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  1. Put a piece of pic-n-pluck foam around the release button parts before adding the hot glue. Advice from experience not a guess.
  2. Swap one of the 100series RX to another input and put a 500 series into input 3. I think that should solve your problem for while.
  3. Assuming that the phantom power was the same for all and that you understand that the Audix has a lower output level than the others. how does that affect your findings? Having all 3 mics pulling on the same phantom at the same time could affect your results. I would suggest that you check out the new Sanken CS-M1 to replace all 3 of those you have.
  4. Eric Toline


    Zelle is part of my Chase on line account. Use it for many payments, never a problem with instant response to transactions.
  5. Easy way to unbalance is to split the ground into two legs, tin both and solder one one leg to pin one and the other to pin 3.
  6. A coating the same way the L -R & G are coated in Sony 7506 HP's are coated.
  7. Lectro uses a different measurement starting point than Sennheiser does. Antennas are cut for the center frequency of the block they are in. Center frequency for your case would be 643. Nothing to worry about.
  8. While the other choices are very nice, I have to say that the Sanken CS-M1 has become the new boom mic du jour at my shop, "Production Sound Solutions.com" in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Customers have listened to it, compared and made the choice to replace what ever they had on their pole with the Sanken CS-M1. It does so many things so well that it's hard to say no to it. It basically sells it's self after listening tests. We've sold over a dozen and not one has been returned for any reason.
  9. Which pin is which depends on which side of the connector you're looking at, plug side or solder side. From the solder side I use this * ground * NC * positive/audio
  10. What you call the "fingers" are really a split collet that close down over the outer jacket as you tighten the back barrel nut. I avoid the compression crimp style as once the collar is compressed there's no going back to do any repairs. The tough part of soldering an older COS-11 is that the 3 wires have developed a mind of their own and refuse to stay still when you have to resolder them. Here's trick I use, once the wires are connected to the pins and you're sure there are no shorts, etc cover the exposed connections with clear nail polish. That will insulate all the connections from shorting out when you put the two half round clamps around the pin block. One more tip, there is a raised key way above pin 1 (ground) get a Sharpie and mark it black, that makes it easier to see it and line up the cut out opening in one of the half round clamps. OTOH life would be a lot simpler and less expensive if all TX units used a TA5 connector.
  11. Thank you all for the kind words but sorry to say that for health reasons I won't be there this year.
  12. Canare mini Star Quad is a smaller diameter and will be perfect for your requirement. Redco TGS-1 is also very good for that use. 2 conductor shielded with a ground/drain wire. About $.25 a foot.
  13. Return after buying & using? The microphones are not the only cheap thing in this thread.
  14. That sounds like a Wilcox Sound replacement job was done to your DPA. They're the best at open heart surgery for lav mics.
  15. Let's see go to NAB and see the same people as I have over the last 30+ years or stay here and spend time with her?
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