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  1. mlohninger

    New Betso Wireless Timecode

    They look great, but they're not smaller than the Tentacles. TCX-2: 35 x 59 x 16 mm (33cm2) 45g Tentacle: 34 x 50 x 16 mm (27cm2) 30g
  2. mlohninger

    Mozegear TIG Q28 on a job, in a sync test

    I'll post what I posted on the other thread, for reference, and included the Betso SBOX-1N. Curious to see what Denecke eventually decides to release to stay competitive in the small lockit market. Tig Q28 6.67cm x 5.4cm x 1.27cm (45.74cm2) 53g 0.5ppm 16hrs on 2xAAA US$439 Ambient Tiny Lockit 7.15cm x 5.6cm x 2.0cm (80.1cm2) 118g ~0.01ppm 12hrs on 2xAAA US$891 Betso SBOX-1N 7.5cm x 6.2cm x 2.0cm (93cm2) 134g 0.1ppm ("better than") 60hrs on 2xAA US$490
  3. mlohninger

    NEW Tig Q28 TC box

    Just for reference, in case someone was curious. They're two different products and the Ambient can obviously do a bit more (ACN network), but that said, neither can do Gen Lock and they're going after a similar market. Tig Q28 6.67cm x 5.4cm x 1.27cm (45.74cm2) 53g 0.5ppm 16hrs on 2xAAA $439 Ambient Tiny Lockit 7.15cm x 5.6cm x 2.0cm (80.1cm2) 118g ~0.01ppm 12hrs on 2xAAA $891
  4. mlohninger

    Lectrosonics blocks in Berlin.

    I'll mirror that. Block 21 is good, and similarly Block 25 was ok.
  5. mlohninger

    Anyone find RF Hash/interference with SD 633?

    Nothing. Zero. Nilch. Radio silence.
  6. mlohninger

    Equipment Rental Check and Taxes

    On my last show, rentals also went trough payroll, they did the same thing. I had a long discussion with them that ended without results. I forgot the exact reason again. It's a new development that started this year, if going trough payroll. I usually don't.
  7. mlohninger

    Sound Devices 633…What do you think?

    Yeah my bad!!
  8. mlohninger

    Sound Devices 633…What do you think?

    (Never mind)
  9. mlohninger

    AMJ rev A foldable antenna SMA connector problem

    Thank you Larry! Other companies have much to learn from Lectrosonics' honesty with its customers...
  10. mlohninger

    Sound Devices 633…What do you think?

    I think knowing about ~push menu button for 10 seconds to force reboot on freeze~ is going to be very important for 633 operatives to know. Joel, make sure to learn this button combo! The power switch needs to be in the off position, as well.
  11. mlohninger

    Sound Devices 633…What do you think?

    It fits in a Petrol 614 pretty well.
  12. mlohninger

    LA to Vegas this evening?

    I'll fly there Sunday if you need something.
  13. mlohninger

    BLK 25 in Los Angeles Area

    I run hops for multi-crew reality on Bl 25 in LA, and it's been consistently a good block to squeeze 6 or so TXs in. I run talent on 19 & 21, hops on 25, IFB on 26.
  14. mlohninger

    Audix SCX1-HC vs AKG C480B+CK63

    The AKG C480 (& older C460) w/ CK63 combo is one of the most underrated mics on this board. Extremely low noise, absolutely great sound, sounds as good if not better than the Schoeps CMC641 combo. The two-stage on board low-cut is invaluable for production work. I've never used the Audix, but I would point out that the AKG is twice its price (over $1000).
  15. mlohninger

    Freq.presets on lectro receivers (Larry..?)

    Hi David, I hope this helps: Adding/Deleting User Programmable Frequency Group Entries Note: Each User Programmable Frequency Group (“u” or “v”) has separate contents. We recommend that you review the section titled Frequency Coordination in the instruction manual prior to adding frequencies in order to minimize potential intermodulation problems. 1. Start from the Frequency Window and verify that a lower case “u” or “v” is present next to the transmitter switch settings. 2. While pressing and holding the MENU button press either the SEL Up or Down button to move to one of the 256 available frequencies in the block. Whenever the selection comes to rest on a frequency that is in the current group, the group tuning mode indicator (letter “u” or “v”) will give a steady indication. On frequencies that are not in the group, the indica- tor will blink. 3. To add or remove the displayed frequency from the group, hold down the MENU button while pressing and holding the SEL Up button. The group tuning mode indicator will stop blinking to show that the frequency has been added to the group, or begin blinking to indicate that the frequency has been removed from the group.