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  1. Arno93

    Meon life issue

    Hi, I might have issue with my meon. Does anyone use it with an external battery? My external battery does not drop in voltage but the meon is dropping until its own battery dies. cable wired as required, battery new...... talking with technician at remote audio but looking forward to see if someone has/had the same problem or how their external battery react. thank you
  2. Arno93

    788t routing question

    I will do a test with the sonosax to the 788t through the cl8 to check that out. Frankly it is pretty rare either that I need 8 mics, but since I like hiding some and sometimes roll an MS during takes, I wanted to knew a way.
  3. Arno93

    788t routing question

    Thank you, you mesn that if I add a cl8 module to the 788t I will be able to route properly from the mixer to the 778t a 8 iso and a mixdown post fade?
  4. Arno93

    788t routing question

    So, first of all sorry for my english grammar. Here is the situation. I usually work 1 boom 5 radio mics and dispatch them through a sonosax mixer as Left boom- right radio mix and all in Iso pre fade on track A (boom pre) to F (B to F radio mics). All that means that input 1 on 788t is used for the Left - in 2 for Right -3 for A - 4 for B.... 8 for F. Now I'd like to use 8 mics (including the boom) and still be able to route as a Left-right boom-radio mix and iso pre fade all the 8 mics.... May be I am not thinking properly but I can't see any way to succeed in this scenario. I understand that I can have all the 8 mic Iso pre fade but then I will have a left-right pre fade also on tracks X1-X2. I can't have a post fade mix.... Anyone knows or understand what I'm looking for? Is there a way with the 788t? Thank you Regards
  5. Arno93

    Monitor HD sdi soundcart, what is yours?

    Thank you all, pkautzsch, actually for video assist convenience, hdsdi is the best. I will check out your propositions
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for a 7 inch hd sdi monitor for the cart. my SD one just crashed out and the to be in the "standard" I will go for the HD one avoiding video assist to provide a signal converter. Some of camera assistant recommand AC7 sdi at 899$. As I just need a reference image I was wondering if the lower price ones were ok in term of quality/price ratio. So may be if you have any suggestions. For me the principle matter is the non wireless possibility with an HD monitor expect if the camera assistant has several teradec reciever, wich is rare. The way to go seem to be with a nyrius system or a chinese copy of it and then it occure that you need to spend around 1300$ to have an picture on set.....is there another less expensive way I should know? Thank you for your interest
  7. Arno93

    DPA Mics

    Hi, thank you for all the comments.... I also called DPA, and the sales man told me after discussion, that I might go with the 4061 to use in a car..... I think I'll make a test with it and then decide. Thank you again, and if you have any other idea.... P.S. : Mathias, I use Cub 01 for years now, at the begining I was super happy, but I don't know why, today they sound flat. I have a lot of (shhhhhhh.... don,t know the word in english) and regarding my technician, they are fine.... that's why I'd like to try something else, and quicker to fix in a car. Than you Arno
  8. Arno93

    DPA Mics

    Hi I'm looking forward to buy 2 Dpa microphones. I'd like to use them for car scenes, or hide on table.... to replace my old lectros cub, some people told me to go with the 4071 (three sound guys from Montreal) with the, http://www.dpamicrophones.com/en/products.aspx?c=item&category=142&it... accessories, but I also saw the compact serie that seem really attractive... http://www.dpamicrophones.com/en/products.aspx?c=Catalog&category=114 do you have any suggestions please. Thank you Arno