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  1. I use the Sanken cs-1 for these situations. Don't own a cs-3 or 8060 so can't comment on those. The cs-1 has been great for me, 10years +/- so far. Worth checking out. edit: Just saw Mr B's post. He sums it up, as usual. Yes, it's important to have "the right tool for the job," but number one on the list is the killer combination of experience and technique.
  2. engaudio


    I've been recording at various locations in New Zealand over the years and have often told various officials how silent our forests are now. Unfortunately it falls on deaf ears.. Odd considering we do a big global campaign on how 100% pure we are here ( a load of shit and if you ask any local, they'll agree) We can't swim in 95% of our waterways and a lot of that is because of dairy farm runoff.. Don't get me started! I've known Bernie for a few years, more people should listen to what he's saying before it's too late. Grant.
  3. I sit my kit in a drybag, it's worked for the last 20 years.. best to take your kit with you and try a few out if you can, you'll get a feel for what works or won't.
  4. Just be aware often NP1's come off the charger at over 16v, may be best to use a regulated supply?
  5. Seems like a big investment on your behalf considering you've never done location audio before..
  6. (one more vote for Jays' books!) Jay, I've given away several copies of your books to clients, mainly because they outline everything in such a easy to read manner for non techy creative types. Thanks! Grant.
  7. I spend a lot of time in our national/regional parks here in New Zealand recording soundscapes etc, people are often surprised when I tell them there's too much man made noise to bother recording some of the time. (traffic, planes, helicopters etc) Being a sound guy for a living has it's down points, I can hear what most don't even notice. Grant.
  8. If you're planning a field recording kit, go for the mkh range. As you already have an omni pair, try the mkh40/30 m/s set for a compact blimp. low noise, moisture resistant, high resale value.. I'm currently using a mkh40/30 set in cinela pianisimo, hands down the best combo I've ever used. listen here:
  9. I turned off my Television 3 years ago, the only time I watch is evenings when out of town on a job..
  10. As I always say to my kids, the hardest thing about my work is the people.
  11. engaudio

    RF Killer

    Good point, It's currently winter moving to spring here in NZ and still thermals weather. Will have to remember to look for lined clothing. I've had a few RF killers over the last month or so, often helped by moving the TX to whatever side of the body is closer to the RX and walking along with them just out of shot. But then, some times it's just voodoo.. Grant.
  12. I'm thinking of getting a F8 to pair with my SQN4s, it'll give me iso's & mix tracks ability. But then, not too keen on being a beta tester for zoom.. If I had a 744t offered for the same price I'd go for that because as Mr B said more or less, it's a proven workhorse. Grant.
  13. do you mean these? http://www.dpamicrophones.com/en/products.aspx?c=Item&category=128&item=24198 Btw, rycote are about to release larger stickies designed for the DPA concealer. http://www.rycote.com/products/lavalier-solutions/stickies/
  14. You don't have to buy new. I bought my SQN mini mk1 ( used ) from the EU then factory refurbished to my specs for less then half the new price.. Included portabrace/cables/ and a few other accessories! Grant.
  15. You need to read specs more carefully and check the print on the bottom of a SQN, you'll notice most models from the series 4 onwards will either have prefader or postfader direct outputs on the "B" output (@-10dB). I own two SQN's and it'll be a while till I ditch them, it's the only mixer with a h/phone amp that doesn't fatigue my ears after a long shoot day. You can always send them back to the factory for a mod, both mine have made the journey to raise the limiter to +12 & change to pre fader direct outs. Paired with a 744T it sounds very nice indeed! But then, you won't be disappointed with a cooper either, they are both great sounding mixers. Grant.
  16. Thats why I downloaded it! The import "raw" audio feature has saved a few otherwise lost recordings on a corrupt drive a few years ago. Grant.
  17. Huh? I don't get it, as long as you set your levels correctly it's "true". How would an dedicated return h/phone cable be any different ?
  18. I've found the sanken CS-1 to be a great mic because of the background rejection, handy in a busy office when you can't lav someone! Check one out when you get a chance. Grant
  19. ​Seems a bit pointless if you're not actually telling your clients when it's not working. Maybe you should use your position to help educate them? In a polite manner, of course. Grant.
  20. How was the orchestra arranged, as in, where were they usually placed? Grant.
  21. I'm sure it says somewhere in this thread you push the channel knob to PFL? Grant.
  22. I just did a doco about a grandma, director insisted on one of the IV's being outside, right next to a main highway.. Despite me mentioning several times it was a waste of time and we needed a new location we rolled on for 45mins. Now I have to email the producers and explain before they see/hear the footage that it was the directors call, not mine. (cam op was on my side) Often I wonder why people pay me so much to ignore my advice! Grant.
  23. I do a number of reality episodes here in NZ for US companies, housing / travel shows etc. Most want a mix recorded/sent to camera, plus iso's of everyone to remix later. Grant.
  24. I hear you.. A lot of the time these days I'm asked to record straight to a C300 , F5(5) or Red Xxxx. Some people just don't want to sync anything.. Grant.
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