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  1. It's not the picture quality i was talking about, it's the food it's self. Just doesn't look appetizing. Enough on this topic.
  2. With all due respect to the food of your country all the pictures just didn't show me any thing I'd like to try.
  3. A coating of clear nail polish avoiding the mic active element will work wonders in keeping the new caps in place. Black nail polish will seal & prevent further cracking of a black mic cable due to the drying out of the cable plastisizser (use clear nail polish for other cable colors) but when the cable begins to show it's age by chipping & cracking it's time to invest in a new lav.
  4. The on camera reporter is wearing a lav mic on his jacket lapel. You can see it at 23:00 on the time code on screen. Lavs are pretty much standard gear for news reporting as it gets the mic closest to the sound source and no one cares if any one sees it. The Sennheiser MKH 50 sounds too big & rich for news. Someone a long time ago told me that "lavs are for TV broadcast, boom mics are for movies." Switch to your lav & wireless system and you'll sound just like every other news broadcast.
  5. This might help: Search Results Web results Go GREEN... Recycle Your Video Tapes – Empress Digital empressdigital.com › pages › videotapeevaluation Empress Media has Research Technology International 4100 TapeChek units, capable of evaluating Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, Betacam SX, IMX, HDCAM, ... Missing: digicam ‎| Must include: digicam Digital Betacam Tape (Digi Beta) - Recycled, Recertified and ... www.tapeandmedia.com › Digital_Betacam_Tapes_Rec... Digital Betacam Tape (Digi Beta) - Recycled, Recertified and Evaluated Tapes. Save by using Recycled, Recertified and Evaluated Digital Betacam Tapes. Missing: digicam ‎| Must include: digicam Betacam - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Betacam Sony Betacam SP Camcorder. Sony Betacam SP BVW-D600P Camcorder with C6 Paglight and Rycote Softie. Missing: recycling ‎| Must include: recycling Convert Tapes – Lotus Media lotusmedia.us › convert-tapes ... HDV); DV; MICROMV; HI8; DIGITAL 8; BETA; BETACAM SP; DIGICAM BETA; U-MATIC (aka 3/4 inch); DVDs; Camcorder Mini DVDs ... Recycle 'em (Free) How to Recycle Digital Cameras | RecycleNation recyclenation.com › 2015/02 › how-to-recycle-digital-c... Feb 5, 2015 - Don't know what to do with your old digital camera? Let us help you recycle it! Missing: betacam ‎| Must include: betacam Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings - IASA www.iasa-web.org › files › IASA-TC_06-C_20180603 PDF Jun 3, 2018 - C.7.6 Betacam videocassette types and tape formulations ... Cleaning machines were originally designed to recycle and reuse old tapes. ... camcorder kits were sold by Akai, collections may include unique camera recordings. What to do with your old digital camera--reuse, reduce, recycle ... www.zdnet.com › article › what-to-do-with-your-old-di... Feb 14, 2008 - Sony also offers a recycling program in partnership with the Waste Management company.The program allows you to recycle Sony electronics for ... Missing: betacam ‎| Must include: betacam What is Betacam? Beta SP? How to Best Transfer Beta Tapes ... currentpixel.com › articles › video-transfer › what-is-be... Aug 2, 2019 - Betacam. The term “Betacam” can refer to a Betacam video recorder, camcorder, or tape; or the Betacam format itself. The Betacam format refers ... Missing: recycling ‎| Must include: recycling Images for betacam and digicam recycling View all More images for betacam and digicam recyclingReport images Web results (PDF) VIDEOTAPE RECYCLING PROJECT | João Sequeira ... www.academia.edu › VIDEOTAPE_RECYCLING_PROJ... On top of this, millions of tons of scrap were Digital Betacam generated during the D2 manufacture of the tape. D1 Quantity in archive It's estimated that less ... Missing: digicam ‎| Must include: digicam
  6. As I recall the PB tape sets all the PB parameters in the PB machine, nothing to do but push play. You set the parameters when you record the tape and it's auto play after that.
  7. Thought I'd jump in with my home setup. Magnaplanar mains powered by Carver M-500t 375 WPC power amp w/10" powered sub fed thru NAD Pre Amp. JBL passive rears with Onkeyo 110w receiver & 10" sub.
  8. "Thank God for the last minute otherwise nothing would get done" .
  9. Between yours, Jans & Whitneys meetings my dance card is full.
  10. I be there now. As empty as Times Square.
  11. While the noise is very low level it's there. My guess would be something in the air that's being picked up by your wireless.
  12. and here I always thought that "How Long" was the name of the man who owns the local Chinese restaurant. Say what you want about Senator but he did not suffer fools gladly.
  13. Thank you Doug. I need something to do to keep my mind occupied now that I'm retired.
  14. Sure, easy to rewire. Open the 5 pin, the wire that connects to pin 3 gets connected to the tip of the 3.5mm TRS, the other two wires on the 5 pin go to the sleeve (ground) of the 3.5mm TRS. Have fun. P.S. the tip input connection is for mic level signals & the ring is for line level. All connections are unbalanced.
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