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  1. One thing for maximizing space inside is modifying the xlr to a right angle as compact as you can get it and factoring that into your measurements. With this i have had great success for mkh50’s and the rycote #10 but obviously would never work for a 416
  2. compared to a b6 and a lemo...this one looks to be a cakewalk. I know this has been discussed a bunch already but i feel like getting ahold of one, wiring it for a comtek... but use it with a sennheiser iem all kidding aside my thinking is people shouldnt avoid this fine product when it could be an easy mod (and i know op this is not at all your intention). It seems common practice for sound mixers to mod everything in their kit. it is near impossible for manufacturers to check every box on products for us or they would never make a profit
  3. This is the way. adapt to all the crazy signal flow. When it doesnt work we make it work, and in this case if it were me and the product at hand was important enough i would customize this with a ts connector to be compatible with my comteks and problem solved. But i know its personal preference
  4. this indeed for 216 comteks and trs adapters in the kit have always prevailed when i have run into the need to convert.
  5. Thank you those are the key words i was missing. Gonna try one this week
  6. this problem we are experiencing is in a 2018 vw atlas of all things. There is a 1/8 aux jack input we are tapping into with my cable i made. Scrap mogami and 2x neutrik gold right angle 1/8 trs connectors. Simple but seemingly high quality cabling for the task at hand. The noise is slightly reminiscent of older ipod 1/8” out thru a cassette adapter while cig lighter charging years back - only not as extreme. If the dvd player is running off battery, no problems at all. Car stereo stuff and 12v power has never been my wheelhouse
  7. I made a 1/8” stereo cable for a dvd player for the kids in the car from scrap cable and connectors. As soon as we tap into 12v power in the car there is a buzz in the audio and whine that follows acceleration. Is there a trick to build into the cable to “lift” or otherwise combat the buzz that occurs that someone here might be familiar with?
  8. osa


    I wanted to report back I highly recommend the zeiss fog defender system. If you follow directions seems to work perfect - clean glasses, then spray both sides and wipe dry. Keep the cloth they give you dedicated to the task and all is good! I can wear my glasses right up to my face with all verities of masks and the fog is indeed defended
  9. is it possible a form of a cold she mount? hard to tell but search brings up slightly similar looking items https://www.google.com/search?q=cold+shoe+mount+plate&client=firefox-b-1-d&sxsrf=ALeKk03vUMZPfLhrpTpNBQlZiA-7tDRZtw:1607464515373&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiS3bX7r7_tAhUTElkFHSRHDgkQ_AUoAnoECA4QBA&biw=1366&bih=643
  10. osa


    i just supported your local business as well and ordered a 3pack! Also ordered the zeiss fog kit from amazon. After 2x cvs’s and a walgreens With no luck, the extra fee for amazon is worth the price of admission. The fogging glasses is making me nuts which is already a short trip for me
  11. Just a guess...”are they rf immune?” A while back i bought 4 used and 3 were not but i did get lucky with 1x
  12. osa

    DPA 4017B Noise

    Sorry i jumped the gun just got to listen to the file. That is much more than i was experiencing which was more like The audible click of a loose element or something versus hard-core interference. But if it helps the customer service I experienced in the transaction of my repair was outstanding
  13. osa

    DPA 4017B Noise

    I have a 4017b that I had to send in for repair. my noise problem was something loose inside that was only noticeable during swinging boom versus stationary. They did repair under warranty but it took a while unfortunately. But i do love that mic and felt it was worth the wait. Your issue sounds in the same realm of possibility?
  14. osa

    Improving my bag

    Almost always with DSLR’s you can manually input time code (i.e. set recorder tc to phone time, use phone for reference at camera) to at least be accurate within a few frames, as with fs7’s without tc back etc - but - doesnt help as much If they constantly switch between high speed. But with multicam intv’s etc it helps keep things close in the timelines
  15. +1 for audiopile i have had several snakes from them over the years, tons of trs to xlr and xlr cables still in use today after purchased long long time ago.
  16. This is all great info. I have been reading a lot of history. I didnt think mine was a knockoff when i received it but even better bill was able to confirm it is not. For me personally the price I paid plus the sentimental value coming from a good friend - to do the upgrades was well worth it to have hopefully a good quality Microphone now. But not a front line worker that’s for sure. Not intended to be used on a handheld boom if ever. This one came in a wooden cigar box with 10 DB pad and cardioid, supercardiod and Omni capsules.
  17. I am unfamiliar with these microphones but recently I was given one by a friend. I gave it a quick listen and it had some inherent noise interference inside of the mic itself as the capsule seem to be OK duplicating the same problem. I sent it to Bill Setler for repair as well as his premium upgrade that he offers. He Detected the problem and ended up replacing the solder board itself for what I would call a very modest repair fee. I think he even did the repair in the very same day he received it and it’s already on its way back to me. Curious if anyone here is actively using this microphone these days at any capacity, and possibly had the upgrade. I quickly learned this microphone has been around a while and discussed hear back through ramps. Even though I am handy with a soldering iron I decided against the repair myself and rather just pay someone who knows their stuff about this particular mic. I most likely will be using it as a plant mic here and there or part of a studio microphone kit.
  18. osa

    TC arri mini

    the qbits worked for me as well previous, only upgraded recently as its nice to have visual feedback. But qbits are solid little boxes for these mini’s
  19. osa

    TC arri mini

    I 2nd this, on mini’s I personally only use jb-1’s strapped to the back of a zaxcom receiver and that seems to (so far) work solid on every mini I come in contact with
  20. With memtioning premier it got me going a different direction since ultimately i would love the same possibilities in pro tools, currently looking into this as an option: https://blog.simonsays.ai/avid-pro-tools-export-from-simon-says-and-import-directly-into-pro-tools-69b732991073
  21. That is a great idea. I told him you suggested that maybe it can be implemented and simplify things. Howy also mentioned we might be able to open the Settings files in a text editor And possibly access those R output settings. Might be a fix in the meantime at least for my headphone settings in particular
  22. per Howy this morn... "Yes once we added 16 tracks there was no room to put the rest of the output bus selections so they are mono. I was thinking of trying to make those output boxes contain a L,R,C instead of just an X."
  23. That all makes sense. My issue is i cant “uncheck” the right matrix at present so i think my way around might be to build new entries after my old ones and disable the old?
  24. This is great thank you. Mine was updated at the factory and i assume my presets loaded still tick those boxes but i cant see them at present. Also i should clarify i did check with howy first and waiting to hear back
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