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  1. I think you need to reread what I've written in this thread, I've never stated the 416 was a bad mic, just that if the OP is having 'self noise' issues considering what he's recording there's something wrong with the workflow somewhere, thats all. I've done foley, field and post recording using this mic, it should perform fine for all the tasks the OP mentioned without noise issues. Now I've heard the uploads I have to say of course the quiet bits will have some noise in relation to the loud parts of the file. That's obvious given the dynamic range of the recordings. Maybe Jay Rose, a very experienced postie needs to chime in and add some reality to this.. I'm out of here..
  2. engaudio

    A bag for Sonosax SX-R4+RC8+ Combo

    FYI: The output is rated at .6 amps , I run a SRB & 2x 401's with no issues. Just look on the side of a lectro rx and do the maths, the SRB is rated @ 120 mA at 12 VDC (from the manual). It means I don't need a BDS, very handy. BTW, I use a petrol 607 for my setup, this an old photo but you get the idea. Here in New Zealand it's not such a RF heavy environment and I find the 401's work fine and actually prefer their sound and range to the SRB (using um400a's Vs smqv's at 100milliwatts on the SR) Yeah I know the theory says otherwise but I've been using this setup for the last several years and can say that from experience and 25+ years in the field..
  3. If those are the sounds you're recording and complaining that the mic is too noisy, you're doing something wrong and it's your recorder or a faulty mic. BTW, what is your recorder? Please don't say a zoom (the F series is ok, H not so much) I've used multiple 416's over the years with various professional recorders and never had that mic sound noisy with those sort of sounds. Something is wrong somewhere & you need to investigate more before spending money on a new mic. Just my opinion and as always I reserve the wright to be wrong. Grant.
  4. engaudio

    A bag for Sonosax SX-R4+RC8+ Combo

    Check out the Sonosax group on facebook, there's a few examples there. I think most have gone for the Orca OR34 when using the R4+/AD8 (from memory).
  5. What Jon said. As others have noted, what sort of FX are you recording that require such a quiet mic? Also, even 13db self noise is quiet. I use a mkh 40/30 m/s pair and find self noise (mkh30 is 13dbA, mkh40 is 12dbA) isn't generally an issue unless my locations are VERY quiet, under 32dB SPL I start to get a bit of mic noise. (yep some of my recording locations are under that) Make sure you're not cranking the h/phones too loud as that can give the impression that you have more self noise than you actually do. Don't forget often what sounds noisy in h/phones is often ok on speakers. Well, depending on what you're recording..
  6. Another handy hint is to drink coconut water in the summertime, it's natures powerade/gatorade.
  7. engaudio

    AudioRoot Power solutions review

    Sounds like a faulty battery? , contact whoever sold it to you as they do fail. (other batteries charge fine?) I have 2x 48Wh, 3x 96Wh. No issues after 18 months, have both the RSS & IE single bay chargers and am very happy. Love being able to see the realistic run time on my mixer with a load (SXR4+) rather than guess as I did with NP1's.
  8. engaudio

    Sonosax M2D2

    There was a mention of delivery at the end of the year or early next.. Best to follow Sonosax on FB for updates. https://www.facebook.com/sonosax/ or https://www.sonosax.ch/category/news/
  9. engaudio

    Show me your bag

    I currently use the PS607 for my SXR4+, sure the OR30 has slightly more room but honestly I prefer the 607 as it seems to conform to my body rather then sit against it. I'd recommend trying the OR30 on before purchasing, you'll understand what I'm saying then.
  10. engaudio

    RRC Power Solutions

    I've been using them for about 18 months with no issues. 48Wh will run my SXR4+/ lectro SR/ 2x lectro 401 for around 6hrs. Have a read here, this article should help you. https://chapterfour.com/blog/technology/power/smart-battery-shopping-guide/
  11. engaudio

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    I'm the same and find the screen hood really helps, even then I'm struggling to see the screen on a bright summers day at times.
  12. engaudio

    Sonosax M2D2

    Not cheap (expect around nzd$1500 but that's pure speculation.. ) , as a biased rx4+ owner it'll sound awesome and make your boom mics sound simply fantastic. I'm very impressed with the quality of my mkh50/dpa4017 through the rx4+ preamps so far, what's more I'm often asked by long term clients "what did I do?"... Grant. As most of us are running cables 6inches or so into a mixer/recorder, unbalanced analogue isn't really an issue. But that's the theory.. Me, I'll be using AES.
  13. engaudio

    charging NP-1's from DC? Solar?

    Just an FYI: The CH7000 charger from inspired energy will charge smart batteries directly from a solar panel. https://www.inspired-energy.com/products/ch7000/ I'm about to get the ch7000 as I have a few field recording projects coming up where I'll be away from AC power for a few days/weeks at a time. My friend used to mod RV's so we're going to be installing solar panels etc for my campervan in the next few months. (it's currently spring here in New Zealand) Grant.
  14. I'd recommend doing the sma mod for your G3's antenna, they make a huge difference in performance. I use G3's for camera scratch tracks and IFB's, now range isn't an issue. https://wavreport.com/2016/10/27/sennheiser-g2g3-sma-mod/
  15. engaudio

    Advice on MKH 8040s and 8050s

    I was always happy with my mkh8050 in the middle of a 2 header IV, 1-2 inches towards the quiet talker. (Due to other reasons I now use mkh50's) Always found a mkh40 a bit wide for my IV locations, even on a 2 header. I understand your thinking but the 8050 has a wide enough pattern from around a foot+ away for a 2 shot, well, it sounded fine in my situations.. If you can, have a listen with your kids or other family members sitting on a couch like a 'real IV', I found that's the best way to check mic's. My kids often turned into fake IV subjects when testing new audio kit. Grant.