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  1. Yeah, me too. Most of my dual-system-gigs I record Isos post fade and no mix track. I guess this Mixer-series might not be able to do Post fader isos, even in the future, but at least being able to control the trims would make it much more interesting. Still, great work as usual, Sound Devices :).
  2. Good to know :). Could there be any harm done charging batteries of higher capacity, say Pro Eneloops 2500 or Powerex 2700? The manual says to use batteries with "Max 2450 Mah", that's the cause of my hesitation. I emailed Ikea for a answer to this too, waiting for reply still.....
  3. Yeah, something like that could definitily be the case. Just half e second of loss of power would reset it. And yes, it hade been working fine for weeks with the same batteries. But I'm still puzzled what would lead it to lock up, or freaze like it did. The display still lit up but all numbers just freaze. Very weird. Could that really be down to bad batteries?
  4. Hi! I've been using a tiny Lockit to jam a 633 with a Sony XDCAM, leaving it on the cam throughout the day, running on rechargeable AAAs. It's been working fine the last 5 weeks, but this weekend it started acting weird. First when I went to re-jam it at lunch I saw it ha restarted the clock, and was not following my time of day anymore. I went back and checked the footage and it had basicly been in sync with me for an hour or so and the suddendly at the next clip the time code had started from zero again. Batteries was still charged and it was running. Then yesterday when I was jamming it with the 633, it jammed, ran for a fem seconds, and then i froze, display and all. happened a few times. I let it rest for a bit going wired TC since we were doing interviews. A few hours later I fired it up again and it seemed to run fine. I swapped the rechargables to regular AAA just in case it had to do something with the Voltage. Anybody know whats going on? I've never encountered this before. Just send it back to the shop or...?
  5. Have you tried charging other batteries in the IKEA-charger?
  6. Well, as the pole colapses, the interior space will get tighter and tighter, while the cable will basically do the opposite :P. So the limit is basically how much cable you can have crammed in the pole when it's fully collapsed.
  7. I've waited a long time for Sennheiser to finally get their thumb out of their #%€ and make 2 channel receiver. This sure looks like it's gonna be great, but I fear the 9000-compability will make it a very expensive unit. I hope they will bring a version out, just for analouge txs, but I doubt it.
  8. Thanks. Sucks though, I got Tapa talk just for this forum. Hope it works out in the end :).
  9. Hi I having no luck the last month reading this forum on the Tapa Talk App. Anybody got any idea what might be the problem? Anyone having the same experience?
  10. Tentacle worked great on set today (only had to use one of them). Camera guy was very impressed and happy. Hope post shares his enthusiasm :).
  11. Really cool device, love then idea! No swappable battery and 2 hours charge time otoh, kills it for me. That's a dealbreaker right there. Not buying.
  12. Good idea. I was planning of using the Tentacle as master and jamming the 633 to it, but I guess doing it the other way would also work, just need to get the cables in order for that. Thanks. How about input gain in the dslr? To my knowledge most of them only have automatic gain, but might this actually work anyway since the TC signal is so constant and steady? Or is manual gain control the only way to go?
  13. Yeah, thats a good idea. OTOH, I'm a bit weary of putting to many connectors and adapters on that crappy little 3.5 m.m. input of the camera. Well, it's a possibility for the future, this time I'm going only TC, as requested. No way? I've never heard that, pretty cool feature :).
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