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  1. Delicious drop. But! I found the tinsel like can......... distracting....
  2. I've never really thought of wanting a wireless boom for bag work... I'm thinking extra weight to hold, extra batteries to monitor, extra frequency to coordinate, reminds me of an old saying "The most expensive radio mic is almost as good as a $10 lead" LOL
  3. Big day had by the boys..... Lochie (4)( Propeller tail ) and Smooch (3)( Poo eating weirdo).. The most gorgeous Lily (12 years old ) .... Loves almonds, apple skins and apple doughnuts ( the Japanese peeler/spiralizer gets lots of work ) scratches around the neck and having her hand held....
  4. I did a tour of Islay late last year, six distilleries in two days, whisky at breakfast was quite lovely! Stayed overnight IN Bowmore distillery, beautiful until the peat smoking was started up.....
  5. I have done a lot of recording in surgery over the last few years, my set up with cos-11 into lectro has never had problems from any high frequency medical equipment, including the cauterising systems. The smell does put me off meat for a while ( usually only lunch.... )
  6. If one of your group has a drone get through before them, there weird shaped batteries attract to much attention and get the agents a bit over zealous with ordinary VLocks.... from experience.....
  7. I like the term "Agency Bling" for IFB units....
  8. Have a great one Jeff! All the best!
  9. Does anyone know what the dimensions of the Lectro spring clip fastening set screws ( part number 28832 ) are? I've been searching but not finding... http://www.lectrosonics.com/US/Products/product/116-28832.html
  10. I think that the production folk who book the flight for you need to clarify and get an authorisation note from each airline.
  11. My favourite boom... takes a bit of getting used to, the angle can snooker you sometimes..
  12. I like the idea of a two bay version for my 633 bag.
  13. I worked on an international doco with the cam assist flying his drone ( great shots!) and as I couldn't do sound while it was up I helped him set up ( ahhhh, my inner nerdiness! ) He let me fly it as thanks, but boy did he generally pucker up when he thought I was heading straight for the mountain side!! We had problems getting his batteries through security occasionally due to their being odd shapes and sizes, so I made sure I got through ahead of him....
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