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  1. Yes, I had the same problem when I tried to use a Schoeps CMC6 with the new A10 system, way too much hissssssssss!!!!! My Neumann 82i and Sennheiser microphones all work great with the A10 system. Audio Limited did just put out a firmware update for the A10 which I have not tested yet, here is the link: https://www.audioltd.com/resources/firmware-downloads/
  2. Hi Marco, I had the same issue with my A10tx and CMC6 preamp and CMIT-5u as well, just too much RFI noise. All my Sennheiser boom microphones work great with the A10 system. Back to the Noise issue, I thought this was a broken (Blue Cap) cable out of the box, but it wasn't I pulled the next new (blue cap) cable out and observed the same problem, Noise. The noise does seem to fluctuate when moving the Blue Cap cable, from OK to bad to worse. I'm no electrical engineer, but I believe the issue is the cable itself. It might be too thin to shield a clean signal to the transmitter. Also, I already had one of these (blue Cap) cables die already on the lemo end ( I do not like these connectors).
  3. I'll be there Paul, I may invite a few guys not on the norcal list and here.
  4. I started a long term commercial with the Weapon and I usually run sound to the camera with this production company so it outputs in the embedded SDI for VTR and Daily reasons. The first camera body went down in the first hour starting with the audio input failing, then timecode, and etc. The next body worked while we setup and did our tests in the parking lot of our next location. Right when we start rolling my VTR colleague altered me that the audio had a bunch of digital delay and artifacting then just stopped working. We rebooted both of his Wireless video systems and no change, so we just bypassed the problem by using the audio inputs on his microLite Transmitter which is rock solid. I know it seems outlandish to want to pipe sound through a new product of Red, so I would like to hear if anyone has had the same probably with the Weapon or is it bad luck.
  5. Keenan925


  6. Keenan925

    Thailand 2014

    Mixing a movie on location in Thailand, it wasn't easy but it was also really fun
  7. VHF!?!?! Now I'm gonna start scanning for those frequencies for the next few jobs and see how busy they are. I wouldn't mind seeing what some SMV's could do when they are working in the VHF frequencies.
  8. I was gonna comment on how great the CS-3e is, but see this is the wrong thread... I second Jeff's post. THIS IS NOT FILM SCHOOL!!!
  9. Hey Paul, I'll send an email out to some of my other friends but I should be there Keenan
  10. If you guys want an example of mixing the wired boom and lav, check out this little trailer where I was the production mixer during August of this year. My friend who cut it used the production mix on the camera I believe. If you listen closely you can hear our teachers lines are a little out of phase along with the argument that takes place outside at night. The rest of the trailer is just mostly the boom with a hint of lav at the most. I had everything ISOed so I'm not to worried about the final mix, and also thanks to Wyatt Tuzo for selling me his old AD 146 board which came in handy on this feature. http://youtu.be/_i9zYti8UWw Keenan
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