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  1. This exact idea has just been propsed to me today in a conversation with a Producer. They are looking to do a test shoot this weekend where the Director hopes to capture the action in a POV and use the binaural technique for the audio. I cant for the life of me get my head around how this could work, as mentioned above, the constant battle to get a clean location sound track are only going to be amplified ( theres too many un-intentional puns here ) by the use of a binaural recording. Even if I was to use the "Jecklin Disk" method as mentioned above and mount that to the front of the camera, it would be completely ruined by crew footsteps and the post-lunch heaving of the focus puller/operator. I feel like i might have to be the nasty, party pooping nay sayer on this one. I can't help but feel that you post guys could do the job 1000 times better in 5.1 or the like.
  2. Is this not how we all refer to our gear? Jesus, i need to do some reading.
  3. Nice! I have something very similar, check out the peli battery holder. A local welder custom made it for me.
  4. No chance yet Crew. I know it can often be a revelation once you get to hear it all back through speakers rather than heart-attack inducing headphones, i've not had any complaints as of yet so hopefully all has gone ok. I went into this project with production already defeated to the idea that they would have to ADR a fairly large portion of the film due to some of the location choices. My main aim has been to try and go above and beyond to try and get as much production dialogue into the final product as possible. Our setup in the car was 1 x 8050 on the open window side and 1 x 8040 on the opposite on noga arms so that we could move them as and when the shot required. In hindsight the 40 was too wide but we had to go with what we had. I'd really wanted to keep away from radio mic's, the seatbelt situation has burnt me in the past. I guess we shall have to wait and see.
  5. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I've been pulling my hair out on a recent shoot 2 actors in the front seats of a Range Rover on a proper lo-loader. Alternating windows are down depending on which side of the car we are shooting. Very busy, reverberant London streets and seemingly a complete lack of suspension on the lo-loader. Are you guys able to get crisp clean usable dialogue with car windows down? Is it radios only?
  6. Hey, I've done a quick search to no avail. There's been a recent thread on chairs for the studio, I'm wondering if any of you location guys have some good recommendations for comfy/practical/mobile chairs to be used on set I've just got a new cart and I'm keen to get something comfy to sit on to go with it.
  7. I've reset the late, it's odd because it seems to accept the TC at every other frame rate other thn 24, whether its the right rate or not. I've steered clear of the JAM button. This is what puzzles me because it seems to work fine in the other settings. Maybe it's time for a trip to the mother ship.
  8. Hey guys, Hoping for abit of help, maybe some of you have come across this problem before. I have a Denecke TS2sb that I've been using for a year or so with no problems, in the uk, so I'm always shooting at 25fps. I'm about to start a job on film shooting at 24fps so got the gear out to test it and it doesn't seem to like 24. I jam the slate in the usual way but as soon as I remove the cable the timecode stops. This only seems to happen at 24. My 788 is set to 24. I'll get in touch with the proper folk in the morning but I thought I'd check here first in case I'm missing something simple. Thanks in advance.
  9. For people I've worked with it would have to be Peter O'Toole. He was awesome. For those I haven't, Morgan Freeman would be a dream.
  10. Im wondering what might fit SMQV's? The Sennheiser 5212 looks about the right size.
  11. I love my rock n rolla for these type shoots. Especially for the money, fully loaded costed £250
  12. This little thing has a usb slot that you can mount hard drives on and other bits. Finding it really useful at the minute, just downloaded the LectroRM app. The battery life is supposed to be around 36 hours so better to use this than my phone.
  13. AndyHewitson


    I know there have been a few threads about iPads and the like but whilst out doing abit of christmas shopping this afternoon i picked up an Arnova 10 G2 for £139. Its a really cheap and cheerful Android based tablet that im hoping to use on set for notes/call sheets/scripts etc. Maybe some emails or jw browsing if theres wifi. Just wondered if any of you guys were using tablets for anything other than 788 goodness? Im figuring i might even be able to use this when im working out of the bag...
  14. Hey all, An exert from an email I received... e-mail: Kate Parker - kate@cityprojects.org Feel free to mention my name. Andy
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