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  1. Thank you all for the kind words but sorry to say that for health reasons I won't be there this year.
  2. Canare mini Star Quad is a smaller diameter and will be perfect for your requirement. Redco TGS-1 is also very good for that use. 2 conductor shielded with a ground/drain wire. About $.25 a foot.
  3. Return after buying & using? The microphones are not the only cheap thing in this thread.
  4. That sounds like a Wilcox Sound replacement job was done to your DPA. They're the best at open heart surgery for lav mics.
  5. Let's see go to NAB and see the same people as I have over the last 30+ years or stay here and spend time with her?
  6. There's always that possibility. We shall see.
  7. So there's no cover charge because I'm not going to be there?
  8. All of the above being said the new Sanken CS-M1 is perfect for DSLR mounting. There is a cold shoe mount for it also. It has the reach you need, is short enough not to be seen in the shot and sounds amazing. Main issue is that it requires 48vp for power
  9. You'll have to call Ktek and give them the specs on your pole, compressed length, extended length, number of sections, etc. Each pole requires a specific cable kit based on it's size. If your pole has a bottom XLR it's a "CC" kit, if it's a side of the pole exit it's a "CCR" kit. If you've never replaced the internal coil cable before be aware that it can be a bit daunting. OTOH you can send the pole back to Ktek and they will do it for you. Call them and speak to Karen. Here's the link to the cable kits.
  10. Which cable are you looking for, the internal coil or the pole to mixer jumper?
  11. That is not the internal pole cable. The internal pole cable is 3 wire but heavier conductors than the old pole cable.
  12. KTEK has a new coil cable that is being used on all their poles that addresses that issue. I had been telling them about the issues of the old thin conductor coil cable for years and they developed the new cable with heavier conductors, a matte finish outer jacket and slightly smaller coils. I have used the new cable and it's a vast improvement. As an FYI, they will be closed from Dec 21 through Jan 2 for the holiday week.
  13. Microdot connectors limit your choice of lavs that's for sure. Now who's going to be the first to offer a reverse (TA, Lemo, 3.5mm TRS to microdot) adapter?
  14. As a 6060 update, according to DPA the 6060 won't be available until the end of January 2019 due to production issues at the factory.
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