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  1.                 Studiomprd wrote;


      "Also a union member should check with their specific locals for  assistance with "financial hardship" circumstances...depending on each  situation, specific assistance can usually be worked out, including  reduced rates and temporary withdrawals."


        I want to say to my fellow sound engineers,  Thank you for your  replies.  Been a member since 1996.  I spoke with a higher up woman at  695 (who I will not name).  She insisted we have to pay our full dues,  $240 per quarter in my case.  No matter what. 


        If you have not done a union shoot in six months?  Too bad, Pay us  in  full.    On unemployment?  Too bad, Pay us in full. 


        She told me 695 no longer has "hardship".  Hardship stopped back in  the late 1990's.  There are no reduced rates either.  They will not  work out anything.  695 wants full dues every quarter.  Period.


          Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Heck man, is it just me?







  2. The 552 is a great replacement, but as with many replacements produced by many companies as designs and technology changes, sometimes specific features are "upgraded" for one reason or another, but provide weaker performance.  Overall, the 552 is amazing, but I still believe the new limiters employed by the newer SD machines are FAR inferior to their old design.

      What don't you like about the 552 limiters?  Slow to attack? slow to release?  Compression is weak?  What?  I love my 5 yr old 442.  Zero problems so far.


  3. Hi all,

        I would like to get my fellow brothers input, dealing with being a member of 695. 

        During these dismal economic times how many of you are fully paid up on dues?  What other ways are you working to pay your monthly bills and keep current on dues?


        The work has been slow for most of us. (Anyone disagree?) 

        I believe many of us would like to hear about issues you've had and how you resolved them.



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