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  1. I often use B6 in studio shoots to isolate the voice from the 'verb. Also use it alot in the corporate world of noisy offices or even exteriers where a sanken struggles and director insists... I'd rather use a boom mic if possible , but often due to the nature of physics the B6 has to be used. (mainly because I've found the countryman B6 to be the best lav mic for isolating the voice from the background) Grant.
  2. After getting my first mac and ipod shuffle I ended up encoding at 192K , mainly to save room on the shuffle but found it to be a good compromise between quality and space. At home even my (now) ex GF commented on the difference between digidesign mbox output mp3's (192k) and the standard minijack on the mac, She's an audio novice so I was impressed that she had appreciation of the difference and understood why to use the mbox as an interface to plackback audio! Mind you she did introduce me to metallica and AC/DC.... I'm a boring fart now so tend to listen to 80's electronica to reboot my youth , otherwise follow the link in my signature to see what I like like to do and listen to.
  3. Difficult to answer that one and I know what you mean, I've often gone nuts fixing clothing rubs only to hear it later on air and think "what was I worrying about " It's a fine line but to be honest experience is the only answer... When a male subject is wearing a suit jacket but no tie, I tend to put the lav on the inside of the jacket just below the collarbone about an inch in from the edge (sanken in rubber mount) you'll notice if he has a jacket that fits correctly there's a small gap between the the shirt and suit. Hard to explain but next time you see someone wearing one look and you'll notice what I'm talking about. As with all lav mounting tricks, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. It's a good trick on the ahhh, "slimmer" rather then "portly" gentlemen. Grant.
  4. RVD, I think the general message in the posts I read was that we all obviously try to eliminate as much off/on set noise as possible but sometimes things are just beyond our control, such as the example you gave. I don't take my work home either but sometimes it does get me down when I know that an IV (in my efp world) could have been better. I think the reason we get upset and vent here is because we really DO care. I don't get all grumpy but do offer solutions as I'm sure most here do, but I also understand sometimes you just have to accept things will not go your way no matter how many polite suggestions/grumpy behaviour/talk to the producer/bribe the gaffer actions are taken. Anyway, Rock on! Grant.
  5. I live in the eng/efp world and am with Arnold in my attitude... Like him, don't get me wrong and assume I don't give a ****. I do, but often find picture rules even for shoots where we all know that 90% of the IV is going to be covered with re-creations or B-roll. Example, the other day we turned up to do a gig where most was going to be re-creations. The shooter loved the look of the outdoors so we set up to IV , never mind the main road on the other side of the house... I spoke up, said my piece, and was ignored. I requested that we redo questions if possible because of traffic but was told several times that no, we're happy with the answers. Yes, I did everything to lessen the noise within my power and did put a lav on him to cut down on BG noise, but I couldn't stop the traffic obviously. Now I know that most of the IV was a waste of time but was over ridden by someone higher up in the food chain so figure maybe, (just maybe) next time they might listen to the sound person.. As i once said to an inexperienced director: once it leaves here any sound problems are your responsibility as I told you of my issues, but you chose to ignore my advise. good luck! ( he did come back and say they ended up reshooting that IV because they failed to listen to me, approx $1500 later and a day wasted on his first doco...) I've just got home after a long day and intend to have a beer, watch some tele, and thank god the company I work for doesn't do reality tv. Grant.
  6. Sort of in the same vein.. Today we were shooting talent at a function so I put a wire on him and a split from the lecturn mic, after a few minutes of a radio station coming through the main PA someone comes running up to me yelling that I need to unplug as I'm causing the problem. After refusing too and saying it's your end not mine, I went up to find a cheap beheringer(sp?) desk with ALL unused faders up, unbalanced into the even cheaper PA causing all the problems... I'm an ex-live sound mixer so new straight away where the problem lay. Curly, I spent some time as a studio mixer in the low rent world of TV so feel your pain and know exactly how you feel, It's why I gave up that side of things and got back into eng/efp field production. They won't listen but it's very true ---> " A lack of planning on your part does not constitute a crisis on my part" Grant.
  7. I'm with John B these days... I often use a B6 in this situation , to be honest I'm not too fussed on the sound but it's good at isolating the speaker from the background. But yeah, sometimes it's a matter of "can I understand what they are saying?"... I think the key is too not stress about it, there's always tomorrow. But I do understand where you are coming from, in fact all of us have been in this situation where you know it's not the best work you've ever done but "it will do". On a lot of shows I've worked on audio post comprised of fader up, fader down. I try to do my best but know that sometimes things are out of my control, also 99% of the listeners/viewers don't have a clue with regards to good/bad audio.... failing that, beer is your friend! Grant.
  8. I know Oleg is real because he once phoned me at 5am after getting his GMT time wrong... (It's +12 in this part of the world.) Grant. http://rocketrentals.com/grantf.html
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one that reads the manual at the very last moment... Grant.
  10. Try the Rode videomic range , mono or stereo... only around $150usd (?) just do a google search or check your favourite reseller! www.rode.com.au Grant.
  11. Sorry , looks like they are gone already... I have a third that I use "just in case I can't hide a sanken" but to be honest I'm not too fussed on the sound of them. I brought three , tried them a few times and went ummm, may have a use someday. But in saying that, It has got me out of one or two situations where I was scratching my head :-) Grant.
  12. While we are on the topic, I have 2x double grey band wired for lectro that I never use. Anyone want to take them off my hands? I think I only used them once or twice at the most and are in as new condition. Grant.
  13. Greetings from Auckland, New Zealand! I'm an eng guy but still enjoy reading posts from the "feature members" , thanks for the open forum Jeff. Grant. what I do in my spare time ----> http://www.ourmedia.org/user/44279
  14. I did a feature at xmass that had one take shots that lasted up to 5 mins in a car with the windows DOWN while talent was driving! After thinking about it for a few days I ended up rigging a cub01 above the rear vision mirror and lavs on the body "just in case" , I heard the dailies and was amazed how well the cub sounded , several people asked me how I got it sounding so clean with little engine noise etc. I'd been to a meeting earlier in the month where Mike Westgate (worlds fastest indian) explained how he did the in car shots and after seeing the movie decided yep, do what he did as it sounded great. So, I suppose i'm saying go for a cub01 for the in car! Grant.
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