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    Best Teleprompter setup?

    I don't operate the prompter but have helped in a pinch set it up. Most of the time we ask client email files ahead of time or bring them on a USB stick to set. Any laptop will run the software I believe the shooter has a older model macbook he uses just for the prompter now as he rents it too. It always seems to work fine.
  2. ProSound

    Best Teleprompter setup?

    I work with this model often seems to work well. http://www.prompterpeople.com/proline-17-inch/
  3. http://blog.rfvenue.com/vintage-vega-wireless-ads-from-1975/ Way before my time
  4. ProSound

    Best coiled XLR jumper cable?

    I also find that sometimes just re flowing the joints fixes the crackle. But using contact cleaner fixes things too
  5. Shared Google Calendar works well with Iphone Calendar app as well
  6. ProSound

    Twelco 4x4 TW LP44 Field Mixer

    Buy a used sound devices 442 mixer Here is one for $950.00 in NYC I bet you could get it for less as well https://www.gothamsound.com/used-gear/offer?product_id=1621
  7. ProSound

    Anyone use the KTEK KTA 2

    Zero Wiggle Rock Solid
  8. ProSound

    Anyone use the KTEK KTA 2

    Yup we use two of then with HM plug on both my guys like it alot protects the plug on very well from damage and easy to remove and replace with standard XLR end
  9. ProSound

    The new Medium Cart by Chinhda

    $6000.00 plus shipping
  10. ProSound

    Pelsue Tents or Other Tents?

    Looking into getting a new tent as my walmart pop up has seen better days. I am considering the Pelsue 6x6x6 ground tent. Does this tent breath at all as I don't want to sweat to death when inside of it. What other tents are others using?
  11. ProSound

    Padded Mic Storage Roll

    At $150.00 with shipping I'd be interested but $300.00 is a bit steep. Though it is very cool
  12. ProSound

    Wireless Distortion Issue - UCR211 & OST 801

    Via my macbook air speakers I am not really hearing any distortion. It sounds thin when your voice peaks but that isn't distortion
  13. ProSound

    Presenting Whitney and Becky Ince

    Thank You Al for the great pictures and post. You have been a great friend and mentor to me over the years. You taught me that being a sound mixer is so much more then just turning a knob and how to remain calm no matter what. To many more years of collaboration together.
  14. ProSound

    Staffmeup Reviews

    I get a couple decent jobs a year but 90% of the people want to pay less then market value
  15. ProSound

    Do you all still voice slate

    Always on my current show they have already told me the Voice Slates have helped them sort out a few things
  16. Robert Lewis is close to Pittsburgh http://www.lewisproaudio.com
  17. ProSound

    Help finding source for this wheel

    You need to call BackStage and talk to them they have a bunch of stuff that isn't listed well on the site
  18. ProSound

    Service Turn Around Times?

    Sound Devices has been about 5-7 days every time I have sent something in but as Mark says they will provide a loaner for $75.00 plus shipping. Lectrosonics was 4 days last time and 6 days the time before Denecke was 5 days last time and 3 days the time before Mozegear was 5 days but offered to send a loan or expedite it if it was urgent ( I have 3 boxes so it wasn't urgent) Ktek- 4 Days
  19. ProSound

    Help finding source for this wheel

    You may want to talk to Back Stage carts http://www.backstageweb.com or Northern Tool makes many of the wheels on things like the PSC carts http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/category_tires-wheels
  20. ProSound

    Review of my Nissan NV-200 Van

    The Nissan NV-200 is Nissans answer to the Ford Transit Connect and smaller option then the Dodge Ram Pro Master. The Nv-200 was also first to the market in late 2013. I took delivery of mine two weeks ago and have already driven it about 1000 miles. Below are my impressions. Performance and Passenger Cabin The NV-200 is a 4 Cylinder 131Hp powered van this is the only engine option I had concerns that it might be under powered however I am happy to report while fully loaded with pretty much everything I own including a Rubbermaid follow cart, Loaded PSC Vertical sound cart, Rock N roller eng cart, 50lbs of shot bags and other assorted gack I had no issues on my 600 miles trip this past week and found the van to be fast enough for my needs and very easy to drive. It drives more like large SUV then a van and had no issues going anywhere I needed to go including a tight parking garage and a very narrow alley. I also averaged between 24-25MPG on the trip while fully loaded which exceeded my expectations and is important as getting full mileage in the ENG world is very rare. The Passenger Cabin feel more like a SUV then a commercial van. The seats, trim and controls are all very comfortable. I bought the technology package that includes XM, Blue Tooth, Nav, back up camera and Cruise Control which are all working as advertised. There are plenty of storage bins and spots to put everything I need close by. It is a very comfortable ride for larger passengers as well I am 6’4 and close to 300lbs I find it to be very spacious so if you’re a smaller framed person you will have a ton of room. Cargo Area The Cargo area is well laid out as well with 6 built in tie downs dual sliding side doors and 180 degree rear doors it is easy to get to all your gear. I can access all the items on my follow cart from drivers side sliding door and my Rock N Roller ENG cart from passenger side. The floor comes standard with a rubber mat which seems to do a good job at keeping the ride quiet. It also came with a wire mesh bulkhead included for security and to protect you from your gear. The rear door is only 19.5 in off the ground so lifting things in or in my case using a ramp is easy. As you can see in the attached photos I can reach all my items without climbing into the van. I don’t even need to climb in to un ratchet the carts or remove them. The van is currently in ENG mode. My PSC vertical cart will fit behind the Rock N Roller if needed but most of the time I will remove the Rock N roller and place the PSC near the front and use the extra space for my tent, rugs and 2 more tubs of stuff I only use on features though will good packing I can fit everything I own in the van it is just very tight. Final Impressions I think this van is a good price point and fit for any sound mixer who works the kind of jobs I do. I do 50% corporate/commercial 35% reality/eng and 15% union features and commercials. It is the perfect size for 85% of my work and I can make it work for the other 15%. I still have a personal car but could easily have this van as my every day driver if I needed to. Overall I am very happy with my purchase so far and look forward to driving this van for the next 10-12 years. If any has any questions I am happy to answer them.
  21. ProSound

    Which Megaphone to Buy?

    Looking to buy a Megaphone to add to my package. Fanon seems to be the brand everyone sells but wanted some user feedback on recommendations on which model I should buy. thanks
  22. ProSound

    Which Megaphone to Buy?

    Thanks for the feedback. My upcoming project has a number of scenes in a hard to access wooded area with 150 BG I am pretty sure the VOG will be hard to get set up. I had a member offer me a used Fanon for $75.00 shipped so I think i may just do that to have another option.
  23. ProSound

    On set Metadata question

    I do track names and scene take numbers along with movie slate to do a report
  24. ProSound

    RED Weapon - Red's new body

    How hard would it have been to have the timecode be BNC IN? Genlock is BNC in but Timecode is still lemo?
  25. ProSound

    Comtek compatible transmitters

    Not well IMHO buy a comtek brand transmitter