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  1. Shooting with 2x ursa mini pro g2’s today and on the side screen of one of the units i noticed my timecode was coming in but the camera itself was not syncing to external tc. Numbers weren't rolling. I was fortunate to have spare time to lookup the manual while setup was happening. Thought this info i found buried deep in the ursa manual might be helpful to someone whom may encounter this. there is no menu for tc but rather button pushes to set and change modes. Time of day tc is default. If you hold the timecode button on the side under the lcd panel for 5sec it enters record run mode - which is what this cam was stuck in and dp had no idea. It was a rental. To get out of this record-run mode, you have to hold the “hold” button and timecode button under the side lcd panel for 3sec.
  2. I bought one and just used it today on a multi location indoor shoot with both male and female voices and I was blown away at how great it sounds for the price I paid. I usually go for an MKH-50 with almost all my sitdown interviews but was never satisfied with the sound it reproduced of certain female voices. This definitely is the best of both worlds for male and female voices of all types. Before I run out and buy my second one I would love to hear this distortion if there was some sort of audio clip that could be posted? Or has that been resolved? I listen closely for any hint of it but of course I didn’t have anybody screaming but heavy laughter during the interviews I felt it would have pushed it far enough to create this distortion if it exists in my particular mic -Ken
  3. i just discovered this with a fw update howy made for media cards. this is incredible. this is a major plus. that is great work Rado
  4. osa

    Nova 128gb cf cards

    sent my cards to howy and he ran some tests. apparently he came up with a good fix for others having trouble. amazing www.zaxcomftp.com/fileshare/software/Nova_v1.75C.zip
  5. i am wondering if a sync solution exists currently with protools (non-HD version, without option for field recorder sync). a few times a year i post for a client project that i recorded tracks during production. the editor usually starts with my files and gives me an omf export from avid, so my audio files with heads and tails are in his export. this time around a different editor finished the project in premier, and used cam audio. i talked him through an omf export which worked well but i really wanted to use my production sound for this project. I had to manually sync clips. it was a rather short project with a tight turn but in the future i really want to have a better solution at the ready if there is one. currently trying davinci resolve with a combo of omf/aaf/edl's from editor and pluraleyes. maybe there is some way to muddle my way thru this -Ken
  6. osa

    Nova 128gb cf cards

    curious if your are 800x 120mb/s udma7 like mine? Hopefully howy has his hands on mine and might help determine something good or bad. So far sandisk has been solid in my machine
  7. osa

    Nova 128gb cf cards

    hey howy i will gladly send you one of these transcends to support the cause. I am switching to sandisk for now and staying with 64gb will get a larger size down the road since it seems others are having success
  8. ^pertaining to the op question and my suggested use this unfortunately would not be correct. No output 3 from mixer, just your stereo out to camera link transmitter. The output 3 is the qrx235 receiver mounted to the camera
  9. Hope this helps clarify - Regardless of what mixer you have, generally when you are using a Camera link transmitter you are sending a stereo feed to the camera. This can also be a mono feed. That would equate to channels one and two at the camera. On the QRX 235, channels one and two would be your stereo feed feeding the camera wirelessly from your mixer. In my particular example, channel 3 at the QRX 235 would be set to receiving direct from the main talents transmitter as a back up. Channel 3 from the qrx 235 would be cabled to the camera accordingly (sometimes through camera mic input etc). If that camera person runs off with the main talent and cover something without me it is a reliable back up for the Editor’s. To the best of my knowledge are there any receivers out there today that can duplicate this? It’s a very sophisticated feature nonetheless granted I get what you were saying it is not truly 4x independent channels. Still quite flexible for all kinds of setups as mentioned by others -Ken
  10. from when i first received my nova i had been using transcend 128gb cards as my primary and 32gb cards as my mirror. a primary internal hard drive of sorts. just recently i started getting "no primary drive" error messages on startup even though the cards seemed to work fine and supported in the manual. 2x 128gb cards on hand both reformatted still say "no primary drive". had a 64gb Delkin which i know is not recommended but left over from sound devices recorders. it formatted fine and eliminated the message. I just ordered a sandisk 64gb CF to test officially. Has anyone else experienced any similar issues? my gut feeling is 128gb is too much card at least for my particular unit. would like to try a sandisk 128gb card if anyone else is having success. -Ken current cards: Transcend 800x 120mb/s udma7 128gb
  11. osa

    Camera Hops

    If i am not mistaken, doesnt the antenna filter duplicate what is currently built into the CL unit? Maybe its block specific and more narrow? i have had success reducing interference significantly (but not eliminating entirely) using whip antennas by putting spacers between the CL and nova about an inch or so. Also allows airflow the CL gets hot reducing output to 50 or 25 didnt seem to change much in scans so i am leaving at 100 most of the time -Ken
  12. In past times where i would use a qrx on 4 channel cameras i would stereo feed at 1/2 and have main talent feed 3 as a backup in case they roll without me. That was always helpful in those situations. -Ken
  13. This is my latest setup that so far is working extremely well for me after 90 days or so of fine tuning. always a work in progress... Nova with 8x Wireless and 2x Camera Link transmitters Inside a modified Condor Bag (thanks again Rado). By using both cam links in stereo mode, this setup gives me 4 possible channels of IFB to urx100's and erx's by creatively selecting left or right sourcing at the IFB's. Typically I am using 1&2 out as stereo camera link and 3&4 out as IFB sources. 3 for client IFB's and 4 for director or boom op with talk back. I also have 3x camera link options all with timecode via rx200, urx100 and erx. Full remote control of all trx's and also rerecord. so far executed with great success. with the built in filters of the camera link units, and the "spacers" between the camera links and the nova, intermodulation is greatly reduced. did not have this success with standard trx's in this configuration. the spacers are plastic towel bars i modified. Light weight and non conductive. The placement of the battery at the back creates perfect amount of lift off of my torso for easier access to knobs when harnessed up. Also in combo with the spacers, lots of air venting around nova and camera links to minimize heat. 2x fellow sound mixers had fried camera links and had to send in for repairs so i am trying hard to keep air flowing in the compact space allowed. 2x backup recorders with timecode in camera links are both set to record on boot up always. CL no1 records backup stereo mix fed to cams. CL no2 i have default set to record mono ifb mix on ch1 and cabled boom prefade from mixer recorded on ch2 which is also a major backup bonus. several times in the past it was while it was great to have emergency backups at the trx's, i had wished i also had cabled boom backed up somewhere equally without deploying a boom trx.. double bonus when that camera link channel is mostly used for boom operator anyways. label fun with photoshop for everything that i packing into this small space, it is incredibly light and powerful. I feel very comfortable wiring up people quickly while bag is sholder harnessed. With the zmt trx's being so compact i now use them as the weights to drop down wardrobe - occasionally while harnessed - saving time with no cable connecting, further minimizing personal invasion all around. This below I am sure is nothing new but is something i started doing this year - the deneke JB-1 as a master clock. With recorders being powered off for 2hrs or more i have had experiences of losing sync on both sound devices an zaxcom recorders. This unit is so beautifully compact and robust. I built a small i/o switch to switch between incoming and outgoing tc on the JB-1. Fits right in the front pouch along with my BDS. i decided now with this tiny device i can start each day with swiss watch accuracy and leave running all day. made it over 7 days in a row without recharging. Recorder is cjam'ed all day and sends this jammed signal to all zaxcom devices. slates and other jam boxes all stay in sync when clocked to the JB-1. -Ken
  14. I too agree with the school of thought of not updating fw unless you have to - this sounds to me like you have to and is well worth it. Especially when recommended directly by the manufacturer
  15. First experience with rerecord today. I mistakenly thought this feature only worked with trx’s slaved to recorder so i had never previously attempted. Had a one hit moment and some downtime in between takes to play with it. All the controls allow me to keep rolling trx’s all day. stop, Playback (rerecord) and re arm trx record from one screen. Whoa what a killer feature. Playing the rerecorded take back hearing it clean and seeing the tc offset..dolphins doing backflips in my head
  16. I started using one of these as a master clock that i set in the morning and run all day. Not running full 24hrs, but i am on day 5 still showing full battery. Amazing
  17. This got me twice now and i finally figured out my workaround- i start with bank 4 now as my bank 1 so it is blue. I am leaving bank 5 purple blank for now so i am following the semi standard blue is 1 and red is 2 when cycling through bank 4 and back to bank 1. I know not the same for everyone but it does now help me not seeing all red and staying with my familiar color patterns somewhat. Maybe color personalization could be an option in future firmware updates if such a thing may be in demand
  18. This is brilliant since you can carry much more on your back safely keeping it light in front
  19. You have to be careful of knockoffs as mentioned here in other threads. I had several fujifilm failures where i gave up on them. I personally prefer the lectrosonics for the reliability but in a pinch i have found duracel makes one that is sold at battery stores when i needed some while on the road. All zmt’s and previously ssm’s
  20. fingers crossed for mp3 and oasis support soon and one more - keyboard text entry
  21. osa

    Nova fw 1.66

    i am on it and loving it. Really stable for sure.
  22. Wow that is amazing to see. Unbelievable what’s pictured has evolved into. Its bitter sweet for sure
  23. osa

    Remin Kartmaster

    i made another rendition of a shelf system for my kartmaster. this is the 5th different setup i can now deploy. the top rig folds similar to factory version.
  24. osa

    Nova fw 1.66

    howy fixed iso attenuation with 1.68 https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/34730-nova-iso-attenuation-fixed-w-v168/
  25. After installing 1.66 and speaking with Howy about the particular issues i was having with iso attenuation, i believe we have determined it was partially fixed in 1.54 in that he designed it to be attenuation on single source iso tracks. for me and how i used attenuation on other zaxcom recorders, i was looking to attenuate outs assigned to tracks as well. also selected and unselected tracks to attenuate appeared to not be functioning correctly. he looked at my settings files this morn and mentioned revisiting nomad/maxx code. did not expect a file a few hours later. Howy is the real deal! here is v1.68 attached if anyone wants it. no facebook required for this fix either. amazing Nova_v1.68.zip
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