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  1. bcopenhagen


    As a a new 888 owner, I was curious to know. At first glance through the manual for the 888 , the only reference to the blue color is in a photo screenshot of the Bus 1 screen. In the legend in the top left corner, it says Send = <blue box> (See attached image from the 888 manual). I will keep looking, but that’s the first clue.
  2. I’ve been using another outdated App on my iPad: Tonmeister, in combination with the ACN-BT, or Beetle. It was developed by Ambient, and uses Bluetooth to control the 788T. It has some quirks, that I’ve mostly gotten used to, but it’s been great for labeling tracks, taking notes, and produces a nice color-coded report. It also rolls/stops and arms tracks, and several other functions. Unfortunately, they no longer support it. They have since put out a browser-based app over WiFi that requires a Master Lockit, and is compatible with the 6-series, as well as the 788T. Good luck on this
  3. You’ve mentioned this 833 comparison before, but I don’t see how the SX-R4+ and Nova are direct competitors to the 833. The Nova lists at $4995, and the Sonosax at $5876, which are 20-30% more expensive than an 833. It sounds like maybe you don’t need an XL-AES box. But I am taking this moment to rejoice in the efficacy with which this box was produced…and that AES is not dead yet.
  4. The plot thickens… Chris, same issue exactly? Right return not showing on meter, nor in headphones?
  5. That’s funny that this comes up. I have had the same issue intermittently, and again a couple days ago. I have tested my cam snake return plugged into another mixer, and it works fine. It was a serious enough issue that I was getting ready to send it in, when I did a “final” check, and it was working! I’ll try software resets, as Phil suggested, but I have been perplexed. just out of curiosity, are you sending mic or line level from the 633? XLR outs? Brian
  6. Think of it like this: you can route any input (whether digital or analog) to any channel , to any track. INPUT –> CHANNEL -> TRACK That’s not even mentioning the busses, which allows customized routing of channels to tracks or outputs. Hope that helps.
  7. Yes, into any channel, not just 9-16. From the SD 888 thread: Hopefully it will be less than $500. And maybe a year-end sale to bolster 888 sales? Buy an 888, get an AES accessory for 50% 😁 Brian
  8. @daniel yes, Paul Isaacs mentions in one of the Facebook live videos that it will connect to the top connector, under the magnetic door. @chrismedr good sleuthing. I didn't read comments. (In actual fact, I don’t even have a Facebook account, if you can believe that!) But it sounds like my plan to buy an 888+AES module before year’s end might be plausible. Even better if they went on sale for Christmas 😜
  9. I hope they’re available that soon, but I don’t see that on the Facebook post. Just dates for the contest to win one: 11/27-12/15.
  10. Thanks to those who revived my original inquiry for real-world experiences with battery usage, as well as to those who reported. Once the 888 was announced, I knew that I would keep my 633 for the portable work, because the battery usage of the 833 is a deal-killer for my travel work. I’ve spent years finessing my travel kit, (slimming it down to a 1560, a 1510, and a personal bag) and I know that my 633 rig can run for 2 days with 3 NPs. The few additional functions of the 833 are just not worth having to add extra batteries, swap over to a smart battery system, or worry about charging d
  11. @Trey- What color is the rectangular button in between the pan and Aux knobs? 212's are red. 214's are grey. @Ira The SX-ST actually has both a power switch on each module, and an On/Mute button: 4.4.5 On/MuteKey[ON] This key activates or mutes the channel. This function is absolutely noiseless and affects the mix busses 1 to 8, the Pre and Post fader Aux Sends, the channel solo, the direct output and eventually the Insert send/return. The green Led located just above confirms that the channel is turned [ON].
  12. Hi Ira, Sorry this thread was so roundly ignored. I didn’t have the time, personally, but wanted to at least give you a response. For the last 13 years, I used an SX-S10, with 8 input modules, the Aux module, & the SX-F1 film module. I am still a head-over-heels Sonosax fan, so I invested in a used SX-ST, while everyone else is moving over to the recorder-based control surfaces. It’s 8 channels, but what a sweet 8 they are. Anyway, I can’t speak to your question about the modules with no inserts/direct outs, but I wanted to mention one of the biggest dif
  13. Yes, from A & B returns. Pg 9 of the manual. FWIW, Gotham Sound just put up an unboxing video + comparison of the three 8-series recorders.
  14. Paul, thank you for your input(s) [pun fully intended]. This bit of information is extremely useful to making the right buying decision in an ever-growing market of powerful recorders. This will mean that before the year’s out, the 888+AES accessory will be the perfect combo upgrade to my 788T, which ain’t even broke yet! Brian
  15. Thanks for the replies. Specs are a good guide, but I am still hoping for some real-world data. Looking back at my post, I realize I listed the wrong power for NPs. Most are closer to 70Wh (mine are 77Wh).
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