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  1. After I had an issue with a Lav and stated "It's OK we've got it on the boom." TVC Director "I f**k'n hate the sound of the boom" Had been booming all day up to this point and this is what was in his IFB feed. Same director lost his shit when we slated the first shot. NO SLATES ON HIS SET, IT'S NOT ORGANIC.
  2. I've been using the original ZMT Phantom since they first were available in Australia and never once have I found the lack of never clip an issue. For me the defining feature is being able to change the gain and frequency remotely in an invisible manner on the fly/during a take via Zaxnet. I am stoked with the original Phantom and it shall remain my primary boom TX. The updated V2 has sold me on getting one for a couple of reasons; A. obvious option of being able to used as boom or talent TX and B. having all my boom mounts have the same header cable. It's no secret I am a loyal Panamic user and I find the ZMT-ph the perfect companion to this workflow wether in bag mode or in a drama team.
  3. No where near as cool as the bag for the fold up cart. Thanks for sharing this Rob and Mark for having the foresight to have it made up. But I finally came up with a way to have a permanent cup holder on the cart and still have full folding functionality. It's a little lower then what is ideal but thats the only real option. Cup holder folds flat. Sourced it from a boating supply store. The one in the photo is cheap plastic one as I wasn't sure it would work. Will replace it with a stainless steel one later. Sorry Rob, I may have drilled more holes in your cart.
  4. Great idea for a quick emergency cover. Going to have to see if my petrol poncho will fit over my cart..
  5. It was three camera coverage with the boom being mostly 1 to 3 feet from source. As there were two characters and some adlibs we kept the boom up a little so as to keep a balance on the edge of the mics patern. At one stage we had some nasty shadow issues from nasty sun refections from another building. Luckily that didn't work for cam either.
  6. This is an Air New Zealand Promo I did with Ronan Keating and Julian on top of roof in Sydney city with an aircon vent near by. Thanks to a skilled boom swinger, Andy Duncan, and the help of the grips, we got great results using a CMIT. Rooftop starts at around the 2:25 mark.
  7. Always carry all your various TC cables with you to a job. They don't take up that much room and you never know what surprise camera they'll throw at you last minute. Cheers Nate.
  8. As always, thanks Constantin. It was through your (and others) advice/sharing of knowledge, that I decided to switch to Sennheisers for IFB. Have been using a couple IEMs with a standard G3 for several months now and have have been very pleased with the system. I found a great deal on a bunch of used IEMs and an SR300iem that was to good to pass up. I may just go the cutting the plug off the mains supply. Would rather avoid wasting time buying and making up power leads only to discover I brought the wrong size connector again. Cheers Nate.
  9. I've seen a few people using Sennheiser stereo IEM transmitters in bag/cart mode powered from the bag, not mains. What size or part number is the power connecter to go into the transmitter? In my case EW 300 IEM G3. Does the cable need to be regulated to 12v? I'd imagine the TX could handle 16v but the manual states only use the supplied mains unit. I am powering my bag using Hi-Q batteries with either an Audioroot BG-DU or BG-DH. Couldn't find this information in their manual or online. I have no knowledge on how to make a cable that regulates/limits the power, so if that is required it may be smarter to purchase one. Any wisdom shared is appreciated.
  10. I'm using a CF card wallet that holds 6 batteries that I got from my local stills camera shop. I put a red sticky dot on one side of the battery. No dot means good to go, red dot means charge me. Please note links are Australian and stuff is expensive here due to isolation and crappy dollar. https://www.digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au/think-tank-pixel-pocket-rocket-6-cf-card-holder https://www.digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au/f-stop-compact-flash-card-wallet The F-Stop one is a little less bulky.
  11. Being a DPA user I can see the benefit of having a microdot TX but it would limit you to the brand of mic choice. I'm sure you could add a microdot connector to say a Coss-11 or B6 but I have no experience in this. Couldn't be any worse then soldering a micro Lemo.
  12. But when I want my XLR's to match my Grillz. We bangin' yo. https://www.customgoldgrillz.com/collections/gold-grillz/products/gold-plated-2-row-iced-gold-grillz?variant=38541223436
  13. Been thinking of doing the same. Interested in what others solutions have been and any pictures shared. Cheers Nate.
  14. Nate C

    Mics on women

    This is what I mainly use the DPA slim councillors for nut if the bar has a narrow bra strap it doesn't hold very well. For Coss-11's I've used the Ext clips (HC-11) and bent the mic holder part 90 degrees so as the mic faces upwards. It does stick a fair way out though. It is fairly easy for talent to place themselves but like everything doesn't work for all situations.
  15. Stick It Strips or Stick It Dots. They also come in a Super Stick It version that can be overkill. Can get them at many wardrobe/costume supply places. https://www.gothamsound.com/product/super-stick-it-dots
  16. I've always used green or blue cables for this reason. Then one of the local shops started making all their BNC cables blue or green that every camera monkey had. Now it's rare that I use a cable.
  17. Sorry this post is so late. I got crazy busy and then enjoyed some time off over the crazy season. I underslung a slide out keyboard shelf useing micro sliders Added brackets to bolt a Mix8 to that fold down when not using Mix8. Still need to find out the correct size screw used on the Mix8 so I can use their bars. Rollerblade wheels to the handle so as I can lay the cart down and slide it in my car. To the top shelf I bolted on 15cm extensions to raise it high enough to fit a larger bag underneath the monitors. Smart DUO monitors are kind of underslung from the face of the top shelf with a permanent aluminium box built around it. The rear panel has a patch bay with 2x USB power outlets, BNC in and out for each monitor as well as 2x Hirose power outlets. Left side has NP1 slot and power gauge and 2x USB power outputs. There is also small cheese bars on either side for mounting stuff as well as a cold shoe mount on top for rigging a third monitor, in my case DP4 with convertor. All of this is power by a single NP1 battery via a Hawkwoods cup/distro. Also made a Matte box esq sunshade the monitors tag. Later discovered I needed to add handles higher up as the carts centre of gravity is much higher then when Rob originally built it. As I live in a four story walk up apartment a solution to this was essential. Ended up settling on Rosette camera arms as they lock sturdy but can be folded down for loading in the car. With the monitor shelf on the cart no longer folds. It could though if the extension bars were a couple of inches higher. The top section can be easily be removed within a minute. Most of the time I use the cart in low profile mode. Almost for the most import thing, lucky dice tyre caps.
  18. I've only used the Mini in conjunction with the CMIT in a two hander interview situation with a 641 on the interviewer. To me the mini and the CMIT sounded the same. If anything the mini needs slightly less gain. I really need to test and confirm that. In regards to the whoosh wind noise on quick movements I've found the CMIT and Mini on par using the Foamie or a BB Windkiller. Though with the short preamp you really have to be careful about the placement of the foam/softie. One thing I have noticed due to it be being a lighter rig (Added the ZMT PH at the same time) I am more tempted to throw the mic around more freely, in detriment of good sound.
  19. Thanks Johnny. All the user experiences mean more to me then just the specs. It al helps in making my decision. Doesn't mean i'll make the best choice but hey, I've been forewarned.
  20. Contemplating adding a DPA 4018C to my kit or playing it safe and getting a second 641. Currently all my boom mics are Schoeps. Curious for those who have used/own both how the two compare? How close of a match they are are if you have to mix the two? Note I am primarily a bag mixer so it will mainly be used for interviews but I like to be prepared for those more dramatic days. Pros and cons. Personal preference, I know this is subjective. Will organise a test mic before I commit but any info from those in the field is appreciated.
  21. Costume Dept I worked with a year or so got me onto these micro Tach-it guns or magic wonder gun as we called it. Brought one straight away and I it has been that problem saver you always wished you had but didn't realise you needed. Been meaning to put this item in Jan's thread It's The Little Things for a while but for some reason never gotten around to it. I mainly use it to tach pouches strait into costumes. Also comes in really handy when you loose a button and don't want to be immodest.
  22. Hey Rob. I went with a different approach and underslung the monitors and permanently built them into the top shelf with a patch panel and separate power (NP1) cup built in. My work is no where as neat as yours or what Pete has done but for me a part of the joy is modifying things to suit my unique ways. I'll try post some pics next week. At the moment it is set up in low profile mode for some rough terrain in Lithgow and Bathurst. Your carts are such troopers, from being lugged up and down my 3 story walk up apartment regularly, to beaches, bush tracks, bad car packing days, etc, I have had to do little to no maintenance to it.
  23. HI Chris. I've had good success with Zax Automix in cars. For this I'm talking about bag drop with IFB send to follow car. I wouldn't say it has been the mix I would want to hand in but it is a sure site better then leaving all channels open. For me the main benefit is it gives me a better indication of which mics may have issues or where other sound problems are coming from. Personally I am a fan of using AutoMix as tool when things are out of your dexterity control. I'm a bit rusty on the better AM settings and have a bunch of car stuff coming up over the next few nights. Wish me luck.
  24. Personally, if the location and the shot permits I'll choose a 641 over a CMIT on an exterior. Appropriate wind protection of course. The other day we did a number if short interviews with 3 to 7 school children whilst in a working classroom. This was a reverberant space. All on the boom. I went with a Mini CMIT although technically the 641 would of been a better choice. The main reason I chose to go with the mini CMIT. The extra reach. When working with this many subject matter cam is going to need widen out, giving more head room. It is up to us to pick when we need to force the frame line. In this particular case the kids can be easily distracted by a mic hovering above them and it may be more beneficial to pan the mic then slowly move it get them in a more ideal pick up position. For a sit down interview 99% of the time I will go with a 641. All said the mic better be ready to move. On a boom that is obvious but for me it should be able to move to a degree with the IV subject on a stand. Top knuckle loose. I think I have illustrated this badly but technique and understanding your tools are the key to good sound. Oh and people skills.
  25. I've been debating going Cinela for a while now. I'm sold on these new products.
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