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  1. Email Tino@ktekpro.com directly he will get right back to you or call 760 727-0593 They are a very small company but provide great service
  2. Call Audio Dept in Burbank I think Gene Martin has a solution for this. Or you could take a Np1 battery gut the inside of it then install a connector on back of battery to power it
  3. Jerry at Lectro repair can do it as well https://jayceecomms.com/services-policies/
  4. This is an issue with power system and unbalanced inputs won't blame the 833 too much. I would suggest trying another power system to see if problem persists.
  5. I have used my COSI at the beach and in many windy conditions it has yet to fail me
  6. I would consider a COSI for your MINI CMIT. I have one for mine and it is great for all situations along with very durable
  7. 100% I had a interview job last month for a semi regular client that would normally be DP, Sound 2 PA, Make Up,Gaffer and 2-3 clients. The shoot was DP and Sound that was it. They tried to cry poor when in fact they are saving tons of money and complained to me that I was charging them a rental fee for my laptop since I had to manage the Zoom
  8. I would ask whatever audio dealer you use to see if they have a better way to contact them.
  9. Haven't worked with FX9 yet but did you try turning the timecode output level up or down in the JB1 menu? Normally the default is fine but I have had to adjust for some RED cameras in past
  10. Yep I have talked to Gordon and Dave ( who does all the firmware) told them it is very confusing still. My advice is to call service for help because if you load the wrong "branch" of firmware you can brick the unit.
  11. Gear Acquisition Syndrome we never stop buying gear as sound mixers
  12. If I was building a starter kit this is what I would do: $2000. Sound Devices 633 Used with bag $1400 LEctro SRB RX with bottom Plate (2) 1600-1800 for both Lectro SMV or SMQV TX (2) $600 for both Sanken Cos 11 lav mics $800 Saken CSM-1 shotgun mic $400 Ktek boom poles and shockmount $200 Used BDS system with cables $200-$300 Used NP1 batteries and charger $1000 for Misc cables media headphones etc $8000-$8500 for a pro level basic kit If you can set your budget at 10K Then get some timecode boxes and make some used Comte
  13. I have been working on small corporate shoots just myself, camera and talent everyone else remotely. Mostly boom only stuff Also been doing some news work which is the same everyone remote but the 3 of us outdoors only boom only for interviews
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