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  1. I had a simillar problem with noise.It was G3 EK 100 (+12) to SQN (line level ) to Marantz PMD661 (line level).When I set squelch on G3 to medium the noise stopped. Also try keep as much distance as possible between the receiver and the mixer/recorder.Good luck!
  2. How about having the manual installed in the machine. Easily accessed,updated etc. Neil
  3. Watch It on you tube, some nice back story from Mr Joe Perez. His parents are in the film. Really nice work by CinePost .Thanks. Neil
  4. No!!Its a big mistake to reheat them. Just have them cold with plenty butter! Works perfectly for toast also! Enjoy. Neil
  5. Hi Brent, My guess.It may just be M/S doing its thing so to speak with regard to sum and difference. In an M/S recording as I understand it, right ® is the result of M-S (ie the difference between what the mics are hearing at any one point in time) , In this case because the low frequency sound waves are so big the signal could be arriving at both mics at the same time. That is to say the Mid and Side signals are in fact the same and only signal at that moment in time. Left (L) will add the signal to itself ( M+S) to give the sum,which results in double the original signal. Right ® will subtract the signal from itself (M-S) to give the difference which in this case results in zero or no signal! which is what you are getting. Good Luck!Neil
  6. I use the Schoeps lc60 with MKH8040 and MKH8050.No more handling noise!Try one of these or the Tacit cables with your MKH40,Im sure it will help..its Valentines Day, you two should make up!- http://www.schoeps.de/en/products/lc
  7. +1 I only know of Scott Koue through reading his (oft times inspirational) posts re sound for picture on another forum.. a great sound guy all the way I would say. Regards,Neil
  8. It may be low frequency overload.I don't have a Mixpre myself so I can't say if the high pass filters in it can handle the 8060. I use a Schoeps LC60 (18dB/octave @ 60Hz) and that works fine with my 8060.There is also the new cable from Rycote with the built in high pass filter. Regards,Neil
  9. Hi All, Some good info from a Canon pdf in a post here a while back. On page 6, it mentions the difference between the 24p and 23.98p settings on the C300. Regards,Neil Original post:
  10. Hi, It seems Canon have a firmware update for 7D on the way.It includes manual gain control. www.usa.canon.com/eos7dfirmwareupgrade Regards,Neil.
  11. Hi, you may find something helpful here: http://soundsofnewmexico.com/A1_user_manuals_-_timecode.html Neil.
  12. Better to be looking at it than looking for it! Sorry,I could'nt resist that! A friend in the construction industry told me that a long time ago when I asked why he carried so much equipment in his van! This is my first post on the "new" site I think..hopefully my next post will be a bit more helpful! Happy New Year to all.Neil
  13. Hi, Be sure to turn off the camera phantom power supply! Good Luck,Neil
  14. Hi, I would be grateful if anyone here can give me some info/comments about the Ultrasone PRO650 headphones as I am thinking of buying a pair for monitoring location sound recordings. The Ultrasone website has no info about them. Thanks in advance, Neil
  15. Hi Novica, Thank you very much for your comments. I have been reading the search results here and most say that the DPA 4071 lav mix well with Schoeps just as you mentioned regarding the CMIT 5U. I will probably go ahead with my purchase of the 4071 in any case but if anyone here has used it with an MKH 8050 or MKH8040 I would be happy to hear about it. I will be using the 4071 with Sennheiser G2/G3. Thanks again for your reply Novica , Best Regards,Neil.
  16. Hi sound people, I am thinking of buying a DPA 4071 lav mic. I already have the MKH 8050 which I use on a boompole and I would be using the 4071 under costume for drama. I would appreciate any comments regarding how these mics sound when mixed together if anyone here has used this setup. Many Thanks, Neil
  17. " I was just looking for general guidelines, but I guess it's more of a gut thing for the most part". Hi Adam, check out the link below. It is about the inverse square law. Basically it says that each time the distance between the mic and the source is doubled there is a decrease of 6dB in intensity. It probably does'nt work out exactly like that all of the time but it can be helpful as a general guide. I think it can partly explain why the shorter mic (eg. MK41/mkh50) with its capsule closer to the source gives a stronger signal than a longer mic (eg mkh416) with the capsule further back. I hope it is of some help. Best regards,Neil http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/acoustic/isprob2.html#c1
  18. Hi All, I found the Schoeps LC 60 is really good for dealing with handling noise/boom movement and it can be used on more then one type of mic. I use it with an MKH8050 indoors and on a 416 outdoors where I find it can help a lot with traffic rumble. Regards,Neil http://www.schoeps.de/en/products/lc
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