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  1. Did this on a job once where we were shuttling thru an assembly line of 2 person interviews where there wasnt time for wiring. I pulled it off using a single pole, 2 mics and the addition of a plastic clamp used for drum mics that normally would mount to the rim of a drum. Lyre suspensions on both. The talent were in directors chairs just far enough apart where a felt a single cardioid mic wasnt adequate. I was lucky it worked for that scenario, but now knowing if i had to do it again i would have used 2 booms. Yes i could move quick, but making subtle changes was dificult. Different size people, etc. the time it took to make those sublte changes combined with the constrictions of placement via single pole truly equaled what it would have took for 2 sep booms. I personally suggest 2 booms all the way. Dont forget shadows too. The space was lit well to work around those potential issues. One pole means you are locked to flying in left or right. 2 poles means anywhere outta the lights! Ken
  2. It puzzles me that they are asking for record run timecode in post with this camera set up. I could understand it with a varycam or other tape-based camera. There are a lot of shows I do that still use varycams with record run time code. But with digital media delivery, time of day all the way seems to be my experience. Did you try contacting post just to clarify why? Ken
  3. Wow thanks guys! Checked out the nebtek stuff and that certainly seems viable. Jack, that pack you posted - is it as simple as wiring a plug to it and affixing to the receiver somehow? What is your method for charging these? That really is a good find like a cordless phone or rc car batt. Glad to see there are some options that seem to work good for this purpose Ken
  4. like the senator would tell me to, i called zaxcom with this question first before posting - among a few other questions i had, and they were happy to assist. it was told to me that zax is working with a 3rd party for some sort of rech battery solution for camera receivers but no details on what exactly or when something like this might be available. i am looking for a small footprint solution for cameras that dont have d taps or hirose power taps etc. was curious to know what others might be doing for this similar setup? from what i have been seeing, an rx900s seems to be the smallest solution for that sort of setup as of now. please feel free to correct me if i have this wrong. Best, Ken
  5. My personal experience with this and ipower has been strictly with plug on transmitters only. I use alkaline in plug on transmitters only. All other 400 and 400a transmitter beltpack versions as well as 411's have worked splendid for me with ipower batts Ken
  6. +1, I think of the 64 GB card as an internal drive where it never really leaves the machine. It's expensive for a cf card that large but well worth it to have files handy for a few days Ken
  7. Just heard on walkie a fellow mixer took a hit to the head on a construction reality show we are both working on. I am down on another street at a different site. I hear an ambulance coming and i believe he is headed to the hospital. He may have a concussion. I am working on finding out how he is doing. Hope everyone where ever your workplace today might be is working safe Best, Ken
  8. Busted again! Inteed RTFM all over this one Ken
  9. osa

    Idx L7s voltage

    Busted! I would love to troubleshoot his rig but i didnt get a chance to. Maybe next time i see him i can check it out thorough and report back Ken
  10. osa

    Idx L7s voltage

    Hey guys, working on a job with my friend in question. We were staggered and I had to jump in on his rig while he went to lunch. I had my own np1 lith in my back pocket and figured perfect time to test. I made sure his dc ref was set to 14-L ion. Dropped my batt in and sure enough he wasnt all the way crazy. It showed 18.2v on 664 but 16v on an sr. The sr reading is what my bag, both 664 and sr's, would normally read with this brand new batt i just bought. Its almost as if his mixer is 2v off on the readout. Does his bds v4 have anything to do with it? Mine is older vers 3 i believe. My old method with. 442 and 552 rigs was to get my voltage off of lectro receivers. Other than that my power knowledge is minimal. To think i just thought my fellow mixer friend was nuts all this time. Now i owe hime a beer. Bottom line, my batts are all ok. My charger is ok. Ken P
  11. Wow that is incredible! The Senator autograph i am referring to, of course Ken
  12. Yes i feel free to move about the cabin now! KP
  13. Wait a minute i lied! Thanks a ton guys you helped me figure out it was pure op error. I goofed and on "record to sd" settings i had iso's only by mistake. All good now. Jeez i had no idea i even did that this morn. My track count that i thought was mirrored was indeed not. Thank you all for keeping me somewhat relatively sane Ken
  14. Thanks Eric yeah I should specify all the same track count sample rate and bit depth on both cards Ken
  15. Correct five tracks today Recording to both cards simultaneously. Workflow has always been up to this point that my cf card is almost like an internal drive, where I don't take it out and use it to record bu's until it fills up. I use the Sd card to handoff audio and format daily. I know in the past my CF card has had multiple days with seemingly a lot of recording time. I almost think my CF card is somehow fooled into looking like a 32 GB card. When I get home tonight I will investigate it on a computer to see if it shows up as a true 64 GB card Ken
  16. My apologies if this is been talked about already but I was trying to find a quick answer being on the job today. Today I have a 64 GB CF and a 32 GB sd. Recording five tracks today. I swear in the past my CF card said 40 hours and my sd card said 20 hours. Today it says 24 for the CF and 20 for the SD. I had three days recorded on the CF and one-day recorded on the SD. All sound devices approved media to the best of my knowledge. AM i missing something with formatting?
  17. osa

    Idx L7s voltage

    He prob meant 16v when he said 18v is my guess Ken
  18. osa

    Idx L7s voltage

    Thanks guys for the replies. No one else that i cross paths with in town has anything that reads voltage, other thank this particular mixer. I will check his rig with my own eyes next time i see him. Bottom line is glad i am all good - thanks a ton! Ken
  19. osa

    Idx L7s voltage

    I have 3x idx L7s's that i use with my 664 regularly. 2 are on the older side and 1 is relatively newer. I use an older 4 bank lithium charger with them that i bought off of ebay close to 10 years ago. On all 3 no matter how old i average 15.5 volts when fully charged. A friend of mine in town with basically the same rig says his batts, although newer, average 18 volts and he never has to change even on long days. On a similar long day i might go close to burning through all 3. Is simply buying new batteries the right move or is it possible my charger is not up to snuff for these batts and maybe a new charger is in order? Ken P
  20. I braced myself hard...this was very reassuring! Thanks senator that was indeed a good way to put it. I will still keep on reading as much as i can in the meantime while i weigh this all out Ken
  21. Curious to know if anyone owns a 664 and a maxx. I was set on a 633 for a smaller rig but the features of the maxx have me at a 50/50 and it hurts my head trying to figure out which to commit to. My only experience with zaxcom to date is the zfr100 which has been a solid little recorder for me. Mainly looking for users' input on workflow with 2 completely different menus etc. thanks in advance for any thoughts. Meanwhile i will return to studying both manuals and searching this forum a little deeper... Best, Ken P
  22. osa


    I had the same thing happen to me on an smqa, where i was using the remote on a talent in a jumpsuit. PLL suddenly started flashing on the screen after multiple previous remote uses, i swapped w a backup and was fearing the worst. Next day it was working fine and a year and a half later it still works fine. I just avoid using the remote with it. Maybe the tones you speak of triggered similar reaction to what a remote tone did in my case? Ken
  23. On the subject of poly on 1 card and mono on other, is there anyone else who does this? My logic was always i give the poly files to DIT (unless requested otherwise, then i have mono files avail), i have mono files if post comes to me and needs something specific like "just the iso of the female talent from scene x", and if god forbid a card failed i could easily recreate poly or mono files with wave agent. It feels fairly safe. Should mention i do almost always roll a zax tc 2 track as a 3rd level bu so i have my own levels of paranoia Ken P
  24. +1 for the jumper cable, i use a 1 footer and just pull it ea time when accessing media. It seems to be easy to repatch without eyes on he side of the bag. However it never occured to me to just leave the gate open - thx brent good tip! And THANK YOU SD that scene name change shortcut is kickass! Ken P
  25. bbg (not the softie as picutred) i have had great success with on a 50 when mostly indoors and some outdoors. i keep a dif mic in a zep on standby to quickly swap if things go outside for any moderate length. i sometimes keep the bbg in the wind cover hanging off my bag by the pull string to keep the mic more slim profile indoors and i can quickly throw it on if the shoot moves outside unexpectedly. the softie pictured i have never really had great success with outside so i moved up to the bbg with the windcover. softie is great for quick boom moves indoors though KP
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