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    Litchfield Cty, Connecticut
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    Studio musician, occasional engineer. Live player for Paul Simon, Arlo Gurthrie, many others.
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  1. I recently (last week) had Pete Verrando convert a Schoeps CMC4 to CMC5 specs for me. My primary reason being being that I wished to feed the mic 48v Phantom. I am both a studio musician and an engineer that lives in a world of 48v, Phantom power and I particularly love the sound of this mic on acoustic guitar or mandolin with an MK 41 capsule.. Pete was quick, very reasonably priced, and the mic sounds great! If you have one of these older CMC4 Schoeps, do yourself a favor and have Pete upgrade it... (you can thank me later). I highly recommend the quality of his work, reasonable price, and great communication. 'nuff said.
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