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  1. They probably can and maybe a software update in the future. Personally, I think they use all the same CPUs because from a manufacturing standpoint, it's probably more cost effective and reduces manufacturing bottlenecks if all three units use the same components. It also makes it easier to maintain the software on all three units, and has enabled them to release three recorders this year with minimal cash spent on R&D. There certainly are advantages to this approach. It's probably why I feel like the 833 is a bit overpowered for what it does, why the power draw and heat for a small light recorder is baffling, especially compared to the Nova or even Sound Devices' own 633.
  2. Latency is a little different. I think Lectros are 3.2 ms while Zaxcom XR and ZHD is 6.0 ms. Add a delay for your Lectro inputs to match, otherwise you nailed it.
  3. It’s entirely possible. Modern Bluetooth is an open standard and has a range comparable to Zaxnet. Zaxnet was invented ages ago when Bluetooth utterly sucked and was only remotely usable for those phone headsets (remember those?) and not much else. So Zaxcom was very prescient in that regard. Today, Bluetooth does have a comparable range and can easily duplicate the functionality of Zaxnet, though Zaxnet is much more transparent in operation. Manually setting group and unit codes, and setting the exact frequency aren’t exactly done on consumer Bluetooth. It will be interesting to see SD and Audio LTD’s implementation.
  4. I don't see any change happening simply because for dialog recording, 24/48 can already capture the full range of human hearing with enough resolution that quantization errors when editing (usually done in a 32 bit environment anyway) are inconsequential. Sound effects recording is an entirely different matter though. However, the reasons we settled on 24/48 years ago, namely storage capacity and CPU strain, are non-issues these days. So at some point, we may switch to 32/96 as the standard because we can, but probably not for at least five years.
  5. Definitely contact the other mixers in your market and match rates, so they'll kick you jobs when they are over booked!
  6. This definitely looks ideally suited for YouTubers who just need a visible lav and an easy way to sync everything. Granted, a COS11 costs more than the unit itself...
  7. I started in film school, then reaching out to mixers via cold call. This forum and Facebook are probably your best resources. I find this was still very good advice when I decided on a whim to change markets two years ago!
  8. Hey NY mixers and people near that area! December is here when our phones get quieter until spring. Let's celebrate another year by hanging out for an afternoon and networking, talking gear and business, but with beer! Join me at The Strand Smokehouse in Astoria on Sunday, December 14th from 2:30pm till whenever. They got BBQ, and of course, beer. For everyone who arrives before 3:00, I will buy your first beer. Address is 25-27 Broadway just off the Broadway stop on the N line. Please RVSP on the link or text me at (347) 525-7016 so I can get a headcount. Hope to see you there. https://www.facebook.com/events/729546210467534/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
  9. I've had good experiences at Digital Arts. It's tiny, but damn quiet. It's a pretty good Green Screen stage if that's what you're looking for. http://digitalartsny.com/greenscreen/
  10. It's non profit because it sucks and won't make a dime in profit. Then again, 90 percent of all films lose money, so maybe most of Hollywood film is non profit?
  11. I have no doubt of this. Maybe I will make an effort myself to see how bad I can nuke it. The only way I could think of would be to wreck the card entirely.
  12. Someone should do a scientific test where they attempt to nuke the MARF completely without deliberately formatting the card. Probably would alleviate a lot of the concerns.
  13. And 24-bit audio has a mathematical limit 144dB.
  14. Here's a good one for anyone interested in 300 bucks. " SOUND EDITOR for web series (Midtown) compensation: $300 all in Sound editor for comedy web series! We shot seven of the 1st season eight episodes in December and we are doing pick ups and shooting our last episode on March 15. The total running time of all eight episodes is about 45 minutes complete. Each episode is between 4 to 6 minutes. We need a sound edit for all eight episodes. There is a very small budget. Interested? We can send you links to rough cuts. This is sh*t good and funny! We are going to get picked up, so we are looking for a long term sound editing partner."
  15. The failure rate of recommended flash media from reputable manufacturers due to age or component failure (hell even factoring in wear and tear and user abuse) is pretty damn low. It's if you are really so paranoid, you could use one of Maxx's outputs to record a stereo mix to either a Zoom or competing product, but that is frankly unecessary.
  16. Renters insurance I don't believe covers business equipment. Your business insurance on gear should cover that.
  17. I prefer CF cards. They don't feel like I could snap then in half with two fingers.
  18. Here's what would be helpful to me as a relatively young person with far less experience than many of us, but enough to claim competence: Specs: poly WAV with mono mix and ISOs, 48/24. That is what I would assume anyway unless otherwise specified. The only other thing I would ask with that explanation is what time code I should use. That's it. Specifying audio levels to a sound mixer is like telling a DP what color temperature to set his lights to.
  19. On a Mac, enable hidden files and you should find them. Also check the trash when the card is inserted. To enable hidden files, look here: http://guides.macrumors.com/Viewing_hidden_files_on_a_Mac
  20. 3ms? That's not even perceivable. I can't believe there is any application where that would be a problem.
  21. And I'm sure the Nagra and other analog systems had their share of hiccups and horror stories that are another thread unto themselves. No machine is perfect.
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