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  1. Jess and I are extremely saddened to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers go to out to you and your family.
  2. Rather than point fingers, join together and raise awareness to the others who might not know or are just taking the gig since they know the next guy will take it for that rate.
  3. Will be good to see you Keenan Tell Dan and the others to come out
  4. I'm coming back to SF from January 9-13th. If you plan something during that timeframe, I'll be there.
  5. Phil and Keenan are both great guys! Also search out Alan Chang. He frequents this board often and he's a great person to know as well.
  6. Both shows I was scheduled to work this week moved to the end of this week and beginning of next week. Hunkering down with the wife and cats for the next few days. Stay safe East Coasters!
  7. Sent you some mixers' names. Sorry I won't be able to help out this time.
  8. +1 for The Chieftain! Have fun guys, wish I could join you all.
  9. Jack's not going to be able to sleep tonight.
  10. Alan's a legit guy. Has his hands in a lot of big cookie jars. He's not one to look for free work just because.
  11. If Eric goes, I'm surely there!
  12. Going to be in PA on a shoot. Sorry guys but anyone is free to hit me up if you want to grab a beer sometime. Cheers!
  13. Thanks Alex. Might be out of town working but will let you know soon.
  14. Also Nelson Stoll for HBO's Hemingway and Gellhorn. Congrats to everyone!
  15. How does the sustain of the cymbal sound? Does the rubber washer choke the cymbal at all? I used the Vater Slick Nuts a lot but ate through a lot of plastic sleeves.
  16. They announced it back on the 16th...how did we not hear about this earlier? Sad day indeed Phil.
  17. Hey guys/gals, I'm going to be in LA this Saturday (4/28) and was wondering if anyone is interested in grabbing a coffee, beer, food, etc. Or if you're working, maybe paying a visit to the set would work as well. Would love to meet some of my fellow LA soundies before I move to the East Coast in June. Will be in the Burbank area but will have my car with me so I can meet anywhere. Feel free to email me or PM me if you're interested. Cheers! Peter Deutscher pdeutscher at gmail dot com
  18. Almost looks like the seat from a drum throne, based on the design's ergonomics.
  19. Happy Birthday Jeff! Thank you for all the hard work you do.
  20. "The Birdcage" "Back To The Future I, II, III" "Capote" "Groundhog Day" +11!!!
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