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  1. Review: Better High-Definition Audio From Your Smartphone The DragonFly portable USB DACs and the Aumeo customizable headphone amplifier take HD audio to the next level By Glenn Zorpette Posted 1 Jul 2016 | 15:00 GMT AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to Hacker NewsShare to RedditShare to EmailShare to PrintShare to More Photo: Randi Klett Hi-Fi: The author tested a DragonFly DAC with Audeze EL8 headphones. Good headphones are required for noticeable results. The modern smartph
  2. For its upcoming November 17 monthly meeting, the AES Los Angeles Section is throwing a creative focus on the immersive surround-sound capabilities of today’s Virtual Reality for gaming and other consumer playback, in addition to hosting a unique Career Networking gathering for audio professionals and students to meet with prospective employers and colleagues to discuss employment opportunities. The meeting will be held at Harman International, Northridge, starting at 6:30 PM for the Career Networking portion of the evening and 8:00 PM for the VR presentations, and will be limited to 150 atten
  3. yes there is a whole movement amoungs audiophiles/streophiles to higher sample rates and custom electronics and files to get to a higher qua;ity than dvd. IT'S ALL very EXPENSIVE. I just "heard" the Blueray version of "birdman" and was surprised by extreme quality of recording and reproduction and editng and stereo (5.1) placemeent played here at home from a Sony DVD player with newest software on my decent (but not outrageous) analog home system. ( Sony receiver amps ( mediocre at best) and Vandersteens) THEN THERE IS: Cirque de Soleil KA a the MGM Grand (Vegas). Speaking of sound syst
  4. AC protection and UPS To protect the AC input to your system forever with insurance use only what Whitlock (a god amongst engineers) recommends: http://www.surgex.com/products.html Surge X start at $ 299 for 8A protection at Markertec http://audio-video-supply.markertek.com/search?w=SA-82&sitepref=1 10 year warranty ( of connected gear) http://www.surgex.com/products/sa82FlatPak.html larger one to look at: http://www.surgex.com/products/Axess-ELITE.html They just started making stepped wave UPS which I have not researched. I recommend APC UPS start at $ 650 for sine wave
  5. wi-spy works great on a PC $ 350 or so http://www.amazon.com/Wi-Spy-2-4x-USB-Spectrum-Analyzer/dp/B001E032KU/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top its a USB plug that acts as receiver data cruncher. they have many different newer models out some up to $ 700 the model i like has an external antenna input so you can track down pirate transmitters. wolf
  6. MLK’s Call for Economic Justice Posted on Jan 16, 2015 By Eugene Robinson mdgn / Shutterstock.com The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s economic message was fiery and radical. To our society’s great shame, it has also proved timeless. As we celebrate King’s great achievement and sacrifice, it is wrong to round off the sharp edges of his legacy. He saw inequality as a fundamental and tragic flaw in this society, and he made clear in the weeks leading up to his assassination that economic issues were becoming the central focus of his advocacy. Nearly five decades later, King’s words on t
  7. from Time magazine on line https://time.com/3615160/sony-hack-salaries/ there is no mention here of bonuses and other sums they get which some say double the salary or more. of course this article does not go into why the company looses money so that mass layoffs ( at 500 in LA alone) were implemented. its just the nature of what capitalism has become. if you write to the author Sam Frizell please let us know of further information. (noone has said this is a scandal because this is commonplace now) Sony Executives’ Salaries Leaked in Devastating Hack Sam Frizell @Sam_Frizell
  8. Filmmakers Face Charges in Death on a Set in Georgia much has been said in the above discussion, some will be answered here: By MICHAEL CIEPLY JULY 3, 2014 LOS ANGELES — A prosecutor in Georgia said on Thursday that three filmmakers had been charged with involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass in the death of Sarah Jones, a crew worker who was killed by a freight train on the set of the film “Midnight Rider” in February. In a statement, Jackie L. Johnson, the district attorney for Georgia’s Brunswick Judicial Circuit, said indictments were returned against Randall Miller an
  9. IATSE Sound Local Put In Trusteeship After Leader Complains Of “Shakedown” By Leaders Of Louisiana Union BY DAVID ROBB, Special To Deadline Deadline.com » Blog ArchiveHollywood Union Put In Trusteeship Amid “Shakedown” Allegations Deadline.com » Blog ArchiveHollywood Union Put ... Allegations of a union “shakedown” and “extortion” in the hallway of a Las Vegas hotel have been leveled against leaders of an IATSE local in New O View on m.deadline.com Preview by Yahoo David Robb is a long established LA labor reporter, he used to write regularly for the LA Weekly and exp
  10. a thorough article in the paper of record: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/24/business/media/death-raises-on-set-safety-questions.html?_r=0 and Hollywood of course has full blown ADD meaning memory is erased every day: .... John Landis, the director of the anthology film’s prologue and the segment affected by the accident, and four co-workers were tried for manslaughter. They were acquitted, but the trial shook the film industry, and might have curtailed the authority of swashbuckling directors, who found themselves more closely watched by safety monitors. Death Raises Questio
  11. wonder why noone asks for a 695 section in case of its demise maybe a "unionism" section or something like the economics of sound work or just plain BREAD wolf PS maybe a section that allows anonymous posts called "bad payers". ( yes I can imagine problems don't anticipate them though looking at the users)
  12. I want to strongly recommend something solid, not friggen OPINIONS Producing Great Sound for Digital Video 2nd (second) Edition by Rose, Jay published by Focal Press (2002) (0010) http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_39?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=producing%20great%20sound%20for%20digital%20video%20second%20edition&sprefix=producing+great+sound+for+digital+video%2Caps%2C734&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aproducing%20great%20sound%20for%20digital%20video%20second%20edition new $ 50 used $ 2.00 or free if you are devious. Jay is on this board occasionally. He is a rational hu
  13. and a very moving video http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/video/sarah-jones-tribute-society-camera-687364 wolf
  14. here's a Variety article that features a side view of the infamous bridge... http://variety.com/2014/biz/news/midnight-rider-accident-leaves-the-industry-pondering-the-fatal-flaws-in-on-set-safety-1201129615/
  15. We've started the petition "IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb: Allow 695 Members to hold immediate elections for new officers and restore autonomy to Local 695." Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link: http://www.change.org/ petitions/iatse-international- president-matthew-d-loeb- allow-695-members-to-hold- immediate-elections-for-new- officers-and-restore-autonomy- to-local-695 Gaylen Nebeker, Video Assist
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