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  1. mikewest

    travel trailer

    Park it on-set! You'll be early for breakfast and have a toilet available Plus less travel mike
  2. mikewest

    Recommendations for versatile PA speakers

    I used JBL Eons ( the smaller ones ) for a long time Solid and great sound quality! mike
  3. mikewest

    Fellow Sound mixer.. hard to watch

    Very sad in your gun laden country. So sorry mike
  4. mikewest

    LM transmitter question

    And see this: mike LMa Manual.pdf
  5. mikewest

    Movie Slate 8

    I have always used BWF Widget Pro Works like a Dream!! mike MERIDIAN TVC 9Apr Sound Log.pdf
  6. mikewest

    Florida Storm

    Hi all you sound folk and families in Florida Hope you are well and not too badly affected by this terrible event I sent Joe Guzzi of TAI AUDIO an email yesterday but have not received a reply Thinking of you all mike
  7. mikewest

    waterproofing and mounting a lectro bodypack?

    I have 4 x MM400a transmitters and they have seen a lot of this work A B6 is a bit frail for rugged situations so they all have B3's that are more rugged mike
  8. mikewest


    Just use lavs and iso them then you have all under control Then its up to post as you cannot mix improv mike
  9. mikewest

    Setting Levels with Lavs>Mixer>Recorder?

    Just plug and play yourself or with a friend Set, listen for distortion and find out It;s all about using your ears and learning No website or advice will help mike
  10. mikewest

    Chinese "Lemo" Connectors

    I've had no problem with these at all as it makes you wonder where Lemo are really made!! Even the made up cables at a third of the cost of one locally bought connector! mike
  11. mikewest

    Comparison of different transmitters

    Great comment! Bien recu! mike
  12. mikewest

    K-Tek KBAC1 boom pole clip.

    You can't beat a short piece of plastic pipe on the back of your cart! mike
  13. mikewest

    Lavs for ties

    I've long use a B6 with it's very crisp cap. Use a small piece of tape to keep in place and if possible use the cleft in the tie. Viewing most films and big TV dramas currently, that's how it's done and it sounds good. - but you do have to experiment! mike
  14. mikewest

    Proper Lav Mic Techniques

    Er yeah!!! mike
  15. mikewest

    New to Nagra!!

    Wow what a tidy machine! Have you got a BM-2 to go with it? mike
  16. mikewest

    Border Microphone / Bodge job

    I would use 3 x Sanken CUB-01 they will amaze you! mike
  17. mikewest

    Sound Devices MP-1 Mic Transformer Replacement

    Open the bottom of the case to expose the solder side of the board Whilst listening on headphones tap solder joints with plastic handle or similar Just try it!! mike
  18. mikewest

    Please Post SIlly Things

    Gee I always wondered what enterprise there was in native communities! mike
  19. mikewest

    Recording music performances on set

    Seems silly that something music driven cannot allow visible mikes. 1- Do they want a good music recording? 2- Can it be recorded and done to playback? Questions need to be asked! Mike
  20. I've worked with a very skilled event frequency co ordinator here. There is a Shure piece of software that can be used http://blog.shure.com/introducing-the-new-wireless-frequency-finder/ mike
  21. mikewest

    New to Nagra!!

    I designed/built and fitted a 50Hz crystal source into my one so that it could be used as a single track sync recorder. I then transfered the audio and 50 Hz into my Nagra 4.2 and onto 1/4 inch tape. mike
  22. mikewest

    Panasonic EVA1 Timecode

    Worked with and EVA yesteday Wow a great little camera for $7K The easiest menu to navigate of any small camera! mike
  23. mikewest

    The SuitX exoskeleton

    Ideal for old run and gun guys! mike
  24. mikewest

    New to Nagra!!

    Great stuff! I've just posted some Nagra items on the For Sale section of this site1 mike
  25. mikewest

    Squealing Neumann KM185

    Take the outer case off and leave it on a windowsill in direct sun Thanks try mike