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    Sounds of a car?

    Rode MD 421 http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MD421
  2. ProSound

    Cold Weather gear...

    I have a Deer Blind similar to this http://www.deerblinds.net/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=10 It works quite well for keeping me out of the sun and folds up into a backpack it has a built in floor which is great because it keeps everything clean. I usually just grab a few sand bags from the grip truck to weight it down and thats it. For a few outdoor films it was great because it disappeared in the background so I didn't even have to move when they changed angles
  3. ProSound

    ISO boom op east coast

    I sent u a message Larry via email
  4. I am just curious Take how many users of boom recorder do you now have worldwide?
  5. ProSound

    Silent members

    Hi guys, I am not really Silent but I don't think I have introduced myself to the Group. My name is Whitney Ince I sometimes go by Whit I am a young guy who has always had an interest in Sound. I work mostly in the Southeast Ga, FL SC doing Reality Tv shows, Doc's and some Corporate videos with the occasionally Indie Feature. I am also currently finishing my Masters Thesis on Field Recording and Location sound. I have spoken with many of you via phone and email it has been very helpful. If anyone is ever in the Southeast and needs help with anything feel free to ask.
  6. ProSound

    Audio-Technica ATW-1821 - 1800 Series

    I prefer the Sennehiser Evolution Wireless to the AT. I own 4 of them with Countryman EMW and have had very few issues eith them. The range isn't as good as a Lectro but for the price (around $650.00 per unit with the EMW Lav) they do a good job for the lower budget Reality shows. They are quite robust too one fell out of a girls bra when she was running up the stairs and it fell about 20 steps and continued to preform fine the rest of the shoot. Just my 2 cents
  7. ProSound

    FAT 16

    I agree with Phil sell the DEVAII you can find a Tascam P2 recorder new on Ebay for about 800. I don't record backup anymore but I like having a second recorder with me as a spare and to record wild stuff or sound effects.
  8. ProSound

    Should I sell my PD4?

    I think you should sell it while it still has some value. I haven't used one in 3 years except for 1 music video playback job where the Dat tapes where sent from another source and I didn't want to chance messing up the timecode by transfering it into a disk based system. I do mostly ENG work and own a Tascam Recorder and when needed I borrow a 744t. However When I boom on film jobs my mixer normally just runs the Deva and thats it. Bottom line I think selling it is a good idea
  9. ProSound

    Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO

    I have used the Sony MDR 7506 Headphones and the DT48 as well. I find the isolation on the Dt 770's to be the best compared to the other models listed. They do a really great job of keeping the wind out and any background noise out as welll. I find the freq response to be great on the low end it allows you to hear everything the mids are good as well and the high end is fair. I have a large head and I find the 770's to be the most comfortable over long days as well They don't hurt my head and the suede material on the headphone ear cups does a good job at absorbing sweat as well. As far as I know I am in the minority though I have yet to meet any other sound mixer who using the Dt 770 pro hope this helps. If you have any other question feel free to ask...
  10. ProSound

    Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO

    I have owned the DT 770-PRO since 2001 and love them very much. They have excellant low end and Really help to isolate you from your enviroment. I love mine and they are very well built mine are over 5 years old and still sound great! If your have any other questions I'd be happy to answer them
  11. 220.00 Seems like a fair price what do you guys think?
  12. ProSound

    35mm pick up shots

    Just read through the PD-4 Manual and you will do fine. If your renting the PD-4 Why not just rent a Sound Devices 702T instead? Using a hard disk recorderis always better than using a DAT. If your using the PD-4 an external mixer isn't needed you can just use the 3 channels on the PD-4 pan the 2 wireless Right and keep the boom seperate on the L channel. The PD-4 is a very easy to use machine though it has been 3 years since I have used it Good Luck you will done fine.
  13. ProSound

    Sound recording for Doco series

    a 744t isn't vitial for this type of production. I would take the $4000,00 you will save from not buying it and buy either 2 used 211 Lectros gothamsound has a number of used ones for sale 1200 a piece so buy two of those and 2 sanken cos-11 Lav's and then buy a tascam Hd-P2 2 channel recorder and you will have 2 channel backup. I think that is a much better way to spend your budget
  14. Like new Sanken Cs-1 SN: 0884 purchased less than 1 year ago from Trew Audio. Used 3 or 4 times for indoor shoots only. Includes windscreen, Ktek Smm shockmount and Remote Audio Pole cat windscreen. Asking 850.00 firm. If purchased new would cost over $950.00 Item will be shipped UPS ground with insurance. I can take paypal. money order or Check I won't ship until payment clears. Email me off group Whitneyince@gmail.com
  15. ProSound

    Backup recorders

    Over the last two years I have used the Fostex PD-6 in many situations ENG in the bag to film set ups. I figure I have used it over 300 hours in the field. I only had that unit fail on me once. When recording 6 tracks with it in the ENG bag outdoors in July here in GA. It overheated and just shut down after removing it from the bag and using a fan on it for a few min it was fine. I learned after that day not to leave it in the case and make sure it was always in the shade when not being used and haven't had a problem since. I always carry a Tascam-P2 recorder with me just in case though. I think my cleints are just more comfortable when I tell them "Yes I have a back up recorder with me incase anything happens" and because of the local film school where I live I have rented the Tascam out quite often and it has acutally been a good source of alittle extra money so I am considering buying a second one to rent as well.
  16. ProSound

    Backup recorders

    I have had a Tascam Hd-P2 for about 6 months and so far has served me very well. It is easy to use. light weight and a great recorder for the money.
  17. ProSound

    Who Are You?

    I have posted on here a few times and Im a regular on RAMPS. So I thought it would be good to introduce myself. My name is Whitney Ince also sometimes refered to as the "Sound Guy with a girls name". I have had a few jobs where they thought a female sound person was coming but those are for another time. I am 23 yrs old and I am based in Savannah Ga but work as a local out of South FL often. I have been doing primarly location sound for the last 4 years but have been involved in live sound since highschool. I spend most of my time doing non union reality tv and corporate video stuff since that is where the money is. However I have done 2 indie features and about 30-40 short films. I graduated in 05' from SCAD (The Savannah College of Art and Design) with a BFA in Sound design and Film/Tv. There was a time I wanted to be a camera operator but I am glad I ended up doing sound. I am currently working part time on a MFA in sound design as well and co own a webhosting and development company www.southwebhosting.com . It is nice to have a stable 2nd stream on income when the sound work is slow. I work often with Travis Groves who many of you met a NAB and the both of us are hoping to get some larger budget non union film work soon. I want to Thank all of you for your help and Jeff as well. Whitney Ince www.southwebhosting.com
  18. ProSound

    Feature Film Production Sound gear

    I also work in the lower budget area of things and have to agree with everything tim says, I have a tascam Hd-P2 and in extremely happy with it for the price and I have a 302 mixer which is the best as well. As far as Microphone choice though I hate the At 4073a I would go for the 416 or a Sanken cs-3 if you can affort it also for wind protection a new K-tek zepplin for under 400.00 is great as well. I won't spend any money on a talk back system or Comteks until you have the most important items already in your kit Good Luck
  19. ProSound

    Mid Price Range Mixer???

    Wow the new design is very differnt. I think the 2nd video screen is good however I am disappointed in the loss of the actual faders. I don't really like the touch screen faders much. I find much better control wih actual ones. I am sure it is going to increase the price by alot as well. What do you guys think?
  20. ProSound


    redge, I understand your frustrations. I am in GA and there are no dealers anywhere close to me. However I usually deal with Trew Audio and they have never let me down yet. John in the sales department has always provided me with fair answers regarding new gear I was buying without ever actually trying it out first. They also have let me return a few things very easyily that didn't meet my needs. They are very understanding so it is possible to buy gear without seeing it successfully.
  21. ProSound

    Oktava MK-012 any thoughts or comments on it

    I got my Mk-012 from the sound room today overall I am happy with the microphone however I am alittle unhappy with the following: 1. I paid an extra 10.00 for the "Custom Maple Storage Box" I was thinking it was going to be like the Scheops box instead it is a $1.99 little Art project style wooden box you can get at any arts and crafts store. The foam on the inside is the cheapest foam I have seen and it is just Hot Glued in the box which was done poorly there is excess hot glue all over the lip of the box. 2. The cut outs for the different heads have no foam at the bottom of the box offering no protection if the box where to be dropped 3. I tested the Outdoor 49.99 windscreen I bought (My order was shipped before some of you posted about it not working well) YOu where all correct there was hardly wind outside and it didn't stop it. Overall it sounds good thought so maybe I am being alittle crticial. I may call sound room tomorrow or not I am not sure.
  22. ProSound

    Oktava MK-012 any thoughts or comments on it

    Thanks guys the dv Code get 5% which translates into free shipping which is great. I ordered a Silver Model just because I prefer Silver thanks
  23. ProSound

    Pay rates

    My favorite so far is, " A producer called and asked me my day rate and I told him he then calls back and says" This will be an easy job it should only take 50 percent of your effort to do it so if you only give it 50 percent can we only pay you half your day rate?". My response was no I only do sound one way with a 100 percent of my effort. About a week later he calls me back again and says, " After asking around A number of people told me you at 50 percent effort is better than some peoples 100 percent effort so will you do it for half your rate?" 2nd favorite, After telling them my equipment rental fee of 175.00 a day for 2 wireless, mixer, boompole and boom mic they asked me, " Do you have any lower quality equipment you could use and only charge us 75.00 a day for a rental fee?" My reply " Sure I have a built in microphone on my Webcam maybe I can save you on renting a camera as well and just use it for both" Needless to say I didn't get the job.