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  1. It's my understanding that this is impossible given the hardware architecture of the 6 series... Hope I'm wrong
  2. macruth

    Audio Follow Cart Concept

    Shut up and take my money ;))))
  3. Wow, wonderful discussion, I also "hobbied" with consumer DAT and MiniDisc and saw the potential in each format, but the workflow development of the real non-linear files (in my case Deva II and AATON InDAW in Europe) was truly seat-of-your-pants exciting :))
  4. macruth

    Collapsing tracks

    I'm with Robert on this, I never record empty tracks on purpose, seems a waste of "resources", I also stick to cast order number as an organizational aid, I second Robert's opinion that if track name metadata is correct that is enough, Just my .02 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. macruth

    CAS Awards - nominees 2016

    Congratulations nominees!!
  6. Do any of the "Usual Suspects" deal in these AD-100 units? I'd prefer to deal with one of our own... I could not find any "Usual Suspects" using the dealer locator on the Datavideo site...
  7. With the 3D rigs we're using (3D camera = 3 frames, 3D processor = 8 frames, DIT = 1 frame, Video Asst. = 2 frames, 3D monitor = 4 frames) we've tested an 18 frame delay which we need to match on the Comteks, I've got 10 frames delay available on the 788T (using and have the Behringer Shark inline lined up for 10 frames (416.6 ms), to eye it all works, but I'd obviously prefer a DC powered unit ala AD-100 mentioned above,
  8. macruth

    IPS TV at IBC 2014

    Great work! Thanks SB!
  9. macruth

    We need to do our bkup?

  10. macruth

    World Cup Audio

    Thanks Vasi! Nice stuff...
  11. macruth

    World Cup Audio

    Schoeps' website front page currently indicates that they are heavily involved despite the list previously presented.
  12. macruth

    LA boom op moving to NY

    Best of success and happiness to you in NYC my friend!
  13. macruth

    Bon Voyage RPS

    Glad you arrived safely Robert, welcome!
  14. macruth

    Boom Op - One Day - Low Pay

    Forget the stand, get an eager guy, boom operators exist for a darn good reason, that being said, a completely inexperienced operator better be really "eager" to get the work
  15. macruth

    Password Managers

    Am I late in mentioning LastPass?