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  1. Slightly off topic... Curious if any one has a hack to fit a block lithium 9 volt into a comtek receiver.
  2. Hey, we live not to far from one another then.
  3. How is it getting to the Media door on the 664? DO you feel that the power connection is getting unwarranted pressure from the bag?
  4. Nice pouch John Paul. I would feel comfortable using this pouch while skiing, jet skiing, surfing, wind surfing, swimming, playing beach volleyball or just hiking.
  5. I recently reorganized my bag and now I am getting used to the bag. I am in a good place with it. Since, flipping the font velcro into the bag now it rests better on me when wearing a harness. Like Jon Gilbert, I rarely take out my CF card and use my SD as the main card to give production. The plastic cover is the right size if you attach the cover to the outer velcro on the betso/boom holder on the front of the bag. I might try the velcro on the 664 itself for more stability when it stands. I like everything having a place and I have figured that out for my tastes. I have gotten rid of using the sanken cases to hold my mic and have put them in a billfold which frees up a whole lot of space.
  6. Absolutely stunning. If I had SR's in the bag I would be on you like white on rice to make one for me.
  7. I just purchased some new COS11's and they seem awfully stiff. Do you have any reccomendations on how to "break them in"
  8. Does this also work with Lav's?
  9. It was probably the one feature that I never realized I used as often as I did. Not having it accessible as a button in my mind is buried.
  10. They buried it in a menu. I think its in the last page and is labeled as tone and the options are L-indent/continuous. I too was bummed there wasn't a shortcut. Hopefully its something that can be done in a firmware update.
  11. Let me know if you would consider a lightly used Petrol 617. I think i am going to make a change to he new Porta Brace bag coming out,
  12. I have had this fanny pouch that an old girlfriend bought for me 10 years ago. It's perfect for a pair of scissors, pen, spare 9V and AA's, tweaker, and phone in the large space. THen a smaller space for moleskin, topstick, and tape. She got it at Gap kids and it has a digital camouflage print. I love the thing.
  13. Is anyone else having a difficult time getting to the CF/SD card door with the Petrol 617? Tom, I read your article and it was great but trying to figure out how you have it laid out where the door is accessible. Also, trying to find a sweet spot for the BDS. I like where you had it but didn't like it hitting the 664. I have never owned a petrol, I've had the same Porta-Brace AO-1.5 for the last 9 years so I guess I am used to that layout.
  14. John Paul, you have access to a DAT? I was going to call you about this for the same exact reason. I have a couple live shows and stereo mixes of friends bands in DAT that I want to digitize as well.
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