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  1. Johnny, what mount and wind protection are you using on your 4018C?
  2. here it is... I need to do this with my DPA4017 and 4018 header cables... apparently the B pre amp fixes this too
  3. I got a super softie for my mkh60, and have returned it...back to the original softie. Bubblebee are now into australia so I'll get one soon
  4. Hi Rob where, just north of canberra???
  5. Joseph Levine, "Red Christmas", slasher horror, NSW southern Highlands, November 2015
  6. We looked at the c preamp for the 4018, super small, super light, super sound,just decided it wouldn't be rugged enough for multi user broadcast TV environment... I love the extra suck and punchy sound of the 50 over the schoeps..i used a 50 on a feature for nearly every shot ( and only 2 scenes radio miced), it was great, where as the schoeps often didn't have enough suck in comparision ..
  7. Just did this... Looked at DPA 4018, 8050, the 50 better for handling/wind noise, mounting and wind protection options and ruggedness on the road.
  8. I believe they were bought out by Rycote ??and then discontinued, try Rycote direct
  9. gavin

    SN Nagra

    Hi, calling all oldtimers .. I am trying to transfer a tape on an SN nagra. It plays fine with no tape loaded, but when I lace the tape up it wont play, seems to be to "heavy", there is a tape tension adjustment but it doesn't appear to do anything and the manual is very vague. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. gavin

    Ambient V-Slot

    Hi Brent, just heard some stories of power connection dropping out, mainly with sony cams
  11. gavin

    Ambient V-Slot

    Hi, Has anyone used the Ambient V-slot? Looking for feedback please...
  12. gavin

    Ambient V-Slot

    Hi, Has anyone used the Ambient V-slot? Looking for feedback please...
  13. Kakadu National Park, NT, Australia
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