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  1. While the noise is very low level it's there. My guess would be something in the air that's being picked up by your wireless.
  2. and here I always thought that "How Long" was the name of the man who owns the local Chinese restaurant. Say what you want about Senator but he did not suffer fools gladly.
  3. Thank you Doug. I need something to do to keep my mind occupied now that I'm retired.
  4. Sure, easy to rewire. Open the 5 pin, the wire that connects to pin 3 gets connected to the tip of the 3.5mm TRS, the other two wires on the 5 pin go to the sleeve (ground) of the 3.5mm TRS. Have fun. P.S. the tip input connection is for mic level signals & the ring is for line level. All connections are unbalanced.
  5. Gave up the 7506 HP's 15 years ago for the Ultrasone HFI series. Never looked back or regretted the move.
  6. How tragic and sad to lose a lifelong friend, confidant, soulmate and extension of yourself. Heart felt condolences on your loss my friend.
  7. Years of lav mic repairs has proven that shrink tubing works best with heat guns. Start the shrink with the heat gun furthest from the tubing so that it starts shrinking slower, building up the heat too fast can & will cause issues with both layers of tubing insulation. Trust me on this one. Eric
  8. An Editall block with a single edge razor blade was the best way to edit 1/4". I've still got my blocks from Gotham Recording in NYC back in the early 60's.
  9. Go over to SoundHard.com and see Justin & Lucas, they can hook you up.
  10. I would strongly suggest the Sanken CS-M1 as an all around replacement. You have to hear it to believe it. It has for many users replaced their 416's, CS3e's,, MKH 50's and many other de facto standards. $895
  11. If you can open the connector check to see if there appears to be a short between the pins or a broken solder point. Does squeezing the mic cable anywhere along it's length change or stop the whine?
  12. Thank you for your good wishes. I will try to fulfill them. Eric
  13. Collateral Damage & Such. As most of you know I was hit with a heart attack back in April this year. It took it's toll to be sure on many levels. It affected my ability to operate Production Sound Solutions in Ft. Lauderdale. That along with the loss of film incentive packages and the booming of Atlanta as the hot local market causing many local mixers to relocate there in search of more work. The point is that those issues combined have made me take a long hard look at keeping the shop operational. Sadly and with a great deal of remorse I have officially closed the shop as of Aug 1, 2019. There will be more details on sales of remaining stock and other items of interest. My most sincere thank you to all who shopped & became life long friends, you will all be remembered and missed. OTOH maybe after making it to 82yo with 62 years of audio it's time to "cut." Again, thank you one & all. Best regards, Eric Toline
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