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    Learning every day...

    I love doing sound. It is the only job that keeps me relatively sane. This past year, we moved to New Mexico, and recently were accepted into the IATSE Local 480.

    My husband (also a sound person), is my best friend, and an amazing boom op. (No, I am not too biased... I probably give him way more crap than he deserves.) ;) We have a little guy on the way, in May 2012... and can't wait for the new addition to our sound family.

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  1. I sold my MKH70 after buying the CMIT.
  2. Very cool! I love the stories, too...
  3. To our sound family, who have supported us over the years... On October 4th, Rivers Prokopenko joined our family...
  4. If I can, I ditch the snake and record double system. I don't need to give them the files unless they encounter a problem... But, I feel, that not being tied to camera, gives me and the camera person more freedom to do what we do. Occasionally, though, I encounter a producer or a camera person, who prefers a snake. So, it is always in my kit.
  5. I'm with Henchman... It Happened to me. I spent nine months trying to get paid and would receive tiny payments and lies about payment schedules. I called lawyers and tried to file with the labor union. But, it is really tricky... the employment terms as an independent contractor, vs permanent employee. Anyway, nothing was working. I was texting the exec producer/director every day. It was horrible. Finally, I made an exhausted post on Facebook, just warning fellow mixers not to take jobs from the production company. It turns out he scammed a bunch of people. Word got out quickly, I guess, because within 24 hours I got a call saying the balance would be wired to me immediately, if I took his name off Facebook. I was paid, and deleted my post. It was a shocking, and pretty disheartening experience.
  6. Thank you, Larry! I will stop in sometime, after we wrap.
  7. I would love to do that! Been to the Lectro site... But trying to work this out and purchase something while I am on this job. Anyway, figuring it out on my own, but if he is around to advise, I am receptive...
  8. Also, which solution is best for working with multiple blocks?
  9. Larry, which would be better? The UFM 50 or 230?
  10. Thanks, Glenn... It appears to be connected. So, we will send the unit in next week. (I will include the Lav all the same.) Thanks all!
  11. Ok. Maybe I jumped the gun. Can anyone advise how to open this connector to check the wire?
  12. Jason, Thank you! We have always had great luck with what you do. My husband can check on it, as he is good with wiring, and we are in NM. It will be easier that way. But thank you so much for offering!!
  13. The lav was ordered new with the unit, specifically for it, from ProSound. It is a B6.... So, it seems very strange, to me, that the lav would be creating the range issue. Anyway, I have contacted Zaxcom...
  14. Absolutely, Vin. Though, I really value 'field testing' results. Mother's tend to love their children. But, a message to Zax is being composed now...
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