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  1. I have audiofinder and it's ok but am moving up to soundminer soon. AF doesn't change the actual file, it has all the metadata in a seperate database. In short, tags (keywords, etc) entered in AF will not show up in other programs. If that's going to be an issue later (as it is now for me) go for soundminer. FYI: There is an option to copy metadata into the header field in AF but has a ltd number of characters, can't remember the number off the top of my head but it isn't enough for my uses. Grant.
  2. I have a few items like that, crazy how the simple things can bring back so many memories. Grant.
  3. Now the proud owner of a cinela pianissimo, thought others may be interested to see a comparison with rycote windshields. FWIW, the cinela pianissimo is roughly the same size as the rycote AE stereo windshield. Will report on performance in the next few weeks as I only picked it up yesterday! More info from cinela here: http://www.cinela.fr/pianissimo.php Pictured: old style 416 rycote , stereo AE, pianissimo mkh m/s (with top cover off) & mkh50 w/bb gag
  4. Tom, Is the DR-10 series available overseas? I understand there's some "legal" issues being fought out in the USA but is the unit currently available in my country, New Zealand? There seems to be some confusion with local resellers.. Grant.
  5. Best to continue talking to Prosound.. Pro mixer forums can be a tough room, especially when you have no intention of using one but want advice from them. Grant.
  6. I often wear a carhaart jacket during winter that's also great for shoving in AC vents.
  7. If you're talking about powering your UMP series receivers in the bag, this may work. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/355456-REG/Sennheiser_DC2_DC2_DC_Camera.html/prm/alsVwDtl (UMP series are not lavs but sony radio mics, please try to be more clear next time..) Grant.
  8. If you're based in the EU (?) checkout http://www.bblist.co.uk for used equipment. A mkh50 & SD mixpre/302 (don't forget to budget for cables etc) can be found easily in the 2nd hand market, save some money and go used. The up side is that you'll probably not lose any money when selling the kit later if things don't work out financially. Here's a great sounding kit for 500gbp, complete with mixer/bag/cables. http://www.bblist.co.uk/item.php?item=41746 I'll let you do the further searching, good luck. Grant.
  9. There's some Mixbus tutorials online at youtube from Harrison: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtL1SAmjANxmLD_mILAx3Zg Grant
  10. Beat this. Had a director call me stating he couldn't hear audio in the edit, where was it? After a few questions it turned out he could hear it when playing back from the camera , but not after importing it to his edit program. (they wanted single system sound, C300) I told him to call me back after he'd checked his settings on the computer.. This wasn't a newbie director either and It was a promo shoot for Cannon! Grant.
  11. I had red band B6's but traded for the grey due to loud talent overloading them. It was a while ago using a Lectro um190 TX so maybe there was an issue elsewhere thats been fixed? Grant.
  12. If you're worried about RF, check out these fabrics: http://www.shieldon.com/?id=25
  13. Crikey, all I see is a sound designer showreel in action. Seriously, video (and audio) looks awesome but tells a potential user nothing of interest. Grant.
  14. Tinnitus only effects me when I'm tired, had too much coffee or a bit stressed. Thankfully the holy trinity doesn't strike very often.. Listener Fatigue? Turn the sound down or try another mixer with a smoother h/p amp? I use a SQN mixer and find I can do 12hr days with cans on and my ears are fine. For one client I use their SD mixers and get sore ears at the end of the day. After discussing with another local mixer it would seem I'm not alone. YMMV. Grant.
  15. engaudio


    Whats with the constant desire to add nothing to the conversation? Seriously, did you not get enough attention from your parents as a kid as that's what your behaviour suggests. It's classic look at me, attention grabbing, I need to be loved, self centered actions. You can be so wise yet so dumb at times.. Grant.
  16. engaudio


    The mkh series are rf condensor mics, you need to do some reading on that at the link below.. In short, they can handle moisture on the capsule. Grant. http://en-de.sennheiser.com/downloads/download/file/3984/MKH-Story_WhitePaper_en.pdf
  17. I have a Nagra SD, great sounding unit with my SQN mini. Expensive but as expected, it sounds great. Listen here for a (nature recording) sample using mkh30/40 m/s pair , SQN mixer , Nagra SD. Grant.
  18. On a reality real estate show, director wondering where talent is as it's auction time, I put on cans just as they walk around the corner.. Overhear talent say "who's the sound guy, he's hot" to another contributor just as I look up and lock eyes with said talker, that's umm, priceless. Grant.
  19. I often work with a dude that's an RF sucker, seems I'm not the only sound op to experience his unique talent. Seriously, after fiddling with the channels/placement/etc he told me it often happens. He's a skinny guy too, probably about 70kgs. I asked and he confirmed that he drinks a lot of water/fluids, maybe connected? Grant.
  20. It's a great project and there's many more like it. Related, Here's a couple of soundmaps that I've contributed to: http://aporee.org/maps/work/projects.php http://soundmap.co.nz/ http://www.naturesoundmap.com/ Grant.
  21. Both. Correctly mount the mic in the shockmount and make sure the cable isn't banging on the fixture. Sorry, it really is "adjust for best performance". Grant.
  22. Happy Nagra SD owner here, it'll do 24b/96k if that helps..
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