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  1. I might be fine with an adapter depending on the size. Does anyone know what that particular dpa adapter might be? I would most likely only use this as a backup bodypack but it would be great to have it be dual purpose in that way. Assuming the voltage can be taken care of, is there any other reason this can't be used as a talent pack?
  2. From the tech specs on DPA's website. http://www.dpamicrophones.com/microphones/dscreet/slim-4060-omnidirectional-microphone "Power supply (for full performance) Min. 5 V to max. 50 V through DPA adapter for wireless systems, 48 V phantom power ±4 V with DAD6001 XLR adapter" So 50v max sounds like it would be able to handle anything the zmt could throw at it.
  3. What would be the limiting factors for not being able to use it as a body pack transmitter? I know the voltage only goes down to 12v which excludes using a cos-11 (it needs to see less than 10v) but was hoping a dpa could work (as it seems to be able to handle up to 48v). Also, some sort of external inline adapter would hopefully be able to knock down the voltage for lav use. Any other reasons I'm not thinking of
  4. Looks great! I use this maxpedition AA battery holder which comes with an 8 AA battery hard case. Really works great for keeping some spares on me without weighing down my bag in front. (Not that they weigh much, but organization is great too). http://www.maxpedition.com/store/pc/Volta-Battery-Pouch-p581.htm I also use an ammo magazine pouch in the back for a spare Inspired Energy battery (will also fit an NP1.) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007I4SZYE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_va0WxbWC32ET8 I'm going to have to steal your other ideas as well. As much weight I can put on the back the better!
  5. Thanks Rado for the reviews and honest comparisons. Great work. And thanks to JohnPaul as well!
  6. Are there any plans to have that change in the future? if that's the case I may as well go RX200 route over the QRX200 for my next rx Pure speculation here, but if a "4 channel" QRX can only receive one mono ZHD tx than perhaps a "2 channel" RX200 wont be able to handle the ZHD at all. I would assume a new line of receivers to go along with the new TXs. Can't imagine they wouldn't have a new dual receiver option in the works. **EDIT - as Jack says, seems as though they are working on it.
  7. Correct, QRX200 will only be able to receive one single ZHD transmitter with the new modulation. Bummer. But perhaps there will be another surprise at NAB so a dual receiver is still possible with the new modulation?
  8. No Jack, so the QRX200 won't be able to receive two mono channels of the ZHD modulation? Only one mono channel?
  9. I'm still dreaming of the Zaxnet smart slate that was once rumored.
  10. Very well done and congrats to all involved in the design and completion!
  11. I don't think this was covered yet in the thread (may have missed it though). Is the SRc rumored to be fully wide band like the QRX200? Or just 3 larger chunks of the spectrum like their current L series?
  12. I've had that sound happen when I switched my recording sample rate to anything other than 48khz. The green reception light on the ERX turns to red but the unit still receives and outputs audio (but sounds glitchy/8-bit). I don't think this is the issue you are having since you said it started happening out of nowhere, but just thought I would mention it. I did contact Zaxcom about this and they said it was normal since the IFB audio in zaxnet (coming from the nomad) has to be 48k to work properly. This was a while ago and I'm not sure if this was ever changed down the road. Just FYI.
  13. Jeff, my deepest condolences to you and your family.
  14. +1 I would love the email/product registration system I signed up for actually be used for critical firmware bug and fix updates such as this. I can't scour the zax forums, Facebook and here the night before every job.
  15. Philadelphia has been pretty good to me. The last few years I'd say about 60% of my work has been local corporate, doc, reality and commercial (and a few indie films here and there). The other 40% has been out of town reality work for out of town production companies.
  16. Ah yes, brings back some "good" memories doing FOH... Great story
  17. Also forgot to mention, I put the cam link at 25mw which I'm sure helped a lot to not overload the 411. Still got incredible range between bag and camera (both a qrx100 and rx200). The 25mw setting is a great option to have in the CL.
  18. I can't say for sure about your specific situation, but in the past I was forced to use a block 26 411 right along side my block 26 Camera link. It was the only combination that worked for both myself and the other mixer without having to rent additional gear out of pocket. We tested it the night before with a less than ideal backup plan in place in case it was unusable. We were really surprised that it actually worked fairy well with very little effect on range that we could tell. With the CL off, the 411 freq was totally clean. Switching the CL on, there was only a small extra blip on the RF meters. We were careful to tune the units on far opposite ends of the block and kept the units on opposite ends of the bag (but we didn't go crazy and find the need to remote one up on the harness or around the back or anything). We also knew that extreme range was not needed for this show (talent was almost always within 50ft of camera). It worked out perfectly in the field and we ended up doing the same setup for the rest of the show. Your results certainly could be different, it's hard to know without giving it a try. Maybe you can borrow or rent a block 20 CL before buying just to see for yourself? But at least know that your idea isn't crazy and certainly might work for you.
  19. Dipole means two poles. Cutting off the shield would make it just one pole. In my limited understanding, the shield is needed to give an electrical reference to ground.
  20. So at first view it seems like the issue was the director really wanted two boom ops to help cover the improv and the two cam cross shooting which made sense and seemed like he was actually fighting to get the sound department what they needed to do a better job. But then when a lack of budget came into play, he came up with the ridiculous idea of putting two mics on one boom. Obviously wouldn't have helped in this situation (one mic would almost always be off axis as you make any slight change to follow the other actor). So it started to sound like production was just being cheap and wouldn't properly staff the sound dept. But then I saw a thread on Facebook where the producer Effie actually chimed in and it all began to make sense. Effie Brown: "Hey Good People! It's a deleted scene for a reason - the conversation got totally off track. Here's the real skinny.... The issue was about people talking OVER one anothers dialoge. We had a three person(playback sometimes), 8 wireless mics and a great sound team. Out Sound Mixer Kevin Compayre was totally on point as you can see in the clip. The request was for them to control their ad libbing OVER the clean tracks of dialog. Like Kevin said even if we had another boom - we would have had the same.problem due to how Jason blocked the scene. Trust, I deliver films to the bitter end and you are correct. It's better to get it in production than fix it in post. The quality of sound was fine during the mix btw. We had to ADR because Of overlapping dialog due to directorial decisions in production. Anyhoo, I don't usually pop in a conversation like this but EricMofford's a friend and you guys seem to know what you are talking about.so I didn't want you to be mislead by a deleted clip. Thanks!" So it was really an overlapping dialogue issue that the director thought could be solved by more mics/tracks. When in reality it was HIM who had to change and actually direct his actors to overlap less, especially in coverage. Very interesting insights watching the clip and then hearing from Effie's perspective as well!
  21. Correct. I had the same question when I first got mine. Lectro verified the "up" is just there to encourage vertical arrangement.
  22. Wow. Amazing how self absorbed and oblivious some people can be. Hang in there and continue trying to make a positive difference!
  23. Also, the Zaxcom Camera Link seems to be the exact same width as the QRX 100 and 200. The Zaxcom website says the camera link should be .30 inches wider, but to my eye they are exactly the same size. I lined them up in my bag and I can't see or feel any difference in width. I'll see if I can get them out of my bag and do a more accurate measurement.
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