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    Besides work, I write, play and record music: www.belv.es
    Gear geek. Nature. Music. Food.
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    Production sound for fiction, docs and commercials. I used to do tv episodical work for a few years but now I mainly do commercial/corporate stuff as it's more family friendly. Here and there I do some audio post, too.

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  1. Christian Spaeth

    NYTimes sound backgrounds from around world

    Amazing! Great example of how sound can take us very far away and immerse us (especially if no moving pictures are involved...) Thanks for the share Jay!
  2. Christian Spaeth

    Deity Connect.

    I had a similar experience with the Rode phantom power plugon, had hopes for using it on the odd plant, but after testing it it just didn't inspire my confidence, too many uncertainties to deal with in typical job use. Basically nice toys, but I'm also curious (though doubtful) if Deity manage to reverse the laws of physics (and economics) with these yellow boxes.
  3. Christian Spaeth

    Oktava MK-012 paint damage out of box

    In cars you don't move the mic, so they work just fine. In my experience they don't rumble much more than a Schoeps MK41, so if you know how to engage a low cut filter, your chances of getting usable audio are good. Put a foam on the capsules in the car and you're good to go. Of course the Oktava "colette" is about twice the length of the Schoeps so they're not that easy to hide. But I like them for their versatility. Also have used the figure 8 adapter for the odd M/S recording. I wouldn't choose an Oktava as my main mic, but it's a useful addition any day. I don't know about your seller's return policy, but if it's amazon-style I would just order another one, compare them and return the one you like less.
  4. Christian Spaeth

    Oktava MK-012 paint damage out of box

    I Might try that. Cool btw, didn't know Ben Stiller was into sound! 😂
  5. Christian Spaeth

    Oktava MK-012 paint damage out of box

    If it makes you feel uneasy you might wanna send it back. But like has been said, pay more attention to the sound. These mics will look pretty dingy quickly but will last very long nonetheless and plus they do sound great (I've never heard a modded one but love my original MK012s.) Actually the first microphone I owned, and still use them quite regularly (mostly with the Colette style cable for car interiors).
  6. Christian Spaeth

    New wireless TX deviation rules October '18

    This also means new US transmitters (with 50 KHz deviation) will work with EU receivers (vice versa they already do). Not sure about legal issues but technically it should work. Maybe as a consequence companies like Lectro won't have to make different US and EU versions anymore? (Thus saving R&D and time)
  7. Christian Spaeth

    Good price on 7506 headphones!

    I switched from 7506s to Ultrasone HFI780. Same size earpads, better isolation, better fit, better sound. Not as cheap though...
  8. Christian Spaeth

    Good price on 7506 headphones!

    that might also be their "customer is always right" policy... I've had Amazon refunds paid before I even returned an item.
  9. Christian Spaeth

    50% EU import duties on US recording equipment !!

    How's that working out now, Harley Davidson?
  10. Christian Spaeth

    50% EU import duties on US recording equipment !!

    Maybe it was Trump himself, googling himself because he couldn't sleep? Imagine that, with that guy it does seem that impossible...
  11. Christian Spaeth

    50% EU import duties on US recording equipment !!

    I think it's a bit sad... when I think back not too long ago, the USA was this amazing dream of a free country, while the image it has now is indeed quite an ugly one unfortunately. BUt enough with the politics...
  12. Christian Spaeth

    50% EU import duties on US recording equipment !!

    I got a personal response to the above comment, didn't think people with that kind of intelligence are able to read this forum...
  13. Christian Spaeth

    bluetooth sound box

    JBL Go
  14. Christian Spaeth

    50% EU import duties on US recording equipment !!

    That's so... uncool. Remember not too long ago we were about to get rid of all import duties via the EU/USA trade agreement, and now this is where Trump has taken it.
  15. Christian Spaeth

    Oscar Sound Tech-lavs Re-visited.

    If you're looking for Tram-style then 80x are a great value. I have used TL40s a lot, and generally I find them to be more sibilant than 801s. They also have less low-end. Best use I got out of them was in tie-knots on male voices. They don't mix well with DPAs on the chest for example.