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  1. Actors hearing themselves should be okay as long as there’s no delay. Once you introduce delay, you will need to use two transmitters and make a mix minus. I can understand that budget may be of a concern, but the elegant and less hassle solution is to use earwigs. Maybe theres a local audio audio shop which you can rent from and they can help out on price. Other than that I feel that speaker solution will just cause more work than needs to be.
  2. I would give two individuals either Phonaks Invisity, or Roger earpieces. They are tiny and fit in the ear (so no extra pack), and can be painted with makeup to blend in. The Invisity works with a 216 transmitter (Comtek or Listen Tech) and the Roger will need a Roger base station. I don't think speakers will work, you'll just end up with bleed. Hope this helps! https://www.phonak-communications.com/en/products/ear-prompter/ https://www.roger-studio.com/
  4. Hi Adam, Check to make sure your 552 is set to mic level and Phantom is on. Hold the Mic/Tone toggle towards mic. Then select the PFL on desired channel. This will switch between mic and line. A blue led will be lit if the channel is set to line. Once on mic level toggle the Mic/Tone switch to tone. Then toggle the PFL switch to desired channel. This will enable Phantom on that channel. There will be a blue LED indicator lit under PH on desired channel. Hope this helps. -Paul
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