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  1. A question about mixpre: Is this a problem only on my device? Is that how it works? My mixpre-6 feels very slow at knobe speed response. It sound like logarithmic faders rather than linear faders. Always my mix dialogue sounds like I missed a word or half a word.
  2. I noticed a bug, when you solo on a channel and then push to record, you get a dim on headphones. . And something to improve (if possible) The speed response of the faders is very slow to mix dialogue.
  3. I have 2 of them that broke in the same place I'll try to connect them and shrink tubing. thanks Rick
  4. Does anyone have experience with mke1 capsule?
  5. Maybe that's your problem. https://forum.zaxcom.com/forum/forums/nomad/35850-headphone-phase-reverse There is a solution through the menu, I don't remember exactly where it is. Don't listen to the recording through Nomad, try to listen via a DAW and you'll also see visually if the audio in reverse phase as Martin said.
  6. http://www.swit.us/s8u93-sony-bpu-series-dv-camcorder-batt893.html I use them for all my system, they better than NP-1 for me.
  7. elior

    Zoom F4

    Combo jack is great, but give us the option to switch between mic and line through the menu. We don't want to carry extra cables. If you take it as a backup, you want to change only the mixer/recorder. You don't want to replace cables too. I can see it helping unprofessionals people, but for us it's can be very annoying.
  8. "still to come" Off topic, try to focus on Orca.
  9. No Dante. X AIR XR18, I like this toy.
  10. I found a new use for my OR41 after I sold half of my gear.
  11. The best way I know is to take a stick and rub it (at the edge) with epoxy glue, attach the battery, wait until it is stiff, and pull it out.
  12. You can cut the zips and put a Cable tie. yes.
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