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  1. No, the bottom half of the windscreen is attached to the mount. The cover is transparent enough that you won't even know it's on.
  2. Should have noted that it's just a size comparison picture. I have a sanken cs-1 in the top rycote (old school 416 blimp) Rycote stereo AE blimp (no longer used, was for my m/s 40 or 50/30) Cinela pianissimo, currently housing my m/s kit mkh50 with sennheiser mount/ rycote ballgag. My local dealer sorted out the cinela m/s for me, even with the exchange rate it wasn't a lot more then the alternative, only around 20% more. Or, 3-4hrs work..
  3. I use a mkh40 or 50 & mkh30 M/S pair in a cinela pianissimo every day on doco's etc, works great. Never could get my mics mounted in rycotes without handling issues.
  4. I've often used my SQN as a mic pre in a home studio when doing demotapes for bands, often I get a wtf look till they hear the difference.
  5. Erkal, I'd say it's clear now that it's not designed as a bag mixer/recorder, but for the cart. Pity.. Grant.
  6. Sonically no comparison, but I imagine any decent recordist would use something like an SQN with the prefader out option in front to increase the quality of the zooms audio. That's what I'd do.. Grant.
  7. I've been doing a lot of doco's where rig time is minimal. We can take up to 20 mins to rig gopro's but not wait an extra 1min for me.. My latest trick is a mkh40 from below attached by the gearstick or there abouts, depending on the car of course. Very happy with the sound! Usually the cam op is in the rear travelling along with talent shooting over their shoulders, he'd rather have headroom then shoot lower so this seems to work, at the moment.. Never had any luck with lavs on talent and these days under NZ law I'm culpable if they have an accident, get injured and I said no to having safety belts on. Often I drop the bag in the rear seat and chillout somewhere else while they do the driving as space is a premium in the smaller vehicles. Grant.
  8. Damn, I was keen on getting one hoping it was a 633 on steroids. It's next to useless for us bag mixers wanting/needing to plug into a camera &/or needing a wireless hop option too. Sounds like sound devices will be getting my money instead, it's too much for such a lack of simple features. Pity, a missed opportunity from Sonosax to service a huge slice of the market, I hope you're taking note of the responses from your clients Mr Sax.. Grant.
  9. what? I could only watch 15mins of the original. you mean there's 2 more?
  10. Here you go Mike, my personal favourite. http://www.whittakersworldwide.com/#/products/slabs/almondgold16/
  11. This is why my (adult) son knows my phone/computer password, I'm not at home a lot when off the clock so need a backup plan. He knows to check my calender if anything ever happens to me. And yes, I trust him to not go snooping. Grant.
  12. You'll like this review, it's almost as good as the Pono one! http://arstechnica.com/staff/2015/02/to-the-audiophile-this-10000-ethernet-cable-apparently-makes-sense/ Pono: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/02/pono-player-review-a-tall-refreshing-drink-of-snake-oil/2/ Grant.
  13. Glen, yes the mkh30 is on top. It seemd to fit in the mount better. (or maybe I was too excited to try out the windshield) No difference in the audio or the mount movement. Grant. edit: I failed to mention the mount came wired with ch1 on the bottom, 2 on the top..
  14. Some people would call this greenwashing. Grant.
  15. Before I put my mics inside the pianissimo I thought It looked a bit cramped, but in reality it's not an issue. If you look at my photo at the top of the post you'll see that the windshield is the same size (more or less) as a stereo AE rycote. The mount is the cinela mkh M/S as supplied when ordered specifically. My lady often asks if the racoon is coming when we go camping, with the two tone long fur (around 3 inches) it looks a bit funny..
  16. Yeah, please explain copying and false advertising. They make microphones, how many new and radically different (eletronic) designs can you come up? One could argue mbho are a ripoff of schoeps till you find out some the designers are the same , SD has former Shure engineers, where does this stop? I'm no apologist for Rode but buddie you need to back up your claims now.. Grant.
  17. Christen, It's more so I can see what mic it's loaded with in a hurry. My mkh40 always has an orange foamy, more for quick ID then anything else. My cinela has a m/s mount as when I'm not recording for picture I'm in the bush nature recording.. I could never boom with a m/s mount as it was always too noisy with my previous system, but now no problem as long as I don't do wild swings! I'm one VERY happy user of the cinela pianissimo with an m/s rig.
  18. update? After 25+ years of using rycote windshields I'm swapping, enough said. Transparency is the main reason, they sound far more "open". It may be the shockmount system or the windshield, I don't know.. Grant.
  19. I used to have an email address from my internet provider: thedude@... The funny thing was the amount of call center ops that laughed and quoted lines from the movie whenever I called up with billing issues. Grant.
  20. http://www.amphenol.info/productcategories/circular-connectors/9.html
  21. Crikey, we're an impatient bunch.. Come on Mr Sax, more details please! Regards, Grant.
  22. Sounds like you really need to do some reading before you go any further. Follow the links I posted, they cover theory and applications. That's why I included them.. You can always buy 2nd hand mics then resell after the shoot if investment is an issue. (later edit) Grant.
  23. What kit do you have at hand? If you have a m/s set up just add a rear mic. If you have a AB or XY stereo stereo set you can always add 2x lavs for the rears. There really is an endless list of possibilities.. www.schoeps.de/documents/SCHOEPS_surround-brochure.pdf http://www.sanken-mic.com/en/qanda/index.cfm/18.56 https://www.tonmeister.de/symposium/2005/np_pdf/A16.pdf Grant.
  24. Was about to edit my post. Yes it has an option where it writes to the spotlight comments field (not header as I incorrectly noted). Again, only useful to the initial user really. Not a program to use if planning on sharing files with others that need meta, otherwise works well. Just spelling it out for other potential purchasers, as I didn't read the fine print.. Plan B is to use make a new itunes library, that works just as well. Grant.
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