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  1. ProSound

    NAB 2019 ... still no ''wish list'' topic already ?

    Still hoping but doubt it a new version of sound devices 633 with limiters on all inputs and SL-4
  2. ProSound

    long shotgun on a dslr

    Expose the Lav and if you have one primary doctor who is doing most of the talking I would suggest double micing him to cover yourself.
  3. ProSound

    CMIT Paint Fix?

    When I asked cost to change the housing I was told it would be approximately $500-$600. A cleaning would also be included.
  4. ProSound

    Walkie interference with PSC RF Six Packs

    Call Lectrosonics with your Serial Numbers and make sure your 100% up to date with current hardware boards
  5. ProSound

    Walkie interference with PSC RF Six Packs

    What frequency are your SRC in? How old are your SRC
  6. ProSound

    Remote Audio Phantom Lav Adaptor Thoughts?

    Buy the Ambient Version it works with anything with a Ta5 connector on it https://www.gothamsound.com/product/emp5s-power-adapter-2
  7. ProSound

    RF issues with RF multi + SNA600

    Less is sometimes more with RF and Ron is a wealth of knowledge always looking to help.
  8. ProSound

    RF issues with RF multi + SNA600

    Call PSC and talk to Ron he is VERY helpful and might offer some suggestions
  9. ProSound

    The horse has left that barn

    Still angers me that the FCC did not require any payments to us for having to replace our equipment. I wish I could charge my clients a "FCC Fee" to help cover the cost
  10. ProSound

    Block 941

    Not possible its a whole different animal in design
  11. ProSound

    Mercedes Metris OR Chevrolet Express 3/4?

    A camera man I work with has the Metris and its beautiful and very comfortable but yes it is expensive to maintain. If you end up getting the Metris get a 4 wheel alignment after you buy it with all of your gear loaded in to it and put some sand bags in drivers seat area to simulate yourself. He burned though an expensive set of tires in under 10,000 miles due to uneven wear since replacing the tires last year and getting it aligned with all his equipment in it he has had zero issues
  12. ProSound

    Change block,

    Email service.repair@lectrosonics.com and they can give you your options and nearest service center
  13. ProSound

    IFB on the cheap.

    Yes in congested areas best to use Freq Finder App and to see if the Comtek RX is locking to any Frequencies before you turn on TX. On the 216 Comtek a blinking red light means it is seeing signal and solid red means no signal detected. Last year I was shooting on the back deck of a house on a mountain outside of a town. I couldn't get more then 20 feet out of my Comtek and it was trying to lock to signal without TX on. I asked owners if they were aware of any cell towers or tv stations near by. They then told me about a few blocks away was a TV station and TV tower.
  14. ProSound

    IFB on the cheap.

    you must have been on a dirty frequency with just the bag based TX I get great range. With the Base station and Mighty Mite Antenna I have gotten a couple hundred yards easily
  15. ProSound

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    Is your audio optimized for Youtube?