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  1. This makes it a no go for me. The size is incredible but I have a Major, Major, Major client that uses the cross jam work flow. The workaround is to set the Tentacle to Master and jam the recorder, Sound Devices recorders will cross jam. But may times the master clock is a Denecke GR-1 or 2 set at the recorder frame rate and the sync box has to cross jam. Same issue with Timecode Systems equipment. for all other clients its a non issue. Seems like Ambient, Mozegear, and Denecke have it right. Its a dying workflow but cross jamming should still be integrated. Because of this I own Timecode systems equipment, Denecke boxes, and Zaxcom ERX's. There are too many workflows out there!!! Its just sync...
  2. I need a Rx200 box ASAP! Who has them In stock?
  3. Would anyone care to share a ballpark rental rate for ERX2TCD Scratch and sync feeds? I can't find any rates from the rental houses (dealers, not VER). Much appreciated! -Rob
  4. Do they want sound or do they want wireless video. Cant have both.
  5. Willie O'bryan and I did that wire! It was a lot of fun!
  6. Its always a camera problem because sound is the master clock!
  7. ARRI Botched the audio on these cameras. They are not true line level. Supposedly the audio boards are being redesigned for the 30 that NFL Films purchased. Don't know about the rest of the world....
  8. This would be perfect for reality TV when the producers introduced cast members in scene that they didn't tell you about, who are friends of the cast that you don't have Mics for, but feel that their conversations would be good story. You can throw the molecule Mike on them as they walk by and dial them in to your over the shoulder bag and your 976 channel recorder...
  9. Thomas Mumme at Blue Juice Films is the mixer. I believe all wires.
  10. It's all good. Cable is working fine, and I have wrapped a ferrite bead to assist in removing the Zaxcom wine from the line. Should I use the right cable, yes. Will I pay $66 for the correct cable when I can make one that works fine for $4? No. Thanks for the info fellas, much appreciated.
  11. Senator, Yes and yes, and after trial and error, I figured it out. Pretty simple, but because I'm burned out right now, the brain did not engage. To Tom. I have no Idea why i want to do that, but I made it work anyway... 633--------------------ComteK tip----------------------Tip Ring-------------------Tip Sleeve-----------------Sleeve Thanks anyway fellas
  12. Yes already did a search. Search does not work on this sight. I need to wire a cable to feed Aux 3 and 4 on the 633 to a Comtek M217P7 transmitter. I have tried many configurations and have wasted a lot of time and only get Aux 3 to the Comtek input. I hate professional devices that have unbalanced inputs. I have also confirmed that aux 3 & 4 work properly. If someone can share the proper pinout for this, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Rob.
  13. But do you really want to risk messing with the machines slot and screwing up your recordings or locking up your machine.
  14. Do they want good sound or good notes. Can only have one. I told a producer NO today who asked me to take photos with his camera for the clients social media web site while I was mixing a Q&A press conference. Some jobs aren't with the unreal expectations.
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