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  1. a cost effective solution with great reports from the Nature sound community: http://nevaton.eu/product/nevaton-mc-59-super-small-condenser-microphone/
  2. I've never paid more than $1500NZD for my MKH50's, used but still.. Ask around, someone is usually selling.
  3. Also, Inspired energy have a 10-24V (solar) charger option if you're feeling like using a green option to charge them. https://www.inspired-energy.com/products/ch7000/ CH7000 DESCRIPTION The CH7000 desktop smart charger is a standalone unit which provides the capability to carry out charging and fuel gauge calibration independently of the device which uses the battery pack. The CH7000 works with every smart, standard “N” Series Li Ion and NiMH battery in the Inspired Energy portfolio irrespective of size, shape, voltage, or capacity. With its multi-voltage power supply, the CH7000 works throughout the world. Variants are available for use in North America (CH7000A) Europe (CH7000E) & the UK (CH7000U). In addition the CH7000 can operate from any DC voltage between 10 & 25V. This makes it ideal for use with a vehicle cigarette-lighter socket or 12V solar panel. Operation from a Solar Panel: (Not included) The CH7000 uses a unique power-sensing circuit to adjust its battery-charge output to suit the constantly changing power available from a solar panel. In variable sunlight or cloudy weather the CH7000 will continue to charge the battery at the highest possible rate as the power available from the solar panel varies. The CH7000 will cease charging when the input power drops below 1W, but will automatically recommence when the sun comes out & power levels are restored. The CH7000 is designed for use with 12V nominal solar panels with a minimum 25Watt rating. A solar panel is NOT included with the charger.
  4. Use a M/S mount (or rycote piggyback clips) in a blimp with your 2 mics of choice, that'd be the easiest way to boom the action.
  5. engaudio

    New SD 833

    tried using a trolley, assistant? There's loads of alternatives to carrying.. I'm a bit stumped by your question as there's loads of workarounds if you have a bad back. Buying a new recording rig seems like you're using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Unless, you intended to buy a new rig anyway..
  6. No, Never done a A/B recorder comparison but we all have to remember we (production sound mixers) mostly hear our recorders through the h/phone amp, not via a studio playback system. To be honest that was another one of the deciding factors for getting a Sonosax SXR4+, after using the 688/633 & 552 for several projects I decided I really didn't like the h/phone amps so needed to try something else. After 15+ years of using an SQN mixer the SD h/phones amps sounded awful to my ears, but was always happy when listening back via my studio monitors. I'm not dissing SD recorders, they sound great but not via h/phones for me and that's how I listen 99.999% of the time.. I know, slightly OT but am sure you get my point.
  7. Clear nail polish will do the trick too.
  8. I gave up using my km185 because it was too noisy for quiet talkers (hard wired). My kmr81 would buzz around fluro lighting, otherwise I loved the sound of the neumanns. They both were stolen a few years ago and replaced with a mkh50/dpa 4017, I use the mkh50 probably 90% of the time now. Grant.
  9. As usual, JB is correct. Not that I ever had issues with my rycote mounts but the cinela range seem to clean up the low end resonance in my experience. Put it this way, I record a lot of SFX/ambiences and find the cinela mounts require less low frequency filtering. In the past I'd often end up high passing in post around 120hz, now it's down around 20hz and over all it sounds 'cleaner' in the low freqs. Yep totally subjective but that's my experience with the (old/new) Rycote mounts Vs Cinela. I'm not dissing Rycote as I used them for 25 years and was very happy, but for me now the Cinela range ticks all the boxes. Grant.
  10. engaudio


    I haven't used the gnarbox but found out the hard way a WD my passport pro doesn't work in my timezone (+13GMT). Hard to belief but it's a known issue to do with the date formatting and daylight savings time. I'd be very keen on the gnarbox if it was able to import UDF (sonosax R4+) , I've worked with a few Cam ops that had a similar device but they wouldn't 'see' my cards. As someone who goes off grid all the time nature recording this would be perfect. I usually just end up taking multiple cards with me rather then a laptop. Thanks Fred, I'll get in contact with them! Well that was quick, here's the reply I received from gnarbox: "GNARBOX 2.0 SSD does support the UDF format. We have a bunch of RED camera users that needed this support for their UDF formatted mini-mags. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'm here to help!" Grant.
  11. Wow, I do this everyday as a doco mixer. It's a wonder my pants still fit, according to your logic..
  12. There's a great doco on netflix about the muscle shoals studio, sorry but I can't find the link ATM as it may have been removed from my part of the world.. Not related but still worth a watch. Grant.
  13. If you're wanting to do on location sound for film as well, why haven't you bought mics that can be used for both situations? Just wondering because that's what I'd do. But hey, it's your money.. Grant.
  14. I lease my Sonosax SXR4+ mixer, mainly because I didn't want to spend my capital and keep some of it in reserve for a slow period. ($12K in my currency Vs 633 @ $6.5K). After years of always paying cash I weighed up the options and decided to play the long game this time. You really need to talk to a Tax accountant, this is their field of expertise, we are mostly sound mixers here.. But in saying that, if you're a mixer for the long term (as I am) it can make good business sense regarding cashflow. Grant.
  15. https://www.sonosax.ch/where-to-buy/
  16. If money is so tight why are you wanting the most expensive solution? You could go 2nd hand and buy Rycotes' matching options for far less and your clients wouldn't care or notice. Sure Cinela mounts etc are great and I don't regret buying them but then, I can afford them..
  17. Yep, the manual doesn't really hint at it but it can do 32bit float. Odd because the early release notes mentioned it.. Anyway, here's a screenshot confirming from a test recording I just made on my non US model SXR4+.
  18. The SXR4+ already uses dual A/D's and CAN record at either 24 or 32Bit. That is why there is a US version, because of the "Zaxcom dual A/D patent issue".. See here: https://www.sonosax.ch/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/AUDIO_PATENTS.pdf I suppose the next question is, what will Zaxcoms response be to this Zoom dual A/D recorder?
  19. Fellow Kiwi here! There's a Sonosax R4 for sale on ebay currently if your budget can stretch to that, works out around $3.8k NZD, well worth it IMHO for 4x top quality pre's. I have a R4+ and it sounds awesome, great for SFX etc. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sonosax-SX-R4/183746399530?hash=item2ac8238d2a:g:0YMAAOSwDK9cZbtD Here's what I do in my down time with the R4+
  20. That's a common sign that you're using a standard analogue cable for a digital signal, been there done that. A quick search turned up this: The key difference between twisted pair specifications for digital audio cable and standard analog audio cable is the impedance specification. http://www.beldencables-emea.com/en/products/pro-broadcast-products/audio_cables/audio/audio-digital/index.phtml
  21. It does sound awesome, I've often thought of getting one.. Is it for a specific project?
  22. I think you need to reread what I've written in this thread, I've never stated the 416 was a bad mic, just that if the OP is having 'self noise' issues considering what he's recording there's something wrong with the workflow somewhere, thats all. I've done foley, field and post recording using this mic, it should perform fine for all the tasks the OP mentioned without noise issues. Now I've heard the uploads I have to say of course the quiet bits will have some noise in relation to the loud parts of the file. That's obvious given the dynamic range of the recordings. Maybe Jay Rose, a very experienced postie needs to chime in and add some reality to this.. I'm out of here..
  23. FYI: The output is rated at .6 amps , I run a SRB & 2x 401's with no issues. Just look on the side of a lectro rx and do the maths, the SRB is rated @ 120 mA at 12 VDC (from the manual). It means I don't need a BDS, very handy. BTW, I use a petrol 607 for my setup, this an old photo but you get the idea. Here in New Zealand it's not such a RF heavy environment and I find the 401's work fine and actually prefer their sound and range to the SRB (using um400a's Vs smqv's at 100milliwatts on the SR) Yeah I know the theory says otherwise but I've been using this setup for the last several years and can say that from experience and 25+ years in the field..
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