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  1. Keenan925

    SF Bay Area Sound Mixer's Mixer!

    I'll be there Paul, I may invite a few guys not on the norcal list and here.
  2. Keenan925

    Red Weapon

    I started a long term commercial with the Weapon and I usually run sound to the camera with this production company so it outputs in the embedded SDI for VTR and Daily reasons. The first camera body went down in the first hour starting with the audio input failing, then timecode, and etc. The next body worked while we setup and did our tests in the parking lot of our next location. Right when we start rolling my VTR colleague altered me that the audio had a bunch of digital delay and artifacting then just stopped working. We rebooted both of his Wireless video systems and no change, so we just bypassed the problem by using the audio inputs on his microLite Transmitter which is rock solid. I know it seems outlandish to want to pipe sound through a new product of Red, so I would like to hear if anyone has had the same probably with the Weapon or is it bad luck.
  3. Keenan925

    PR: Lectrosonics Introduces the IFB-VHF Wireless System

    VHF!?!?! Now I'm gonna start scanning for those frequencies for the next few jobs and see how busy they are. I wouldn't mind seeing what some SMV's could do when they are working in the VHF frequencies.
  4. Keenan925

    Use a single 9V in your slate!

    Awesome! thanks
  5. Keenan925

    Sanken CS-3e For Indoor Dialogue Good Choice?

    I was gonna comment on how great the CS-3e is, but see this is the wrong thread... I second Jeff's post. THIS IS NOT FILM SCHOOL!!!
  6. Keenan925

    A San Francisco Sound Mixer's Mixer

    Hey Paul, I'll send an email out to some of my other friends but I should be there Keenan
  7. If you guys want an example of mixing the wired boom and lav, check out this little trailer where I was the production mixer during August of this year. My friend who cut it used the production mix on the camera I believe. If you listen closely you can hear our teachers lines are a little out of phase along with the argument that takes place outside at night. The rest of the trailer is just mostly the boom with a hint of lav at the most. I had everything ISOed so I'm not to worried about the final mix, and also thanks to Wyatt Tuzo for selling me his old AD 146 board which came in handy on this feature. http://youtu.be/_i9zYti8UWw Keenan
  8. Keenan925

    First Gig With My Own Boom Op AND Utility

    nice Max, who was your crew? Keenan
  9. Keenan925

    Solution for female tugging talent

    Thats great Michael, I used one of those clips for a women's workout video Keenan
  10. Keenan925

    Waterproof Lavs

    HEy Tom, What will be involved during this shoot; ocean, swimming pool, river, Wetsuits? In my experience I used the countryman EMW and B3. They kinda worked as long as they don't fill up with water because at that point the element can't do its job. It took a few seconds for the lav to clear but once they did it sound pretty clear again. I tried a experiment in my bathroom sink before I got to the beach. You could try your B6 or Senn MKE-2, and I'm sure the COS-11 could survive too. What Transmitter were you planning on using? I made water packs for my Lectro SMV's transmitters but found that once the transmitter went a few inches out water its signal was lost and it dont matter what lav I was using. I suggest trying Lectro's new WM or the MM400c I wish I could have tried those on my gig. I'd say just boom it and tell the production that is the sure fire way to get sound you won't want to kill yourself over, haha. Keenan
  11. Keenan925

    Post Sincronization Problems

    Thanks guys, it turns out she had the newest Mac OS which has some bugs with Pluraleyes. She tried her old system and it all synced up first try. Done deal and on to the next one
  12. Keenan925

    Post Sincronization Problems

    Is there any reason why Plural Eyes would not work with 5D footage? I was the recordist for a gig last weekend where I was teamed up with a crew of Photographers and producers who knew nothing about shooting video or the importances of a post workflow plan. We were shooting with two 5D and I was sending each camera a scratch track via Senn G2 and I planned on slating everything myself. I got a slate in on the first take after the director/operator sneered at me. After that the director/operator would just start rolling without telling me and ignore my verbal require to swing the cameras over to me for a slate. I voiced my concern with the producers but as we all know it didn't go far. I received a call from the editor who says the DSLR footage and my files are not syncing with Plural Eyes in her FCP. When she hits sync in Plural Eyes the DSLRs video and sound line up at the tail of my .wav file. She said can see where the scratch track and my .wav files should match up in the timeline. She tried a few clips from another project with a different camera and different recordist, and Plural Eyes synced everything. I am not an editor and I've never heard of this problem before. Has anyone ever experienced this problem and was there a solution? Keenan
  13. Keenan925

    San Fran gig

    email sent