge "naked" batteries), but even the ability to quickly unscrew a lid or etc to get at the battery would be preferable to something permanently wired in. That is just something a good percentage of pro mixers will never go for. A current example of a "difficult but possible " battery swap are the Mozegear QBits--if you have to you can unscrew the case and swap the rechargeable battery in the field. Also....not yellow for the TX? I mean--most of us are in the business of HIDING transmitters, so dark or neutral colors are what is needed...
  3. Philip Perkins

    Malfunction of repaired COS-11

    When I get a break in a lav mic cable anywhere near the capsule I call it a loss and try to charge somebody for it. Generally they aren't repairable in any permanent or like new sense.
  4. Philip Perkins

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Faders that small are for setting levels, not active mixing. I have a fair amount of experience TRYING to mix on faders that small, and you always seem to be either about to overshoot the level you want or actually overshooting the level you want. The Nanos are great for musicians, but not for mixers who actually mix. The Zoom fader boxes are far more usable than a Nano, but still too dinky for my fat fingers.
  5. Philip Perkins

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    The business of most of the people on this particular forum is the recording of humans talking, usually on location. That work gets harder and harder for all the reasons stated on this forum over and over, very familiar to the soundies actually doing the work. No ambisonic sort of microphone will ever be able to deliver the sort of audio demanded of pro location dialog mixers every day: we are as much (and sometimes more) about what will NOT be heard in our tracks vs what WILL be heard. Ambisonic is about hearing everything, in a "you are there" sort of situation. Fun, useful for some sorts of things, a value-add if post can actually use those files; not what we generally do. Sure, AI mics and processing for all that pernicious location BG noise are incoming. Not here yet.
  6. Philip Perkins

    Deity Connect.

    Sorry--no quick-replace battery=no sale. The # of battery hours quoted is for a new unit under ideal circumstances. What if there is no time for a recharge or recharge just gets forgotten in a zombatic turnaround, or a shoot-fly-shoot situation?
  7. Philip Perkins

    Deity Connect.

    Yeah, but the flip side is that there is WAY more competition @ the newb level than there was in the old days, since the barriers to entry are so low.
  8. Philip Perkins

    What to do with 600-698 MHz wireless systems?

    Use away--if they get shirty they may confiscate your gear, but they will have much bigger interference issues to deal with than you unless you do something really dumb (like try to use them at a political event without talking to a freq coordinator, who will tell you you can't use those freqs in any case at her event). It is true that some mfrs have offered some deals on reblocking, but don't feel too bad about missing out because A: those reblockings were not cheap and B: they only applied to relatively new gear. A soundie who is using radios in the various now-proscribed blocks might well be one on a budget who bought their radios used, meaning they are more than likely too old for reblocking anyhow. If you plan to work @ big events, take the pain and pony up. For small, short schedule jobs, be aware of where you are shooting and don't advertise what freqs you are using. The tech co's will blow everyone off the air soon enough.
  9. Philip Perkins

    633 or 788T HDD

    664 is an analog mixer with a digital recorder, with the advantages and disadvantages that brings. 633 and 688 are digital mixers with digital recorders (as is 788), so read the specs carefully, esp if you need complex routing for monitoring etc. As I said if you need usable automix then the choices are limited to 6xx. I will also say that if you plan to wear this machine a lot, as in verite style shooting, your back will be much happier with the 633 than with the others. If you go for 788 you are likely to want to add one or both of the fader boxes made for it.
  10. Philip Perkins

    688 Frozen at Splash Screen

    +1 on chill time before restart. A few minutes. If no go after that time to go to your back up and call SD.
  11. Philip Perkins

    633 or 788T HDD

    The only automix available on any portable recorder I've heard so far (all the usual suspects) that I would consider for a mix that might be used in post is the Dugan, only avail on SD 6xx machines. I too prefer the overall sound of the 7xx machines to the 6xx boxes, but if automix is a must-have for you get the one that has the Dugan mixer. If automix is only a what-if for you, or is only for a scratch or ref mix then the other machines will do in this regard esp if you like their other aspects. At this point the SD 7xx machines are probably the most battle-tested location recorders in history, and certainly the most tested of the file-based machines.
  12. Philip Perkins

    Oktava MK-012 paint damage out of box

    Why don't you use it for a bit and then decide if modding is worth it to you? My own opinion is that that's gilding the lily--it's a good low cost mic as is. If you want audibly better then save your $ for a Schoeps. And in a twist perhaps of interest here--the supposed Chinese "fake" versions of this mic sound the same as the supposed "genuine" mics of that era (2000's).
  13. Philip Perkins

    Recording music performances on set

    +1 "prerecord in place" and then work to playback if possible. If it is all improv you hide the best mics you can wherever you can. The "center" trap kit mic is a great idea--I do this even when doing music only recordings: the "Steve Remote Knee Mic" omni--great basis for a full kit sound. If you can attach mics to other instruments, wired if possible so you can easily change trim, do it. Some instruments you may have to mic up and hide the TX on the player. But before any of that, consider what you can get away with with a set of overhead boom mics. I just did a set of videos shot in a small photo studio with cello, double bass, vocals and a highly varied set of percussion instruments, from huge low Hz drum to salad bowls and delicate shakers, plus stomp and hand percussion. The close mics were great when they worked for some numbers, but the overheads (just normal fishpoles in boom holders like for an interview) helped the most. I had 3 or 4 working all the time, and they became the basis for the mix. I used shotguns for some of those, thereby offending the purist music recordist gods but getting what I needed.
  14. Philip Perkins

    Oktava MK-012 paint damage out of box

    I have a batch of Oktavas of various vintages and I would not say that consistency is a hallmark of that brand. I like the sound, I like the price, I like for form-factor and Schoeps-like multi-head/pad/low rolloff design, but there is a reason they can deliver all that w/o the price of a German mic, right?
  15. Sounds all good to me.