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    Idx L7s voltage

    Thanks guys for the replies. No one else that i cross paths with in town has anything that reads voltage, other thank this particular mixer. I will check his rig with my own eyes next time i see him. Bottom line is glad i am all good - thanks a ton! Ken
  2. osa

    Idx L7s voltage

    I have 3x idx L7s's that i use with my 664 regularly. 2 are on the older side and 1 is relatively newer. I use an older 4 bank lithium charger with them that i bought off of ebay close to 10 years ago. On all 3 no matter how old i average 15.5 volts when fully charged. A friend of mine in town with basically the same rig says his batts, although newer, average 18 volts and he never has to change even on long days. On a similar long day i might go close to burning through all 3. Is simply buying new batteries the right move or is it possible my charger is not up to snuff for these batts and maybe a new charger is in order? Ken P
  3. I braced myself hard...this was very reassuring! Thanks senator that was indeed a good way to put it. I will still keep on reading as much as i can in the meantime while i weigh this all out Ken
  4. Curious to know if anyone owns a 664 and a maxx. I was set on a 633 for a smaller rig but the features of the maxx have me at a 50/50 and it hurts my head trying to figure out which to commit to. My only experience with zaxcom to date is the zfr100 which has been a solid little recorder for me. Mainly looking for users' input on workflow with 2 completely different menus etc. thanks in advance for any thoughts. Meanwhile i will return to studying both manuals and searching this forum a little deeper... Best, Ken P
  5. osa


    I had the same thing happen to me on an smqa, where i was using the remote on a talent in a jumpsuit. PLL suddenly started flashing on the screen after multiple previous remote uses, i swapped w a backup and was fearing the worst. Next day it was working fine and a year and a half later it still works fine. I just avoid using the remote with it. Maybe the tones you speak of triggered similar reaction to what a remote tone did in my case? Ken
  6. On the subject of poly on 1 card and mono on other, is there anyone else who does this? My logic was always i give the poly files to DIT (unless requested otherwise, then i have mono files avail), i have mono files if post comes to me and needs something specific like "just the iso of the female talent from scene x", and if god forbid a card failed i could easily recreate poly or mono files with wave agent. It feels fairly safe. Should mention i do almost always roll a zax tc 2 track as a 3rd level bu so i have my own levels of paranoia Ken P
  7. +1 for the jumper cable, i use a 1 footer and just pull it ea time when accessing media. It seems to be easy to repatch without eyes on he side of the bag. However it never occured to me to just leave the gate open - thx brent good tip! And THANK YOU SD that scene name change shortcut is kickass! Ken P
  8. bbg (not the softie as picutred) i have had great success with on a 50 when mostly indoors and some outdoors. i keep a dif mic in a zep on standby to quickly swap if things go outside for any moderate length. i sometimes keep the bbg in the wind cover hanging off my bag by the pull string to keep the mic more slim profile indoors and i can quickly throw it on if the shoot moves outside unexpectedly. the softie pictured i have never really had great success with outside so i moved up to the bbg with the windcover. softie is great for quick boom moves indoors though KP
  9. hold off did it. thanks everyone for the feedback kp
  10. thanks marc will try it today. i wasnt thinking of the hold off function being required in this case because in the past with a 552 it worked great and the tc section wasnt nearly as robust as it is now w the 664. but it is certainly worth a shot. will report back kp
  11. F3 - and also happened w a varicam a few weeks ago. will try the hold off mode, thx for the replies!! working today again with it will see what happens and try some more trouble shootin
  12. anyone use the ext tc auto rec function on your 664? i used to use this function a lot on 552's and it seemed to fuction as it should. on my 664 it appears to be creating multiple files for ea camera start and stop action when chasing camera's tc. i searched here but didnt find any related topics. its a head scratcher at the moment. certainly not a deal breaker. i can still chase ext tc and record and stop manually for now... kp
  13. I imagine this exists here somewheres but i cant seem to find it - does anyone have a diagram of the 8 pin assignments for both psc and remote audio breakaway snakes?
  14. Thanks jeff! After looking at one made for me a while back i am gonna try what they did for this purpose, tying pin 1 to pin 3, and i will assume they knew what they were doing ...unless someone else tells me otherwise! Kp
  15. I read somewheres that pin 3 should be tied to pin 1 ground, or floated all together for certain devices, saying that the cable can act as an antenna, etc. Cant seem to find an answer to one or the other as to which is best when wiring cables for senny transmits as camera links. Anyone have any insight? And on that note, any info on what to do with pin 3 in general umbalanced connections? kp
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