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  1. Bingo thats it. I had planned to purchased ediload for an upcoming project, this solution seems better than trying to make an apple script. thanks mark for the tip
  2. sorry guys wanted to check back one more time to see if anyone found a solution. i fear i might need to send mine in for warranty repair. mine works ok for a period of time powering on powering off no warnings, then randomly happens. my date goes to jan 01 2000, my timecode resets (which is why i use a denecke jb1 to keep my tc locked in all day), my primary folder resets to that saved with my last preset recall, and my faders all set to noon. I unfortunately dont have facebook so i am missing out. I am currently forced to stay powered on morning til lunch knowing i have to reset all above to get back to work. i want to check my battery one more time to see if it is drained - could it be software related draining my battery? I know they are aware of an issue but my issue does seem different than those issues being reported. pulled the battery and its at 3.06v -Ken
  3. Is there a shortcut in pt that exists? I found a clever apple script that a post guy made but unfortunately it gets hung up. I was considering building my own in automator. Basically I want to bring in a ton of production sound files spotted to orignal time stamps when i usually do this manually one by one
  4. good to know. i talked to service today and if you get the warning but it is still holding date and time, you should be ok while a fix is in the works. mine in particular was losing date so a battery replace was a fix for me at least for now.
  5. what firmware version are you currently on? Glenn seemed pretty convinced it was the battery for me. Your issue sounds different than what i was experiencing but i will keep and eye on mine. So far so good for me after new battery with continued tests. I also up’ed to 2.05
  6. Wanted to report back i have replaced the internal coin battery deoxing contacts prior and photos below lead me to believe mfg defect in the battery considering my unit was received in October last year. I was spooked because when I first fired it up with the new battery I got the warnings again, then it hit me that most likely that’s because it’s the first time the clockchip was firing up under new power. Fingers crossed so far multiple attempts to duplicate and no warnings so I believe I am all fixed up One other thing that is noteworthy - radial buttons F7 and F10 are affected by the depth of the screws in the front and back panels just below the respective buttons! just need to make sure you keep track of the slightly smaller screws for those old: 2.75 new: 3.24
  7. Brilliant John thanks for the tip. With the work it takes to get to this battery, it is certainly worth the extra effort to maintain the contacts for longevity. I just bought two batteries since it was so hard to find I will have a future back up. My hunch is voltage of the orig batt too low maybe a battery defect from the mfg. Uncommon but certainly a possibility. I think i do have a small tube pf the deoxit stuff
  8. curious if anyone has had any issues with keeping time with the internal battery. It is totally random where i get a warning at startup and my time resets to zero and date 01/01/2000. sometimes i get the warning but it keeps all settings. I had talked to Glenn about this and he told me how to get to the battery to check it. I pulled it, cleaned it off, checked voltage - it says 2.80v. should these batts read 3.0v or more? i put back in to test and it fit snug as it seemed it should. it did still happen at least once during tests where it reset. then again where timecode reset but date and time held. It seems to go back to last memory recall settings for folder, scene n take, and trim n fader settings but keeps outputs and rec tracks. I will try a brand new batt today (hot damn are these hard to find locally, headed to batteries plus as soon as they open) and later calling them if still having trouble but wanted to check here to see if i am overlooking anything. -Ken
  9. osa

    Waves Central

    thank you i will check this out - the usb stick for sure. the authorizing and deauthorizing is what confuses me. 1x particular plugin i did this with i got a warning about not being able to do this again for a year. was i mistaken and this might apply to something else? i have a waves tech support ticket asking about this particular question above as well as what happens when usb stick becomes unreadable/lost/etc like a zero downtime type thing.
  10. osa

    Waves Central

    i do agree big time. i was on mac os 10.8 for what felt like 10 years and now i am on mojave with complete refusal to install catalina. jeez do they try hard to make you update it is a daily battle. i too stick with what works with white knuckles. so far these waves plugs in 10.14 are solid. i just want to be able to swap computers without waves locking me into "you cant move these assets for a year". i have a ticket into customer support and waiting for updates. i know i will screw this up on my own
  11. osa

    Waves Central

    ugh... i am reminded of complaining online about the waves update plan circa '03 "subscriptions are for magazines not sw" and now subscriptions are all the rage. thats a bummer about your plugins
  12. I got lucky i missed this tip until after i placed the order for a gently used copy. These are my homework assignments
  13. on the subject of headphones this is great info. i already alerted my clients moving forward and will have them alert their clients job by job they must bring their own headsets or i can sell them a pair. that way no surprises. i am thinking airplane earbuds or dollar store / five below cheapies just to get thru the day billed back to the invoice at the very least. is this bad form to not have a quality headset at a higher price i.e. of you want good phones its on the person asking to bring their own?
  14. Hello Post Folks, I recently bought some waves plugins and it had been a while. I was bummed to find out after purchase they dropped ilok. curious to know if anyone here might help me understand waves central in that i see a way that you might be able to put "assets" on a thumb drive and basically make a 2nd ilok to swap between computers? i already moved a plugin once from one computer to another and i didnt realize this might have been a mistake as it says i cant move it again for a year, if i understand correctly? I cant make sense of how this works for some reason. they have their own language about license asset management that is confusing me -Ken
  15. I gave up using vampire clips years ago. Has anyone with similar personal pref's here started using them again post pandemic in place of moleskin/topstick/durapore etc? It seems the way to go for cleanliness imho but the pins require the usual "dont hurt yourself" disclaimers. sonatrims with vampire clips were the last i used but i see now a whole world of rubber boot vamps
  16. proud to report i just bought both of these books and very excited to get them. I like many others am busy refining audio skills during this quarantine downtime. home schooling myself while i home school the kids. -Ken
  17. this is great! i do have the zmt plugon that i use for wireless boom and stick but i run into the need for 2 stick mics from time to time and this is exactly what i would need opposed to buying 2nd zmt plug that may barely see use in my kit. I personally think the antenna is something i could deal with. great idea and well executed
  18. osa

    Film Devices

    I may be wrong but isnt it an optical illusion because of the way the pole is laying “backwards” relative to how it lays in the mount? In the photo it looks correct to me since the cradle portion where the boom pole lays is photo right and the top catch is photo left, putting the wing nut on the right side...?
  19. in terms of on-camera subject vs professional talent - the CEO you are miking doesnt know for sure if you shoved that particular lav up your ass or just took that same mic off the CFO interviewed before him and that CFO sweats when he's nervous. to that CEO it might be just as unsanitary to say the least. they work together yes but that is where personal contact stops in the world of pre-pandemic. post-pandemic is yet to be seen. that same CEO may not want to be touched in any case moving forward and we may have to accept no lav for this particular person, right? It feels like the new way if at least for the short term. i really feel "put them on normally" is not the norm anymore and not all shoots have a wardrobe person let alone a makeup person - especially moving forward it might just be sound and camera - or just camera
  20. good point, which makes me think fighting for lavs with a semi sterile protocol might be a way to meet in the middle? It was suggested by a colleague what if we hand talent a kit in a freshly used ziplock that has been previously alcohol wiped down etc, including tx and batt, with an instruction sheet? Laughable for sure as i could see this never being realistic but the right sentiment i felt i do LOVE the idea of mixer and 2 boom op’s coming back as the norm
  21. I am curious to know what has changed with some of you out there still working during these times. It seems apparent that boom(s) only might be the standard moving forward and lav's may be used only when necessary, and even then, must be somehow sterile and applied without sound mixer personal space invasion. I could be totally wrong. Local production companies here are collectively working on safe set protocols for the future work to come. Sound/Makeup/wardrobe are on the front lines among others. Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere already. I feel the recent major investments I made in the sleekest lav'ing technology may be grossly underutilized for the next 6 to 18 months. BUT boom operators might be in high demand. What does the future hold for hiding a lavaliere? -Ken
  22. thank you guys this is great info. I did also find express vpn's manual tutorial so i think these are the ticket. going to try now -Ken
  23. I know this operating system is super antiquated but my son is using one of my old laptops for homeschooling during this pandemic. Was curious to know if anyone here is using a VPN on this operating system? I have contacted various pay software people but still waiting for responses. Most are only supporting 10.11 and up. I am using express VPN otherwise. They have a manual set up that I’m currently trying to figure out
  24. i consider this a part of my kit since i do charge all my sound mixing batteries off of this 24/7 unconventional solar power rig. currently it powers a few home devices around the clock off grid. constantly tweaking/adding/modifying. it does feel good to have worked all day 100% from the sun (ok not 100% still working on the transportation part of this equation). after a visit with my brother in Germany last year i was inspired by his setup to say the least.
  25. osa

    Nova 128gb cf cards

    What cards were you using?
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