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  1. Yes I think we're on the same page. Phil, I'm fairly sure I set the 744t to 29.97 and the 744t recognized code (mistaken of course when I stated I set it to 59.94... what i get for not having it in front of me). cheers!
  2. Ah, this is exactly what I was after. So despite the output tc being 59.94, if I jam to my 744t set to 23.976, It will wait for the top of the second to jam, and therefore will be in sync with the f3 in camera footage recording at 23.976. Thanks guys!
  3. I'm 85% confident I switched the 744 to 59.94 and it recognized incoming code. I think that's when I realized to look at the output signal in camera... maybe...
  4. Sent a scratch channel via wireless and cam mic on ch2. I just wonder if I can save some steps in the process, and maybe learn a couple things along the way. Cheers!
  5. Ah got it, thanks for clarifying. And, since this was doc/run and gun style, no place for slates/syncboxes.
  6. So every time you switched frame rate in camera, you also had to switch the timecode submenu? Or that the switch tells the camera you want the tc out to follow the in camera format? Just curious since the menu titles don't always match their function... ha.
  7. No iphone here. At 59.94 on the f3 out, I would read incoming tc on the 744 jam menu display, but the tc framerate icon would flash. As long as the f3 output select was set to 23.98, everything was normal and I would jam accordingly. My question is do I need to? And additionally, what is the benefit of the tc out following the sdi out, instead of the in camera recording.
  8. Hi, Recently worked with the f3, and the timecode would not sync to the 744t at 23.976, the camera recording framerate. (flashing tc on 744t display) Checked the camera settings, and the sdi output is set to 59.94. Switch that to 23.976, and it syncs no problem. (solid tc on 744t display) The interesting thing is I wasn't plugged into the sdi, but into the tc out. So the tc out is linked to the sdi out setting, not the internal recording setting. Also the Zacuto viewfinder the Dp uses cannot process that the 23.976 framerate of course, and loses signal. So, I jam, disconnect tc, and reset the camera tc out to 59.94. Back in Business. My question is, what happens if I just sync to the 59.94 tc? I'm still recording in 23.976 on the 744t. Will I be in sync? Obviously it's a bit of a cheat, since the 744t and the zacuto both react to the tc difference. If there was a huge discrepancy, that would be problematic for syncing footage captured in camera to footage recorded externally. If i am jamming to a single frame, will the numbers be so close that it will make no perceivable difference? Also, at the most basic level, this complicates/lengthens the simple task of jamming. Is it another case of "More complications? What else is new!?!" Throwing it out to all of you in the hopes that I learn something! Thanks. Wish everyone a prosperous 2012. -g
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