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  1. A comparison between 32bit float pre to NeverClip isn't just a simple math calculation. I remember the day when 32bit float DAW appeared, Protools was still using 48bit integar for their gear. The comparison was not an easy debate. Here, I don't know how exactly a 32bit float AD converter can treat a signal. 32bit float is still a 24bit plus 8 bit of exponent. It's digital noise floor is the same as a 24bit. Even if it can handle a sgnal above OdB, its caractor depends how you design a physical dynamic range electronically. NeverClip can handle a signal goes over 24bit limit but their recorder stays on a 24bit file format (so you have to put it in a 24bit = it may clip). And as we see several folks report that all digital signal chain contains also a digital noise floor, I believe it really depends on how it is physically designed the circuit.
  2. With proper mic suspension and proper boom handling, I don't have any problem with just a HPF engaged on my Nomad. (Picture of my modified Rycote inVision supension is here) Now I've changed the Lyre suspension to more softer one on the connector side (DPA sells there own Rycote windjammer with green Lyre inside. But I found it little too soft if you use two of them. Better result mixing one normal and one softer Lyre). I think at the moment the most adapted suspension is Cinela's Cosi but a little too big for interior use.
  3. Maybe Ambient have modified the design, good to know that UMP II actually works with Zaxcom. Thanks for this information.
  4. Yes I have read correctly. But, OP Brian was comparing with Schoeps equivalent, which has more or less the same output level. When Sennheiser's output has about 10dB hotter signal, it is actually hard to say where the noise comes from. To have same gain on both microphones, you are adding 10 dB on 4017's whole signal chain. It could be your recorder's self noise amplified 10 dB louder. From what I experienced (what I hear in my ear), Schoeps has slightly louder self noise than 4017C, but given the fact on the manufacture's website, it is possible you get more noise with B version amp, that I didn't know (I don't use B). 4017C is in my opinion dead silent.
  5. Surprised to hear that 4017 is noisier than Schoeps, because I found mine has hotter output and I have barely noticed its self noise. And now I looked at DPA's website and figured out that C amp has more voltage on output and has less self noise than B's.
  6. From my experience, this UMP II + TRXLA2 pair just doesn't work. UMP II picks up a RFI from the transmitter quite badly. I don't know if Ambient has sorted out as mine is a quite an earlier model (there aren't a belt clip on mine). I you want to use a 48V phantom power supply, the only one that worked for me is French distributor Areitec's Pico 48, but I think it is now discontinued. Circuit designer has integrated a very small sized Lundahl's transformer in it which is known to be very transparent and efficiently cut any noises.
  7. Which firmware are you using ? There's a bug introduced since vers X, which was now fixed. I wonder if you have some fader not being touched (moved) after booting which enabling audio at unity gain (at 12 O'clock) to your mix track.
  8. I don't have an experience with the gear you use but just a guess. Sennheiser's plug on transmitter uses its body as an antenna, like Lectro's HM TX. This may cause an RFI to certain material. Disconnect or connect Pin 1 to shell might be a solution, that I think it's worth a try but depends on how it is designed. It is possible that Sennheiser's Phantom power supply does not well designed RFI proof. If that doesn't work, I'd rather consider purchasing SKP 300 which has its PH48 integrated.
  9. It's kinda old one but Sonosax MINIR82 is still a recorder with one of best preamps and small enough size that you can slide it in a pocket. It's pricy but maybe you can find one a second hand?
  10. No, Canare is still a japanese compagny. What you are refering to is a US sales branch. http://www.canare.co.jp/en/contacts.php
  11. First disappointment of the year...! As I thought this could be a real problem solver. Isn't it possible that Zaxcom makes their own amplifier or better antenna themself for Zaxnet ? Glenn
  12. Invert notch filter option is what I want to recommend to Zaxcom. I'm thinking of making a cable from Nomad's output to my Smartphone to better using frequency analyzer apps.
  13. Thanks John for this information. This little gear may change some situation of headache, where an assistant or director says there's drop in the audio. Hope they will coming up soon.
  14. Hi, Bring up this thread to the winter season. Is there any update about the Sound Guys Solutions' amplifier? I'm pretty much interested in this one but there's still no annouce about this on their website. Masaki
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