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    Probably like yourself, I'm a location sound mixer. I began as an acoustical consultant for architects. Tangentially moved into documentary filmmaking, and now I've ended up specializing in location sound mixing. When I'm not mixing, you'll likely find making fine art sound absorption panels.
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  1. I realize this is a long shot - but I just wanted to drop a line and let folks know I've relocated to Albania for a long while. Took a big risk and left my established network of clients. I'm working on capturing material for a personal sound art exhibit here in Tirana. But it's not clear how I'll make ends meet this year while I live here. I have my full sound kit and I'd be happy to support any local productions (by local I mean anywhere in the Balkans/Italy etc.) If you can recommend any producers/folks you think I should reach out to, let me know. Faleminderit:) -Justin F Valls
  2. I agree that Apple and Adobe have a larger responsibility to read the audio metadata. Sound Devices is more likely to create a work around especially since they've already created WaveAgent who's purpose is to "prepare audio files for problem-free passage through complex production workflows". WaveAgent should be able to provide file renaming in the splitting matrix window of poly wave channels, (charge for this feature if you must). If other's agree, please also send along your request for this feature to SD. Or if you'd also like to take the fight to Apple/Adobe, go for it!
  3. There seems to be a few threads about this topic that end in unresolved questions. Either I haven't dug deep enough or this topic deserves a bump. I'm trying to work with an editor using Premiere Pro CS6. My polywave 664 channel names have been imported into Premiere, where each region is auto relabeled A1, A2, A3 etc in the Premiere timeline. So I split the polywave via WaveAgent Beta into multiple mono files, and then reimported those mono files into WaveAgent for relabeling. That process would be way too tedious to implement for even a short film. And even if it weren't too tedious, WaveAgent was unable to rename the newly split mono files (bug?). Like Mark, I submitted a request to Sound Devices to implement more robust metadata labeling as a metadata intermediary. I put the hard work into labeling my talent in the field, I'd like to have that info populated in my Pro Tools session when I receive an OMF back from the editor. Short of Sound Devices coming to the rescue, how might I preserve my metadata through the edit if the editor isn't using Media Composer?
  4. I bought a 4 pin lemo wired by Pro Sound for use with the scarlett in feb. $75. Used it for 4 weeks on a feature. 2 weeks ago the housing of the lemo plug fell off (the screw connection holding the locking lemo head had twisted off). Now I can't seem to twist the plug back on such that the pin arrangement is maintained relative to the red dot, or/& the pins are shallow enough in the housing to make consistent contact with the camera's female. Ive been plugging the cable bare in sans the lemo housing with the success, but the day will soon come when the solder has snapped. Any clues on how to twist the lemo connector back on? I would love to "get what i paid for" but i think Matt is onto something in his hunt for alternatives.
  5. Aloha! I wanted to offer this space up to JWSound before the usual bulletin channels. I’m headed into “the wild yander” in July (for 1-2 months) and I’m looking for a fellow sound mixer to take advantage of my spot. It's sound studio that’s been converted into a live/work space. It’s properly accommodated. Includes an ISO room that doubles as your bedroom for those ADR/foley needs, an optional sound design station, and a bench to stage location gear for your next gig. One convenient part is the location - near heart of Williamsburg and walkable to 3 major subway lines (G, J/M, L) in Brooklyn . Two stops to lower Manhattan. Ideally another sound mixer from afar could use the space if you have a feature or other gig to do in NYC this summer. Or maybe you just want to scout the market. It’s most important I find someone I trust (and that my roommate jives with) to take advantage of the pad. Maybe this could be the start of something routine if it works out. Private message me for more deets if it looks like it could mesh with your needs. Many warm wishes Justin
  6. To steal a point from "Hector and the Search for Happiness," it may be that after we've finally acquired all that we want, in our professional and personal lives - change may logically manifest as our greatest fear. So I suppose positively embracing the inevitable can be a constructive way to deal with the question, "Will my job go away?"
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